How Switching to BeyondTrust Remote Support Primed Chili Security for Impressive Growth

by mmiller  | 

Prior to using BeyondTrust, Chili Security used TeamViewer for remote support. However, TeamViewer lacked the scalability and enterprise security needed to support the company’s fast-growing customer base. The TeamViewer solution was slow and required cumbersome manual processes that also introduced security risk, such as having to copy and paste customers’ passwords and session IDs. Consequently, Chili Security initiated its search for a remote support solution that offered more advanced features and a strong focus on security.

Is Your IT Security Built to Withstand 5G?

by Morey J. Haber  | 

​After many years of promises, we’re finally on the cusp of the 5G era. 5G, a new, cellular wireless technology, is expected to provide connectivity to everything and perform data transfers at speeds that far exceed anything we have seen in the past. It will truly be the golden age of communication, automation, and barring privacy and government restrictions, everywhere and at any time. And the security ramifications will become a potential concern for everyone and everything. This requires particularly careful consideration.

BeyondTrust Named 'Top Innovative Vendor in Secure Identity Solutions’, Recognized for Outstanding Contributions Addressing IT Security in MEA Region

by Astrid Kechichian  | 

Each year, the GEC Awards, which bills itself as “The Grammys, Oscar and Nobel prize of the Tech industry for the MEA region ,hosts a gala. This event assembles the region’s top IT security solution vendors and IT services providers to recognize the most outstanding contributions to the regional IT industry. Last week, in Dubai, BeyondTrust was thrilled to be recognized as Winner of the GEC Awards 2019 – Top Innovative Vendor in Secure Identity Solutions, for our privileged access management platform.

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