Privilege Management Across Windows, Mac, and Linux
Remove local admin rights, control root access, and enforce true least privilege seamlessly across Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops and servers.
Attack Surface Reduction
Reduce your cyberattack surface and protect against malware, ransomware, and identity-based attacks.
Audit & Compliance Assurance
Address compliance and cyber insurance requirements quickly with a single, unimpeachable audit trail of all privileged actions.

"BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management is a comprehensive tool that is also far better than alternative solutions we assessed in terms of implementation and professional support. Competitor solutions were bulky and had difficult processes to set up and apply. BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management seamlessly integrated with our internal process and created an exceptional outcome. "

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Achieve least privilege and protect against malicious attackers without hindering productivity

Zero Trust Security
Remove local admin rights, and eliminate standing privileges by giving just enough access at just the right time — and only to the appropriate application or process.
Auditing & Governance
Simplify compliance and forensics with a single, unimpeachable audit trail of all user activity, easily accessed from a secure central console.
Application Control
Gain control over what users can install or run — without impacting productivity or creating management overhead.
Activity Reporting
Monitor your end users’ activity through customizable dashboards and reports.
Powerful Integrations
Streamline workflows with native integrations with ServiceNow, SIEM tools, VirusTotal, MFA tools, Microsoft Entra ID, and a flexible API.
Rapid Deployment
Use pre-built QuickStart policy templates informed by insights from thousands of deployments to make rapid, high-impact leaps in risk reduction.
Flexible End-User Experience
Craft a tailored end-user experience for smooth adoption with features like seamless elevation, ServiceNow and MFA integration, and custom branding.  
Unified Protection
Provide the same seamless experience across your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoint and server environments.
Enforce least privilege, prevent malware, and more across Windows and macOS endpoints.
Achieve compliance, enforce least privilege, and more across Linux environments.

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Learn how to quickly and efficiently eliminate unnecessary privileges across Windows, macOS, and Linux while maintaining user productivity.

  • Enforce least privilege across Windows, macOS, and Linux environments
  • Protect endpoints with advanced application control
  • Review user behavior and session analytics
Extend Microsoft® Active Directory authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and Group Policy configuration management to Unix & Linux systems.
Gain a centralized view of identities, accounts, entitlements, and privileged access across your IT estate and detect threats resulting from compromised identities and privileged access misuse.
Manage privileged passwords, accounts, keys, secrets, and sessions for people and machines and secure non-privileged employee passwords for business applications.
Reduce cyber risk and increase productivity with extensive ServiceNow ITSM & CSM integration opportunities.

Yes. Endpoint Privilege Management allows you to remove all local admin rights from your estate and elevates privileges to applications for only the duration needed. This is one of the most powerful ways to reduce the attack surface and defend against both external and internal threats.

Yes. Endpoint Privilege Management allows you to control root access for your Linux users with fine-grained privilege elevation rules. These allow users to only execute the specific tasks or commands necessary to do their jobs.

Yes. Enforce least privilege and application control across all human/non-human identities and accounts across any endpoint or other asset. This massively reduces the attack surface and protects organizations against fileless threats and zero days.

No. Endpoint Privilege Management already includes support for Linux desktops.

You can find user guides, product release notes, and other technical documentation here.

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