How to Secure Remote Access for Vendors & Employees: 10 Tips

by Derek A. Smith  | 

​In this blog, I will discuss a topic that plagues EVERY company, and that is how to secure remote access for our employees and our vendors. Roughly a decade ago, only a rare few used secure remote access. These were the road warriors, executives, and salespeople who traveled frequently and needed to work while on the road. Today, with high-speed Internet connectivity and the pervasive use of mobile devices, many employees and vendors routinely rely on remote access to get their jobs done. It is essential for these individuals to have safe, anytime, anywhere access to corporate networks and services.

BeyondTrust Enterprise Vulnerability Management Receives Five-star Review from SC Labs Expert Team

by Alex Leemon  | 

Achieving distinction in a crowded field of contenders is a difficult task, but BeyondTrust Enterprise Vulnerability Management has garnered a 5-star rating from the SC Labs Expert Team. The accolade highlights BeyondTrust's market-leading solution to the vulnerability management problem; which provides security professionals with vulnerability assessment and risk analysis in context. The BeyondTrust Enterprise Vulnerability Management solution enables teams to proactively identify security exposures, analyze business impact, and plan and conduct remediation across network, web, cloud, and virtual infrastructures to reduce risk.

Managing Identities and Privileges for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

by Morey J. Haber  | 

For teams seeking to automate repetitive or mundane decision-based tasks at scale, robotic process automation is a powerful, high-impact tool, that offers many advantages. However, the power of RPA provokes an important IT security question; how does it get privileges to perform various tasks and collect critical information in order to implement a process and make decisions?