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Credential, Key, & Secrets Management
Automatically discover and onboard accounts; store, manage, and rotate privileged passwords, eliminating embedded credentials in scripts and code.
Real-Time Session Management
Log and monitor all privileged credential activity and sessions for compliance and forensic review.
Advanced Auditing & Forensics
Leverage extensive privilege and credential analytics to simplify compliance, benchmark tracking, and more.

"This is the first time we have ever implemented a security product that made the end user’s job so much easier. Our building managers previously managed dozens of different credentials for staff and vendors. Password Safe centrally manages every credential, so they now have only one password for them, one password for vendors and one password for their staff." 

Curtis Jack, Manager of Technical Engineering, Oxford Properties Group

“In the healthcare sector, we are committed to particularly high standards of IT security and data protection. With Password Safe, we can reliably implement all legal IT compliance requirements while simultaneously gaining the necessary cost efficiency, flexibility and productivity in our daily operations.”

Felix Diroll, Head of Server Team, Asklepios Kliniken

“With Privileged Remote Access, Password Safe, and Remote Support, we’ve ensured privileges aren’t left unchecked, preventing users from becoming entry points for attacks.”

Mike Weiss, Information Technology Director, City of Midlothian

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Unify management of privileged passwords, secrets, SSH keys, & sessions.

Automated Discovery & Onboarding
Scan, identify, and profile applications and assets (including SSH keys) with auto-onboarding of privileged, shared, and service accounts.
Credential & Password Management
Secure and control access to privileged credentials (privileged passwords, DevOps secrets, and SSH keys), and automate password rotation.
Secrets Management
Secure and control access to secrets used in DevOps tools, workflows, and CI/CD processes in a fully auditable, controlled environment.
Application Password Management
Control scripts, files, code, and embedded keys. Eliminate hard-coded credentials. Define and automate controlled access using REST APIs.
Extensible API
Automate for scale by integrating with an extensive set of enterprise tools and systems to orchestrate PAM enterprise-wide.
Privileged Session Management
Log and monitor all privileged credential and account activity and sessions for compliance and forensic review.
Privileged Task Automation
Automate multistep, repetitive tasks, organize by common traits with Smart Groups, and gain visibility through an advanced reporting console.
Just-in-Time Access Control
Advance zero trust with just-in-time context. Simplify access requests by considering day, date, time, and location when a user accesses resources.

Experience Password Safe Hands-On

Explore the guided tour to test Password Safe credential management workflows, session logging, automatic discovery, and more in a sample environment.

Find Vulnerable Privileged Accounts in Minutes

Scan to instantly discover privileged accounts on your network. Download the free Privileged Access Discovery Application to get started.

Save with our total PASM offerning, combining Password Safe & Privileged Remote Access into a single SKU.
Remove local admin rights and enforce least privilege dynamically across Windows and macOS.
Together, SailPoint & BeyondTrust enables enterprises to successfully track, manage, and secure all identities across their environment.
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