Root Access Control
Control root access and eliminate credential sharing by dynamically elevating privileges for standard users.
Audit & Compliance Assurance
Ensure compliance with increasingly complex regulations by providing an unimpeachable audit trail of all user activity.
Change Visibility & Tracking
Gain full visibility into all privileged user activity, including full session recordings, so you can achieve change confidence.

"We did an extensive review of the different offerings in the endpoint privilege management space and BeyondTrust was the clear winner. We didn't have to do any training with the software itself, and we were able to roll it out quickly with minimal impact on our users."

—Richard, Security Manager, Global Software Developer

Enable zero trust security and centralized management for all your Linux endpoints.

Fine-Grained Least Privilege
Control root access and dynamically elevate privileges for standard users through fine-grained, policy-based controls.
Auditing & Governance
Monitor user activity with centralized capture and management of event logs, including privilege elevation events and full session recordings.
Sudo Replacement
Strengthen security and simplify management of your Linux estate by replacing sudo with a centralized, enterprise-grade, and purpose-built solution.
Centralized Management
Centralize the management of your Linux estate, including all user activity data, policies, upgrades, updates, and deployments.
Dynamic Access Policy
Utilize factors such as time, day, and location to make intelligent, automated privilege elevation decisions.
Remote System & Application Control
Enable users to run specific commands and conduct sessions remotely based on rules – without logging on as admin or root.
Policy & File Integrity Monitoring
Audit and report on changes to critical policy, system, application, and data files.
Integration & Scalability
Automate tasks, seamlessly integrate with your other systems and tools such as SIEM and ServiceNow, and scale simply to meet enterprise needs.

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Learn how to quickly and efficiently eliminate unnecessary privileges and enforce least privilege across macOS, Windows, and Linux — while maintaining user productivity. 

  • Enforce least privilege across macOS, Windows, and Linux environments 
  • Protect endpoints with advanced application control 
  • Review user behavior and session analytics 
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