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Your Customer will need the BeyondTrust iOS App

To get started, your customer will need to download the BeyondTrust iOS Customer Client app from the Apple App Store. If a customer who does not have the app attempts to begin a support session by entering a session key on the support portal, don’t worry. Your customer will be given links to download the app. Also, if you send the customer an email invitation, your customer will be directed to download the app, too.

With the full version of BeyondTrust Remote Support and BeyondTrust Connect, you can start a web-based chat support session without requiring customers to download the iOS app. With the free trial, however, your customer will need the app.

Give the Customer a Session Key to Get Started

When the BeyondTrust Customer Client app is installed on the iOS device, the customer can use this app to enter a support session.

Enter the Site Name and Session Key

Generate a Session Key

The customer will be prompted to submit a site name and session key.

Upon accessing the app, your customer will be prompted to enter a site address and a session key.

The site address for your BeyondTrust Trial is rstrial.beyondtrust.com.

You’ll generate the session key from within the representative console by hitting the Start button and selecting Generated Session Key. Or, you have the option of asking a customer to join a support session through email.

Ask a Customer to Join a Support Session through Email

You have the option to send your customer an email invitation from the representative console.

After receiving the email invite, your customer must tap the link within the email. The link takes them to a page where they can choose to begin a session by tapping on the Install App or Start Session button.

If the customer has the BeyondTrust Client app installed on the iOS device, the customer may tap Start Session to begin the session. However, if the customer does not have the app installed, the customer should tap the Install App button.

Screen Share with the iOS Device

Once you're in a remote support session with an iPad or iPhone customer, you can begin screen sharing support.

Screen sharing does require a couple of steps on the part of the customer, so we've made a separate article to cover Screen Sharing with iOS Devices (iPads and iPhones).

How to end the iOS Device Support Session

The customer can terminate the session by tapping the red X. This will prompt the user to confirm that they want to end the support session.

When the session is ended by either the customer or the representative, an alert will notify the customer that the representative can no longer access their device. The BeyondTrust iOS customer client does remain installed after the termination of a support session so that if the customer needs support at a later time, the BeyondTrust app does not need to be reinstalled.