February 2019 Patch Tuesday

by BeyondTrust Research  | 

Welcome back to this month’s Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has patched 76 vulnerabilities this month, including four that had details disclosed prior to patching. One “zero-day” vulnerability in Internet Explorer that was actively being exploited was also patched. The bulk of the patched vulnerabilities this month focus on web browsers.

Achieving Compliance with Malaysia Risk Management in Technology (RMiT)

by Matt Miller  | 

Now that the RMiT BNM/RH/ED 028-11 regulation is in force, it’s imperative for affected organizations to understand the requirements and how to comply with them. BeyondTrust has developed a brief on achieving compliance with the regulation, that also details how BeyondTrust solutions for privileged access management, remote access, and vulnerability management map into the RMiT requirements.

7 Key Milestones Along the Privileged Access Management Journey: BeyondTrust Customers Weigh In

by Kevin Franks  | 

For those embarking on the pathway to privileged access management (PAM) maturity, the course can seem harrowing. But like other excursions, proper planning and navigation can make all the difference.During the recent Gartner Identity and Access Management (IAM) Summit, BeyondTrust hosted a panel of customers who’ve been down the PAM path. Read about their experiences here.