RDP: The Risk of Remote Desktop Protocol is Far from “Remote”

by Julissa Caraballo  | 

​No one wakes up thinking “today’s the day I’m going to be hacked”. But, the concerns of a security breach probably weigh heavily on the mind of many IT professionals and business owners and executives. Last week, Microsoft warned the public of four new Windows vulnerabilities that are “wormable,” meaning they can be exploited to spread malware from one vulnerable computer to another without any user action. These bugs, already patched by the company, reside in Remote Desktop Services (RDS), which allow a user to take control of a remote computer or virtual machine over a network connection. These kinds of vulnerabilities within Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) can have major security implications for those organizations relying on it.

​Why You Need to Be at the BeyondTrust User Conference: Go Beyond 2019

by Kim Richard  | 

We are pleased to announce that registration is now live for our first annual user conference, Go Beyond 2019. Taking place on October 28-30 in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, this event will immerse you in all things BeyondTrust.

August 2019 Patch Tuesday

by BeyondTrust Research  | 

Welcome back to this month’s Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has published its monthly updates, fixing 94 vulnerabilities, 26 of which were rated as “Critical”. Two of the vulnerabilities fixed in Remote Desktop Protocol were considered extremely dangerous as they could lead to mass exploitation. The vulnerabilities are similar in nature to BlueKeep in that they are “wormable” and can rapidly infect a network of computers.

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