A3Sec es un grupo empresarial presente en España, México, Colombia y USA, que provee a sus clientes de soluciones en las áreas de Ciberseguridad, Monitorización e Inteligencia de Negocio. Nace en 2012 como Spin-Off de AlienVault y desde entonces no ha dejado de crecer incorporando socios y empresas al proyecto para ser más fuertes, más completos y más competitivos en el mercado.

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The Academia Technology Group, founded in 2003, is a fast-growing group of technology companies. Academia is proud to be awarded with the highest vendor accreditations and other prestigious awards including being placed in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for 5 years in a row. Its in-house Managed Services team provide cloud, connectivity and mobile solutions and we are fully ISO 27001, 14001 and 9001 compliant. Academia has been successful on several public sector and educational framework agreements for the supply of software including the Software License Reseller Agreement (SLRA).

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ACE Pacific Group

ACE Pacific Group is your preferred distributor for cybersecurity solutions in the Asia Pacific Region. We provide cybersecurity and analytic solutions that help your organisation excel by employing the latest technological trends to foster economic results, and improve day-to-day operations for you and your clients. We have established ourselves as a value-added one-stop solutions provider to meet the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity in the Asia Pacific market. With it, ACE PACIFIC GROUP has extended its operations from headquarter Singapore to other 8 countries, which Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Today’s leading organisations are reinventing their business strategies and processes to capitalise on the Internet and facilitate information exchange over the Web. ACE Pacific Group has built the expertise to facilitate this exchange and we are able to provide innovative security solutions to an organisations’ most pressing concerns in business operations, technology, strategy and culture. We have successfully helped many clients including Government Bodies, Statutory Boards, Banks, Financial Institutions, MNCs as well as SMEs to maximise productivity, efficiency and overall performance through our Partners.

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For over 30 years, Applied Computer Technologies has offered professional managed and maintenance services as well as product fulfillment. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and suppliers to take advantage of and strategically use today’s and tomorrow’s technologies. We bring years of industry experience, best of breed technology and extensive technical depth to all of our solutions. Together we can build, maintain and support your IT infrastructure, in Bermuda and around the Globe.

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ActioNet, Inc.

ActioNet, as an IT integrator, brings together the right resources including subject matter expertise (both internal and trusted partners), mature processes and technology components and weaves them into cohesive and scalable solutions.  We view and embrace our Customers’ Missions as our own and provide value through collaborative, cohesive and innovative solutions integration.  From a Service Catalog perspective, ActioNet Services are available through many GWAC/IDIQ Contract Vehicles that provide our customers with easy access and the ability to handle rapid turnaround times.

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Adaptive Security Chile

Fundada en 2016, Adaptive Security es una empresa enfocada en desarrollar soluciones únicas y servicios de calidad con el objetivo de mejorar la postura de ciberseguridad de sus clientes

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Add Value

Fundada em 2003, a Add Value trabalha com a solução ideal para cada demanda, focada em Cloud, Hiperconvergência, Networking, Segurança e Virtualização, disponibilizando uma experiência única para os usuários finais e unindo cada vez mais o trabalho à vida pessoal.

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ADVISORI is a business consultancy with a focus on IT and finance. We rely on a strong and balanced portfolio of professional and technical skills. Our customers are medium-sized as well as major corporations from a wide range of industries. Our individual services are always geared to the needs of our customers in order to provide adequate advice. The four core areas are Risk Management, Information Security, Big Data and Digital Process Management.

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Today’s technology landscape changes at the speed of business. Advizex delivers innovative technology solutions to modernize infrastructure, automate services and transform business value.

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Alchemy Technology Group

Alchemy Technology Group is an industry-leading IT advisory, consulting, and reseller firm headquartered in Houston, TX. Alchemy’s goal is to help our clients in various industries with IT solutions that help their business’ achieve and sustain predictable results. As a customer first formula, our solutions result is a collaborative approach with our customers to identify and determine the appropriate IT solution. We carefully assess current IT investments, specific use cases, and workflow before recommending products or services. At Alchemy, we want to understand your business, present impactful solutions and truly be a transformative partner.

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Alessandro Bertoldi

Bertoldi Cybersecurity is an Italian company. Our approach is based on the continuos evolution of our products due to the increasing speed on how the technology change renew and improve. We try to create a business model for the long period, by strong, stable and durable professional relationships. Minimizing costs and waste of resources, our effort is to continuosly raise the quality of our products, to offer ever and ever the best to our customers.

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Alexander Open Systems, Inc

AOS combines highly experienced practitioners with a proven, collaborative project approach to deliver high quality solutions to our customers that meet specific business objectives.

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Allenta are specialists in the design and administration of Linux and Unix systems infrastructure. The Allenta team consists of highly skilled technical professionals with years of experience gained working with top level organizations. Allenta offers added-value based on commitment, responsiveness, professionalism and integrity. They focus exclusively on our areas of competence, to ensure both an optimal experience and solution for their clients.

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Alpha Data

Alpha Data is a leading system integrator in the Middle East. Established in 1981, the company has evolved from an initial team of just two employees to a 900-strong workforce building ICT infrastructure solutions for thousands of organizations. The company has become a highly preferred IT service provider of choice with its diverse portfolio of offerings, which includes new technologies that encompass the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, security, big data and the cloud—all designed to help customers improve processes, reduce data centre and infrastructure costs, manage risk and governance and enhance top-line revenue

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Established in 2000, AmericaTech, Inc. is driven by the ability to exceed customers’ and partners’ expectations. Ensuring rapid results, protecting vital systems, and producing solutions are what we do. AmericaTech provides a complete package of enterprise solutions & IT security services for federal, state, and local governments as well as in the commercial sector including financial, healthcare, telecommunication, non-profit, and educational institutions. AmericaTech is managed by a small but closely looped team of highly educated, trained, industry skilled & certified professionals.

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Anacom is trusted IT services and solutions provider of Network and Cyber security located in Seoul, Korea. Anacom provides a broad-range IT security solutions to enterprise and public sectors based on 15 years’ experiences. We have been focusing on strong technical competences, innovative market engagement and close attention to the customers’ needs. With BeyondTrust’s world class solution, Anacom will deliver the most advanced technical skills to support your IT security, infrastructure and cloud deployments

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Arkavia Networks

Arkavia Networks Spa. nace en enero del año 2010, fundada por tres ingenieros con diversas especializaciones en temáticas de redes de datos, seguridad, desarrollo de software y un amplio dominio de variadas tecnologías. Brindamos un servicio de última generación en el ámbito de redes de datos y sistemas de seguridad informática. Entregamos soluciones reales, funcionales y sin defectos, que permiten a nuestros clientes desarrollar sus actividades de manera tranquila, con la confianza de que tienen asegurada la continuidad operativa de sus negocios. Nuestra experiencia nos permite adaptarnos para entender los distintos requerimientos, además de analizar y proponer soluciones acorde a las problemáticas y negocios de nuestros clientes.

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AS Atea

Atea offers a full range of hardware and software from the world’s top technology companies. Our team of specialist consultants has technical certifications and system integration skills to design, implement and operate solutions for even the most complex IT requirements.

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Aurora Systems Consulting

Aurora's experienced team of security experts helps their clients to conquer the complex challenges of data security. Their Services, Sales and Software teams combine to uniquely position the company as a single source, full service Solutions Provider to small and medium businesses.

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Automated Technologies, Inc.

Automated Technologies is a wholly Filipino owned Information Technology (IT) company with nationwide operations offering varied products and services. Our proven track record has enabled us to bring the benefits of highly skilled and experienced resources to the global I.T. services industry, particularly in the more complex areas of Hardware and Software Maintenance, Remote Data Center, I.T. Systems Management, and full range of IT solutions.

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Avaleris is a North American leader in providing solutions for identity management, access management, cloud enablement and IT Security.

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[Reseller] Tras 20 años, hemos consolidado la relación con nuestros clientes y socios tecnológicos y estratégicos con el objetivo de ampliar y avalar nuestro catálogo de soluciones de infraestructura y continuar ofreciendo un proceso de gestión completo y eficiente.

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AVANTEC AG is the leading independent provider of IT security solutions on the Swiss market. Founded in 1995, AVANTEC AG has over 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of sophisticated projects in the field of IT security. From consulting to project implementation to support and maintenance AVANTEC AG offers professional security know-how from a single source.

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AVENET Distribution lmt. Is value added distributor operating on Czech Republic market with roots dated back to 1998. We are mainly focused on distribution of IT, security and cabling products and systems. AVENET Distribution supplies only reliable products from renowned manufacturers. The existing portfolio is constantly expanding to keep customers up-to-date with technology and to choose from a wide range of products that are in line with the latest trends in IT.

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AVP Sistemas S.A.

Brindar soluciones tecnológicas a empresas locales medianas y grandes, multinacionales y gubernamentales contando con el personal altamente calificado y especializado en todas las soluciones que ofrecemos, comprometiéndonos con el usuario al darle la mejor de las experiencias. Nuestro equipo carece de barreras mentales y geográficas lo cual nos permite de la mano de la tecnología trascender fronteras y generaciones.

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Axity Colombia SAS

En Axity queremosayudarte a maximizar el potencial de tu compañía en su proceso de Transformación Digital. Lo hacemos desarrollando e implementando soluciones punta a punta integradas por los mejores expertos y las mejores tecnologías. Tenemos 4000 COLABORADORES, 35 AÑOS DE EXPERIENCIA, 400 CLIENTES y 200M USD DE FACTURACIÓN

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"Bafing es una empresa peruana que ofrece soluciones muy especializadas de software, hardware y servicios en: seguridad informática, seguridad electrónica y comunicaciones. Los clientes de Bafing son empresas de diversos sectores como la Banca, Minería, Salud, Industria y Gobierno. La empresa mantiene un crecimiento constante en sus operaciones y compite en el ámbito regional con otras empresas trasnacionales expertas. Bafing tiene fuertes ventajas como un conocimiento técnico muy avanzado y cuenta con los mejores niveles de calidad de servicio post venta del mercado."

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Bechtle AG

Bechtle offer over 70,000 hardware and software products through their online shops, customer-specific e-procurement platforms and over the phone. In addition, specialists at their 47 Group-wide Competence Centres dedicate themselves to providing expert support for a broad range of complex topics.

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Beyond20 offers ITSM Consulting, ITIL Training, Strategic Planning and Agile Project Management to support the practical implementation of Best Practice.  With several of the world’s largest and most complex Cherwell Service Management implementations to its credit, Beyond20’s experienced team has developed numerous customer solutions using the CSM platform and was awarded “Most Innovative Use of Cherwell” at the 2014 Cherwell Global Conference.  All of the company's consultants and trainers are ITIL, Scrum, and ISO 20k certified and have extensive practical experience.  Beyond20's client base includes over 30% of the Fortune500, along with numerous Universities and Government Agencies.

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Con presencia en la Ciudad de Monterrey y en la Ciudad de México, BG2 Services está conformada por especialistas con más de 26 años de EXPERIENCIA acumulada en TI, quienes analizamos y entendemos claramente la demanda de SOLUCIONES que se requieren en un mercado en constante evolución.Nuestra cobertura incluye a las principales ciudades del país, donde numerosas implementaciones exitosas en empresas de gran renombre nos respaldan.

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"IT with security in mind" Bitsiel can design and implement high secure and robust solutions for clients with specific security needs. Bitsiel operates as a trusted advisor and architect in both the local and central government in the Netherlands. We aim for strong relationships with our customers where we can be at our best: frank in our analysis and thorough in our solutions.

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A Bludot é uma empresa focada na integração de tecnologias emergentes, fornecendo soluções customizadas para diferentes segmentos de mercado

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BlueCoffee Networks, Ltd.

BlueCoffee Networks is a dynamic, fresh thinking, independent solutions provider. We have various specialisations within the SME, Enterprise and Public Sector arenas with the objective of providing a partnership approach for a comprehensive range of services to meet client’s total computing needs. BlueCoffee Networks are trusted systems integrators, offering an extremely responsive and personalised service that is always looking to protect your investment in partnership.

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BMB Group

The company is specialized in delivering high availability solutions and services that span the spectrum of Information & Communication Technology. With a 3 dimensional characteristic, BMB through its divisions – DIRECT, MOVE, REACH - is a pioneer in the industry for the Middle East, North Africa and Levant [MENAL] region, with services ranging from project design, consultancy, management, implementation, to after sales support.

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Bright Nexus (M) Sdn Bhd focuses on IT Network, Security and Compliance solutions since its inception in January 2005. In dealing with the Internet challenges faced by many, Bright Nexus (M) Sdn Bhd, with its vast experience in security and inter-networking, continuously strives to deliver state-of-the-art and innovative solutions to its customers from businesses, educational institutions and medium to large organizations.

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Business Solution Consulting

Es una firma orientada a promover soluciones de Tecnología de Información con productos y servicios para elevar el desempeño del Internet Networking, como la seguridad perimetral de REDES, con una presencia local y regional a nivel centroamericano desde el año 2001. De igual poseemos una división de desarrollo y consultoría integrada, para cubrir las necesidades del mercado tecnológico. Para ello soportamos nuestra base instalada con un equipo de Soporte en Ingeniería especializada por los fabricantes.

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Bytes Technology Group provide organisations with leading insights, expertise and practical help across Software Services and Security Solutions. Bytes specialise in software licensing, software asset management, Microsoft licensing, cloud, virtualisation, security, storage services and training. With over 300 staff across five locations in the UK and Ireland, Bytes has gained an enviable reputation for delivering exceptionally high-quality software services to SMEs, large corporates and public sector organisations.

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Cadre is a network and information security solutions provider that serves large and medium sized firms. Widely recognized as a pioneer in the security industry, Cadre delivers value through superior customer service, advanced engineering and a resolute focus on design, assessment, installation, training and support of information security systems. All over the world, clients rely on Cadre to provide guidance and technical expertise on compliance, controlling technical risks, and achieving security goals.

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Carahsoft has built their reputation as a customer-centric organization dedicated to serving the needs of their technology manufacturers, government end users, and reseller ecosystem. They have a proven history of helping government agencies find the best possible technology solution at the best possible value.

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Headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois, is a provider of technology products and services for business, government and education. The company has a secondary division known as CDW-G, devoted solely to United States governmental purchasers, such as from schools, universities, cities, and the state and federal government. $12.1 billion in rev, 250,000 customers and over 7200 employees (3300 sales) strong sales in the public space with their government sales team.

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CDW is an established and trusted IT services and solutions provider. With an international presence in both private and public sector IT, and a global supply chain it is able to provide products and services in over 130 countries. The CDW team possesses the industry’s highest achievable accreditations, meaning CDW customers can focus on running their business, not on managing their IT.

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Spécialiste des solutions d’infrastructure, de travail collaboratif, de gestion des identités et des accès, la société Cerberis accompagne depuis plus d’une décennie un réseau de revendeurs-intégrateurs dans la mise en place de solutions informatiques performantes. Proposant une gamme complète de logiciels et matériels à destination des grands comptes et des PME, Cerberis met son expertise technique à disposition de ses clients, et partenaires, via une politique de distribution exclusivement indirecte.

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CIO Core

"CIO CORE es su socio de Tecnología y Consultoría enfocado en resolver problemas de negocio. Nuestra misión es ayudarle, en conjunto con nuestros socios de tecnología de clase mundial, a mejorar su negocio, buscando oportunidades para reducir costos y generar mayores ingresos, mediante la implementación de soluciones tecnológicas, capacitación, soporte e innovación."

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CipherTechs is a global Cyber Security service provider founded in 2001 that remains privately held with headquarters in New York City. They are completely and exclusively focused on cyber security and provide a full service solution portfolio. They service their customers through the following main practice areas: Audit, Integration Services, Managed Services, Training and Product Procurement.

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Click Networks

Click Networks understands today’s cyber threats and focuses on delivering security solutions that protect your targeted critical assets. Partnering with leading vendors they secure your data, applications, users and infrastructure. Click Networks delivers solutions to increase the effectiveness of security operations, ensuring cyber events are detected, responded to and remediated efficiently.

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Coasin Chile S.A.

CoasinLogicalis es una empresa líder capaz de integrar soluciones tecnológicas de alto valor agregado y prestar servicios TIC en modalidad outsourcing de manera integral y verticalizada a todas las industrias.

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Computacenter UK

Computacenter is a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, enabling users and their business. They advise organisations on IT strategy, implement the most appropriate technology, optimise its performance, and manage their customers’ infrastructures. In doing this they help CIOs and IT departments in enterprise and corporate organisations maximise productivity and the business value of IT for internal and external users.

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Consortium Networks' intelligence platform is your portal to the truth about the physical and cybersecurity products you are evaluating today. The Consortium is the first organization dedicated to providing real-world feedback and data on tools used in production environments at peer organizations.

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Contacta Segurança Digital

A Contacta Segurança Digital é uma empresa especializada no fornecimento de serviços e ferramentas para a segurança da informação. Há 25 anos como referência na área, a Contacta possui diferencial no mercado, pois não só aconselha, como efetivamente cria sistemas de segurança – garantindo a sua implementação e o seu perfeito funcionamento.

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Contrinity is a Belgium based Gold-partner with an enterprise customer focus in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. With a strong expertise in workplace management and endpoint security, we have an unique perspective that allows us to maximize the potential of the BeyondTrust portfolio. Our project-based approach combines best-of-breed technical excellence with a dedication to knowledge transfer, enabling our customers to achieve operational maturity within an optimal timeframe. Our expertise, flexibility and can-build attitude guarantees project success and customer satisfaction every time.

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Control Case

ControlCase provides managed solutions that help organizations manage compliance related to IT operations. ControlCase provides solutions that help organizations address regulations such as PCI, ISO27001/2, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA, and HIPAA.

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Conversant Group is an IT services and consulting company located in Chattanooga, TN. Conversant Group has provided technical, organizational, procedural, and process consulting since John Anthony Smith formed the company in 2009. John and his employees have consulted organizations large and small across the world through a variety of transitions both tactically and strategically.

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Core Soluciones S.A.

"Core Soluciones puede ayudarle a alcanzar los más altos niveles de eficiencia, manejabilidad y agilidad para todos sus servicios de TI estratégicos, desde permitir estilos de trabajo móviles hasta brindar servicios de nube. ​ Nuestros consultores le ofrecen toda su experiencia, conocimiento y capacidad en la aplicación de las mejores prácticas para analizar, diseñar e implementar nuestras soluciones. Nuestro objetivo es apoyar a nuestros clientes a lograr el éxito de sus proyectos para establecer relaciones de negocio a largo plazo. Aumente la productividad y la seguridad, además proporcione a los empleados la libertad para trabajar desde cualquier lugar, desde cualquier dispositivo, a la vez que reduce los costos de TI."

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Core has accepted the responsibility: to listen, learn, and communicate to create, provide, and support innovative technology solutions for its valued customers, employees, and investors. Since 1984, Core BTS, Inc., has provided business technology solutions to a wide variety of industries, helping companies achieve their goals, streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance their bottom lines.

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CoreSight are a specialist Australian VAR that seek innovative, best-of-breed security technologies for our clients. Our partners' products include those from Imprivata, VASCO, Sophos, Astaro, SecurEnvoy, BeyondTrust and Imperva. CoreSight delivers these security products and support services to clients primarily in the finance, healthcare, manufacturing and government sectors. The CoreSight philosophy is to continually seek innovation in the security market, and to be the first to share these new ideas, products and services with our clients. The company, founded in 2003, is headquartered in Melbourne although clients across Australia and New Zealand are serviced both in person and remotely.

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Cornastone Enterprise Systems

Cornastone is experienced in the delivery of ICT solutions, services, software and infrastructure that enable businesses to realise their full potential. Empowered by innovation, Cornastone is experienced in the delivery of tailormade hardware infrastructure, systems management solutions and value-added software solutions that enable businesses to realise their full potential.

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Cosapi Data

"COSAPI ofrece al mercado servicios de ingeniería y construcción, servicios mineros, negocios en concesiones de infraestructura y desarrollos inmobiliarios. COSAPI, con más de 50 años en el mercado, es la segunda empresa de ingeniería y construcción de capital nacional en el Perú, según el ranking de las “500 Mayores Empresas del Perú” publicado por América Economía. Ha completado de manera exitosa varios de los proyectos más importantes y emblemáticos del Perú, tanto en el sector privado como en el sector público. Entre estos proyectos se encuentran obras como el desarrollo del proyecto Antamina, uno de los proyectos mineros más importantes desarrollados en el Perú; la construcción y conservación de 1,187 y 1,975 km de carreteras respectivamente; la construcción del Jockey Plaza Shopping Center, el centro comercial más grande del país en ventas (según lo señalado por la Asociación de Centros Comerciales del Perú); la construcción de la sede del Banco Interbank; y la modernización del aeropuerto internacional de Lima. Asimismo ha desarrollado proyectos en 13 países a nivel mundial."

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Crestan is a value added distributor covering the Middle East and Africa region partnering with global IT vendors to deliver turnkey solutions for enterprises. Their portfolio, geographical spread, expertise, dedication, and vendor support differentiate them in the market.

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Critical Start

Critical Start are here to help our customers navigate the ever-evolving security landscape by offering an unbiased perspective from a team of passionate, cybersecurity experts. They know you will always understand your infrastructure, culture, and policies better than any third party. Their perspective, combined with your organizational expertise, results in better decision making and a stronger security posture.

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Croisac se pose en intégrateur de produits et services associés dans le domaine de la sécurité du système d’information. Flexible, agile, dématérialisée, orientée télétravail, itinérante, structurée par projet, CRM et ERP nouvelle génération, capitalisée comme il le faut, déterminée mais pragmatique, Croisac sera le partenaire pour accompagner les entreprises dans leur volonté d’améliorer leur sécurité informatique, et pour les années à venir.

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Cuebid is a system integrator and service provider in data security, IP communications, virtualization and data storage. They help some of Sweden's most demanding customers to design, implement and support next-generation dynamic data centers. Small and medium-sized organizations help them manage their IT environments from Cuebid's own data center in Sköndal and Bromma. Their keywords are security, availability and control.

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CyberIAM provides the expertise needed for the design and implementation of complex Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) systems. The leadership team has over 100 years of experience in IAM & PAM. Its principal and senior consultants have worked with some of the largest organisations from across the globe in many sectors including banking, insurance, telecom, transport, law enforcement and large international retailers. CyberIAM delivery methodology emphasises a sustained partnership with customers, ranging from strategic advisory services to hands-on technical implementation.

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Cyberseer was founded by industry leading experts in advanced threat management. Their aim was to set up a service that combats targeted and persistent cyber threats which many traditional security solutions fail to protect against. Cyberseer’s unique approach to Advanced Threat Management limits its customers exposure to attack and the consequences of suffering a damaging cyber breach.

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Cyberworld Asia

Founded in 1991, Cyberworld (Asia) Ltd. has steadily established itself as a reputable IT products distributor in Hong Kong and obtained trust from both our valued customers and suppliers alike. We focus on distributing Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Remote Access Solution, Application Acceleration, Proxy Solution and Content Security. Here at Cyberworld we are selective about the products that we offer. We distribute the best-of-breed IT solutions from industry leaders.

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Data Phase

Data Phase Pty Ltd is a value added reseller and distributor offering software buyers’ lives easier. Data Phase built on strong relationships with both our suppliers and our customers, both the end users or enterprise resellers. We focus on service delivery excellence; supplying quality information about the software we sell in a cost-effective manner. Our goal is to create tangible business results for our clients. With a broad skill set in business operations, IT platforms and applications - we turn every project into profit.

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Datco Peru

Grupo Datco es la única empresa latinoamericana que ofrece soluciones de IT y telecomunicaciones. Mediante su equipo de más de 600 profesionales brinda servicios basados en las principales tecnologías de la industria y en su red de fibra óptica propia de más de 13.000 km que conecta Argentina, Chile y Brasil con el mundo.

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Datec Ltda

"Somos una empresa boliviana con 20 años de experiencia en la industria de las TICs, brindamos soluciones tecnológicas innovadoras. Nos mantenemos actualizados con las últimas tendencias a nivel mundial, para liderar cambios disruptivos, con el objetivo de mejorar los procesos, la productividad y rentabilidad de las empresas. El éxito de cada proyecto implementando, tiene el respaldo de nuestro equipo de trabajo altamente calificado, capaz de afrontar los desafíos que se le presenten a nuestros clientes, la certificación internacional de calidad ISO 9001:2015 en cada uno de nuestros procesos y la representación de las mejores marcas de tecnología a nivel mundial, con quienes gozamos de una privilegiada relación."

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Dell Inc.

Dell Inc., a private information technology company, provides a range of technology solutions worldwide. With over 108,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues that surpass $50 billion the company offers client computing devices, including desktop personal computers, notebooks, and tablets; rack, blade, tower, and hyperscale servers for enterprise customers and value tower servers for small organizations, networks, and remote offices; networking solutions; and storage solutions, including storage area networks, network-attached storage, direct-attached storage, and backup systems. It also sells peripherals, including monitors, printers, projectors, and other client and enterprise peripherals, as well as third-party software products.

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Deloitte - Argentina

Somos una firma líder en servicios profesionales con más de 1800 empleados, brindando servicios de excelencia en Audit & Assurance, Consultoría, Impuestos, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory y Legales.

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Deloitte - Brazil

Somos uma empresa líder em serviços profissionais com mais de 1800 funcionários, fornecendo excelentes serviços em Auditoria e Garantia, Consultoria, Fiscal, Assessoria Financeira, Assessoria em Riscos e Jurídico.

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Deloitte - UK

Deloitte is one of the "Big Four" accounting organisations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. Today, business and technology innovation are inextricably linked and the demand for technology-enabled business transformation services is rapidly growing. Deloitte technology professionals around the world help clients resolve their most critical information and technology challenges.

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DFTI Tecnologia da Informação

A DFTI Tecnologia da Informação é uma empresa especializada em oferecer tecnologias e serviços voltados à continuidade e expansão do negócio de nossos clientes. Nosso maior compromisso é agregar ao ambiente corporativo soluções confiáveis e inteligentes que representem um real benefício ao negócio-foco de cada empresa. Fundada em 2008 a equipe DFTI é composta por profissionais com vasta experiência em TIC e oferecem ao mercado corporativo soluções em segurança, gerenciamento, monitoração e continuidade de negócios para ambientes de redes heterogêneas. Para o grande desafio de compor soluções corporativas robustas e investimentos justificáveis (ROI) a DFTI conta com parceiros líderes de mercado em seus segmentos para integrar diferentes tecnologias às necessidades do mercado. Ao alinhar profissionais, tecnologias, know-how e metodologias a equipe DFTI oferece excelência em seus projetos e a garantia da satisfação de nossos clientes...

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DG Technology

The world of technology changes constantly and DG technology clients are looking for companies and individuals to help them navigate the waters. Security attacks, migration efforts to reduce costs, social networking, budget cuts, risk and compliance questions, audits, and the list continues...

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Digits are a leading information security organisation headquartered in Pakistan. Digits possess a highly skilled team of cyber security specialists who are expects in the solutions they deliver. Focused on solutions that solve business challenges in a professional, skilled and accurate manner. Digits communicate clearly to identify their customers’ requirements and deliver against promises every time, without the nonsense.

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Digicel Group

"From our launch in Jamaica 2001, Digicel has expanded rapidly and now spans across 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific. In each market - our mission is to deliver the best network, the best service and the best value to our customers and to give back to our communities. Today, Digicel is proud to serve consumers and business customers alike and to offer the worlds of mobile communications, business solutions, media and entertainment. We have invested over US $5 billion in the Digicel business worldwide and continue to invest to bring leading edge technologies to the markets in which we operate."

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Dimension Data

Dimension Data uses the power of technology to help organisations achieve great things. As a member of the NTT Group, we accelerate our clients’ ambitions through digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, and cybersecurity. With a turnover of USD 7.4 billion, offices in 49 countries, and 30,000 employees, we deliver wherever our clients are, at every stage of their technology journey. We’re proud to be the Official Technology Partner of Amaury Sport Organisation, organiser of the Tour de France, and the title partner of the cycling team, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka.   We want to be the company that makes a real difference to our clients, our people, and societies. We’re proud to share our stories of how our employees are passionately working to fulfil that ambition. Read our People, Planet and Profit 2017 report to learn more.

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A DISRUPTEC não é só uma empresa de Tecnologia da Informação. Somos responsáveis por um novo conceito no mercado, a gestão de itens imprescindíveis à Segurança da Informação, muito além da venda de licenças, criamos todo um ciclo de serviços direcionados especificamente ao seu negócio. Nossa empresa trabalha com uma visão moderna e dinâmica, dentro da filosofia ready to go, ou seja, após rápida visualização do ambiente de nossos clientes, já estamos prontos para definir as suas necessidades e aplicar as nossas soluções.


DXC Technology GmbH

DXC Technology is the world's leading independent end-to-end IT service provider. They transform technological innovations into measurable successes for their customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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DynTek, Inc. provides professional IT consulting services, end-to-end IT solutions, managed IT services and IT product sales to mid-market commercial businesses, state and local government agencies, and educational and healthcare institutions.

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E-Secure Sarl

E-Secure Sàrl is a Swiss-based IT security company based in Geneva, active since 2000, specializing in the field of computer security and networks. It has a staff of 18 people composed of two technical and commercial teams, both certified on all products in the range. Active throughout Switzerland, E-Secure Sàrl now has almost 1,000 customers in three language areas.

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e-Xpert Solutions

Par son écoute active du marché, ainsi qu’une veille permanente sur les dernières évolutions technologiques, e-Xpert Solutions anticipe les défis sécuritaires auxquels seront confrontés les entreprises.

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eBTel Cia.

"Somos orgullosamente ecuatorianos con una importante trayectoria que inicia en el año 2005; ofrecemos tecnología de vanguardia en el campo de la seguridad informática para permitir a las empresas disminuir riesgos asociados a vulnerabilidades en sus sistemas, e implementar los controles necesarios para resguardar la confidencialidad, integridad y disponibilidad de sus datos más importantes. Nuestras soluciones y servicios cuidan la seguridad de la operación de nuestros clientes protegiendo su información de manera holística, armónica e integrada. Hemos ejecutado con éxito importantes proyectos en varias de las empresas más grandes del Ecuador dentro del sector financiero, gobierno, industria, telecomunicaciones e instituciones educativas, y nuestros servicios han sido comercializados en otros países de la región."

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EMS Partner

EMS Partner is a company based in Poznan (Poland), focused on selling and implementing IT security solutions. By including narrow range of products in our portfolio, we are able to deliver the highest quality services to our customers. The company was established as a part of PBSG corporate group and consist of 24 employees (including 17 engineers) dedicated to adequate area of expertise. Our goal is to maintain our position as a professional and reliable partner for our clients, building together secure and efficient IT environments.

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En Pointe Technologies, Inc.

En Pointe is an IT services provider and experienced value-added reseller that provides its customers with complete technology solutions, including hardware products, software licenses, and IT services.

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A Entercompany Systems tem a missão de oferecer ao mercado soluções que entregam alta disponibilidade, desempenho, integração e segurança para o negócio, otimizando o uso de recursos humanos e tecnológicos, além de agregar consultoria, implantação e suporte técnico, assegurando o retorno dos investimentos realizados.

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Entisys 360

Entisys360 is the West Coast’s premier expert in the deployment and delivery of advanced IT infrastructure, virtualization and cloud solutions; committed to providing their clients with a complete portfolio of advanced infrastructure solutions, supported by today’s best-of-breed services.

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ePlus Technology

At ePlus, we engineer transformative technology solutions for the most visionary companies in the world. With expertise built upon the hard-won experience of our master architects, engineers, and consultants, we see our clients’ horizons and craft sustainable IT roadmaps to get them there. Then we make it happen. This takes imagination, relentless client service, and the tenacity to enable our clients to achieve their visions. Our deep partnerships with leading edge technology manufacturers—many of which look to us for their own technology infrastructure needs—keep us immersed across the broad spectrum of the IT ecosystem. From strategy to fulfillment to managed services, our engineering centric solutions enable our clients to realize what it means for technology to do more.

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Ernst & Young - Brazil

A EY é uma das maiores empresas de serviços profissionais do mundo, considerada uma das quatro grandes empresas de consultoria. Fornece serviços de consultoria, auditoria, impostos e transações para os setores automotivo, financeiro, governamental, de entretenimento, mineração, imobiliário, de tecnologia e de telecomunicações, entre outros.

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eShore is a leading IT & Cyber Security provider for offshore jurisdictions in the Caribbean, Bermuda & Latin America markets.

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Somos una empresa especializada en brindar soluciones de seguridad y confianza en Internet, teniendo como base la innovación y la búsqueda de la confianza en los canales electrónicos. Nuestras soluciones protegen el activo más valioso que poseen las personas y las empresas que es la "información". Trabajamos con soluciones líderes en su categoría, resultando como socios estratégicos en el negocio de importantes empresas

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Estrategia y Seguridad

ES delivers Cybersecurity services and solutions to organizations. If the organization is facing a security challenge, a compliance requirement or taking proactive measures ES can provide custom solutions and services to successfully achieve the goals. In today’s technology dependant world, executives and managers can’t afford to be held back by cyber threats. They need to make quick decisions and feel confident that their cyber strategy, defenses and recovery capabilities are up to their business operations needs.

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Excalibur Data Systems

Excalibur works with our clients to identify enabling technology that fit their business. We deploy solutions using sound project management practices. We then keep their systems operating reliably, securely and cost effectively. We are proud that a large number of our clients have continued to use our services for many years. We believe in long term relationships and work hard to be a Trusted Business Advisor.

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Exclusive Networks

Exclusive Networks is the global ‘value creating’ specialist distributor for cybersecurity and cloud solutions – the defining and interdependent technologies of the digital era. Its capabilities are backed by best-of-breed vendor portfolios, unparalleled skills and a host of compelling services from pre and post-sales technical support to leasing, training, professional services and global project management. With 50+ offices across five continents and presence in over 100 countries, Exclusive Networks has a unique ‘local sale, global scale’ model, creating value and enabling partners to achieve global reach, while delivering the value of a locally-focused specialist distributor.

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First Video Communications

FVC are a new generation value added distributor (VAD) that provides tangible solutions across three vital areas of enterprise computing – unified communications, information security and advanced networking. With over a decade of cross-domain expertise, FVC are passionate about creating value in all that they deliver. FVC draw strength from 350 world class channel partners in over 50 countries, experience from 350+ enterprise customers and expertise of over 140 passionate team members.

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Flycast Partners

Flycast Partners provides IT consulting and implementation services to organizations across North America. Our clients remain ahead of the curve on technology adoption while maintaining the basic principles of ITIL and other best practices frameworks in practical, focused projects. We offer on premise and cloud technologies and services that deliver sustainable change at the right time and at the right cost. Our professional services team provides best practice consulting, training, and technical support for ITSM and market vertical solutions. With offices in the United States and Canada, we offer the right tailored solution to all organizations in North America.

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A leading provider of Software Solutions, Foresight is a partner of choice for the city of Bangalore, for many of the leading Security, Data Management and Infrastructure Management vendors of the world.

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ForeTech is a value added distributor and reseller of  IT software, with particular concentration on the Israeli IT environments. In addition, ForeTech is IT systems integrator focusing on high availability services and supplies a wide range of services including consultancy, auditing, installation, training and support.

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Forsythe is a leading enterprise IT company that helps clients become more agile, secure, digital organizations by modernizing their IT, innovating their business and securing their data and their brands.

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Fujitsu Cyber Security

Fujitsu provides a broad portfolio of intelligent security offerings to enable organisations to prepare for and respond to all kinds of security issues. Fujitsu offers a full range of security services including consult, implement and managed security services backed by best-of-breed security technologies. By answering customers security requirements with both our local and global Security Operation Centres, Fujitsu offers 24x7 cyber security tailored to customers’ requirements and based on its market-leading experience in highly secure environments.

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A Gantech é uma empresa brasileira fundada em 2006 por profissionais da área de TI especializados e certificados em Segurança da Informação, com grande experiência de mercado. Nossa base de conhecimento, aliada à prática e excelência na execução de projetos tornam-se nossos diferenciais para fornecer ambientes confiáveis em segurança da informação.

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GB Advisors, Inc.

GB Advisors is a Leading Software Solutions company devoted to the advisory and implementation of ITSM and Digital Security solutions. GB Advisors holds a client portfolio of more than 400 customers in over 30 countries in USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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GCA Technology Services

GCA has been delivering IT consulting, information solutions, and technology training to companies around the globe for over 15+ years. GCA offices are strategically located to provide support to customers worldwide. We offer our services at either the customer's location or at any of our regional facilities.

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Gladiator Technology helps financial institutions protect their systems and customer information in adherence with FFIEC regulatory standards defined by the federal government. They are dedicated to the financial institution marketplace and have an in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and future expectations.

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Established in Montreal in 2002, GoSecure’s mission is to provide services and technology that enable organizations to manage cyber risk and implement balanced cyber security controls. By offering innovative services and by focusing on quality, respect and integrity, GoSecure has built strong relationships as a key supplier for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

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Gotham Technology Group, LLC is in the business of providing guidance and direction to IT professionals. With sales offices in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Gotham serves clients based throughout the Northeastern United States, and delivers goods and services across the globe.

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GreenPages, Inc.

GreenPages is a leading systems integrator and cloud services company that helps clients move toward software-defined, hyper-converged, and hybrid cloud infrastructure models to drive IT transformation, ITaaS, and business innovation. In business since 1992, GreenPages’ mission throughout each IT shift has been to provide clarity and strategy to clients within a disruptive and rapidly changing industry. Whether clients adapt to the disruption or seize the opportunity to become disruptors themselves, GreenPages helps them achieve the IT agility necessary to become innovators for their business.

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Grupo Cero Uno Zero Tecnologías S

Socio de ciberseguridad con amplia experiencia en implementación de PAM

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Grupo Meilianza SA

Dar acompañamiento integral y cercano en servicios de comercialización, establecimiento de empresas extranjeras en México y trámites internacionales, usando la experiencia y el conocimiento del mercado como valor agregado diferenciador que nos permita encontrar soluciones que conduzcan al éxito de nuestros clientes.

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Gruppo Daman srl

Il Gruppo Daman è una realtà italiana che ha come principale obiettivo quello di aiutare le grandi organizzazioni, sia pubbliche che private, a massimizzare il valore di business delle proprie infrastrutture tecnologiche. Questo obiettivo viene perseguito attraverso la distribuzione di tecnologie innovative, accuratamente selezionate sul mercato internazionale, e la loro trasformazione in soluzioni in grado soddisfare le peculiari esigenze delle aziende italiane.

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GSN - Global Software Network Inc

Global Software Network, Inc. (aka BROAD Corporation) has been long established as an independent IT solution vendor providing Best of Breed solutions to enterprise customers in Japan. Founded in 1987, we are one of pioneers in security solutions, security compliance, audit, other related services. Our mission is to offer solutions backed with proven technology to enable customers to be productive and competitive.

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GuidePoint Security

GuidePoint Security LLC is a Virginia-based cyber security company that provides world-class solutions designed to create a safer, more secure technological environment for customers and citizens. GuidePoint Security’s professionals, who comprise the majority of our staff, provide the best, customized, innovative solutions possible by embracing new technologies, using first-rate business practices, and maintaining a vendor-agnostic approach. Our services enable government and commercial organizations to achieve their missions by helping to prevent security breaches, and identifying and stopping threats and attacks. Founded in 2011 by cyber security industry veterans, GuidePoint is a trusted security expert for our customers, for both security technologies and professional services. We are different because of our organizational structure, technological expertise, unrivaled customer service, and a vendor-agnostic approach. This allows us to provide the best security services and solutions possible. Our tagline is a reflection of GuidePoint principles: “Your mission. Secured.”

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Gulf Business Machines

Founded and operating in the region since 1990, Gulf Business Machines (GBM) is the number one provider of IT solutions, leveraging industry leading technologies to drive real business results for clients. GBM understands the various challenges faced by CISO’s and has built a framework of defense, comprised of solutions and services, to help organizations achieve IT Security Industry best practice and enhance their risk mitigation frameworks.

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Help AG

Help AG provides leading enterprise businesses across the Middle East with strategic consultancy combined with tailored information security solutions and services that address their diverse requirements, enabling them to evolve securely with a competitive edge. We are solely focused on Information Security which has enabled us to develop unmatched technical expertise in the field.

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Herjavec Group

At Herjavec Group, information security is what we do. Supporting your IT Security Lifecycle drives our business and your infrastructure’s protection is our only priority. We are an expert team of highly dedicated security specialists, supported by strategic and emerging technology partners, who are laser focused on information security for our enterprise customers.

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High Point Networks

High Point Networks is a value-added reseller (VAR) of information technology providing solutions to both the SMB and enterprise level markets in the upper Midwest. We offer organizations best-in-class voice and data networking solutions, supported by the best professional services team in the region. Our solutions solve real challenges and provide measurable return on investment. High Point Networks offers a complete portfolio of technology vendors from which to choose the most suitable products for your business.

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HoneyTek Systems is an established and creative business consulting company founded on the principles of innovation, technology expertise, and superior customer service.

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I2 Sistemas y Seguridad Informatica

Nosotros nos ocupamos de gestionar y proteger su información. Tenemos soluciones de seguridad y auditoría para todo tipo de empresa - institución pública, médica y educativa. Proteja su información y la de sus clientes com soluciones eficaces que salvaguardan su datacenter y recursos tecnológicos. Nuestra meta es convertir la gestión de su tecnología en apoio eficaz para su negocio.

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IBV Informatik GmbH

Die IBV bietet seit über 20 Jahren IT Security Lösungen von weltweit führenden Herstellern an. Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden von der Evaluation bis zum Betrieb.

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IBV Informatik, Beratungs und Vertriebs AG

Die IBV bietet seit über 20 Jahren IT Security Lösungen von weltweit führenden Herstellern an. Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden von der Evaluation bis zum Betrieb.

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Identity Solutions

Founded in 1999, Identity Solutions provides consultancy, implementation and support services for customers in Australia and New Zealand. We help enterprises and medium businesses to become more successful. We offer and support best in class on-premise and cloud solutions from leading IT vendors. Our solutions securely connect people, organisations and devices for improved business performance and delightful end users experience. We provide remote support; automation; identity, access and privileged access management solutions that strengthen security while providing conveniences and increasing productivity.

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Ignition Technology

Ignition Technology is the sole UK certified distributor for BeyondTrust. As a security focused distributor for the SaaS world Ignition Technology believes in the power of the channel to enable and secure business transformation. Ignition Technology enables its partners to architect solutions that better protect their customers and help them navigate the future of cyber security through their people, knowledge, solutions and services.

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Founded in 1997 as a government contract management firm, immixGroup® helps technology companies do business with the government. Acquired by Arrow Electronics in 2015, immixGroup has evolved into the largest value-added distributor (VAD) of enterprise IT products for the U.S. public sector marketplace.

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Impact Business Solutions

Impact Business Solutions is a Value-Added Distributer that takes a holistic approach by offering education, consulting and support in data networking, system security, storage and backup strategy for government and private organizations throughout the ASEAN region. Supported by a dedicated team of IT professional, Impact Business Solutions not only provide the best service and support, but also provide various cost-effective products, solutions, and consultancy, design and implementation services for their clients’ needs.

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Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd.

Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd is a leading network and infrastructure systems integrator specialized in the provision and management of a wide range of technology solutions and services. Imperium aspires to be the preferred solutions and services provider to organizations seeking to acquire technology to improve its business in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Inflow Technologies

Inflow Technologies are a Value-Added Distributor for Information Security, Unified Communications and Networking. Inflow have a direct relationship with 40+ Global Technology vendors and are headquartered in Bangalore with presence in 18 locations. The team at Inflow Technologies are well-versed with latest and the most powerful technologies available today for locating, organizing, managing, retrieving, analyzing, protecting, and presenting information.

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Infocentric Solutions Inc

Infocentric is known for its expertise in Application and Data Security, Network Security, Identity and Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration. We can help you build a unique competitive advantage in managing your enterprise business securely and confidently.

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Infosec Partners

A trusted advisor to significant organisations, high profile individuals and families, Infosec Partners provides full-spectrum information security expertise and managed services to some of the world's largest and most sensitive businesses and recognised brands.

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Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions (IS) is a Saudi company specializing in professional services ,delivering top notch Information Security ,solutions, and IT products for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Innovative Solutions is managed by competent IT professionals with extensive local IT experience in Financial, Government organizations , Education , Defense , and IT services industries. Our strategy is to provide our clients with a consultative approach to address their business requirements while maintaining an acceptable level of information security. We pride ourselves on offering unrivaled levels of both expertise and high quality services. Our extensive and varied experience allows us to offer our clients a wide range of best bespoke services and solutions to the Financial Services Institutions (FSI), Government Organizations & the telecommunications industries in the region.

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InSource Technology Solutions

InSource helps organizations of every size improve their business performance by providing technology solutions that address an increasingly complex IT environment and access to experienced resources to supplement your teams.

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"No creemos en buscar soluciones para problemas que no existen. Todas nuestras soluciones pasan por un detallado proceso de analizar la realidad de las organizaciones, entender sus necesidades en torno a la administración del Capital Humano y finalmente en desarrollar una solución integral."

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Integrity Solutions

Integrity360, the largest IT security specialist in Ireland and the fastest growing in the UK. The new name reflects the 360 degree complete IT security service that we offer. This rebrand moves our business to the next level and will fuel our continued growth and international expansion.

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Somos un grupo conformado por profesionales altamente especializados, que trabajamos bajo la premisa de alcanzar altos niveles de productividad, excelencia y calidad; comprometidos con las políticas y los objetivos de la compañía. Nuestro personal se caracteriza por su profesionalismo, experiencia, calidad humana y su gran capacidad para generar soluciones frente situaciones críticas a las que se enfrenten.

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Intuitive Technology Group

We are a dedicated group of industry professionals gathered for one purpose: strengthen the world of information technology through powerful solutions to enhance the effectiveness of security strategies.

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iON United

With flexible fully managed and support offerings, iON Agents seamlessly integrate into your organization providing the most advanced technical skills to support your IT security, infrastructure and cloud deployments.

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IPG (Information Process Group)

The leading provider and operator of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions in Europe. With qualified experts, we offer solutions for the comprehensive protection of user data and access- and entry-permissions for your business on the one hand. And on the other, we achieve that our clients can identify and develop new revenue streams using Customer IAM solutions.

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ipss inc. is a leading-edge Information Technology (IT) security company located in Ottawa, Canada. The company offers a broad-range of IT security-focused consulting services and is a value-added reseller of many best-of-breed IT security software and hardware solutions. Established in 2002, ipss has proven itself in engagements with some of the most advanced and security-conscious customers in the world including the Canadian federal government, multiple provincial governments, Fortune 100 companies, and the UK Ministry of Defence.

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Somos uma empresa mexicana fundade en 2007, com el objetivo de oferecer a las empresas soluciones integrales de seguridad informática basadas em sus necesidades, construyendi proyectos innovadores em el mercado global

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[Mayorista] Desde nuestros orígenes en el año 2002, nos hemos establecido como uno de los mayoristas especializados más importantes de la península Ibérica, distribuyendo las mejores soluciones de los fabricantes líderes del mercado. Actuamos como las “oficinas locales” del editor, ofreciendo apoyo a nuestro partners desde la evaluación inicial hasta el soporte técnico postventa.

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ISA is a security focused technology firm, with over twenty years of experience helping organizations of all sizes solve complex challenges relating to IT security. They act as trusted advisors to help our clients define, implement and manage their strategies to minimize IT security related risk, and to provide a secure business environment for their employees and customers.

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World-class innovation and security technology distribution center Digital Capital strives to provide the most forward-looking, world-class information security solutions and consulting services.

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iSecurity QA

iSecurity QA is a company dedicated to detecting and reducing security breaches resulting from errors in configuration, lack of controls, and unnecessary access by users with advanced privileges. --- iSecurity QA es una compañía dedicada a detectar y reducir las brechas de Seguridad producidas por malas configuración, falta de controles y accesos indebidos por usuarios con altos privilegios.

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Created in 1992, The ISILOG Group became a specialist in the development of professional software, in the field of IT Service Management and Quality Management. Today, over 80 collaborators work for The ISILOG Group, and are located in Nantes (R&D Services) and Paris (Sales Services).

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ISS - Information Security Services S.A.

"Empresa paraguaya que se crea para ofrecer servicios muy especializados en Seguridad de la Información, es importante destacar nuestra alianza con Certisur, una de las primeras empresas afiliada y certificadora oficial para la región. Nuestros productos y/o soluciones permiten que las personas, servidores y empresas ofrezcan confianza y seguridad a todos sus clientes, principalmente para ofrecer servicios sobre redes privadas o públicas (Internet)."

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ISSQUARED® is a leading cybersecurity company, focused on Identity & Access Management (IAM), cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity software and services, with an established presence delivering multi-million dollar security and cloud infrastructure projects to Fortune 500 companies

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IT Servicios de Colombia

Somos una empresa Colombiana que a partir de las necesidades de automatización de nuestros clientes, viene trabajando en el diseño y desarrollo de soluciones de misión crítica. Tenemos como misión desarrollar productos y prestar servicios orientando todos nuestros esfuerzos en atender efectivamente las necesidades de nuestros clientes, enfatizando en la permanente innovación, el mejoramiento operacional y la máxima calidad en nuestras actividades.

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IT-Assistans Sverige AB

Genom våra olika tjänster inom IT-drift erbjuder vi alla företag ett stabilt, bekymmerslöst och flexibelt alternativ till drift i egen regi. Vår idé är leverera allt IT-stöd en organisation behöver på distans, på ett säkert vis. Vi hjälper också våra kunder med vidareutveckling, införa ny funktionalitet och mycket annat inom hela IT-området. Välkommen att kontakta oss!

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IT-tude groupe QUODAGIS est une société de conseil et d’intégration spécialisée dans les solutions d’IT Service et Asset Management. IT-tude groupe QUODAGIS accompagne les DSI des organisations moyennes et grandes, depuis l'expression des besoins, au choix des outils logiciels les plus adaptés, jusqu'à la mise-en-œuvre effective, et ce dans le respect des meilleures pratiques.

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ITQ Latam - Chile

ITQ LATAM nació como una empresa para brindar servicios y proyectos en un ecosistema convergente de soluciones tecnológicas. Su principal objetivo es ser un actor importante en el mercado TI, que ofrezca a sus clientes la confianza para que deleguen sus procesos a una compañía seria, consolidada y de alta calidad como lo es ITQ LATAM, permitiendo que se enfoquen en su verdadero negocio.

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ITS Partners, LLC

ITS Partners is an established Bomgar , Symnatec, and ServiceNow partner that specializes in the design, implementation, and support of industry's best enterprise solutions including areas of Service Management, Process Automation, Asset Management and other enterprise IT solutions.

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Founded in March 2005, KeyData has been serving client needs for over 10 years. KeyData has become a recognized leader in advisory and strategy services as well as system integration services specializing in: Identity and Access Management Privileged Account Management Operational Risk Management Information Security Management Regulatory Compliance KeyData is a trusted advisor to companies from Fortune 500 to Fortune 2,000 and from all industry sectors. KeyData’s industry leading methodologies and risk-based approach along with its’ multi-talented expert resources enable clients to meet business objectives and achieve success from design through to implementation. KeyData provides the highest quality services at fair market prices.

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Kio Networks

We want our clients to reach their full potential by focusing on their business objectives and taking control of their present and future.

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KOGIT GmbH is an independent and leading consulting company specialized in identity access management and governance, risk and compliance. In this context, the primary business fields are consulting, projects, solutions and services. KOGIT provides strategic and technology-related consultancy, feasibility studies including product selection, value analyses up to design and final implementation, as well as project management and coordination services. Customers include small local companies, medium-sized organizations as well as major international enterprises.

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Lan Systems

Lan Systems srl was founded in 1986, exclusive importer of products for LAN networks Corvus Systems, Banyan and DBMS Dataflex. It distributes the first installations of LAN networks in Italy. With the evolution of the IT market, it develops its expertise in the areas of software services, networking, IT security and cloud computing, organizing its Internet Data Center at the IDC of Telecom Italia. Lan Systems produces Web Applications in Open Source environments and has various skills in the most popular programming languages.

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Mainsoft es una empresa de capitales chilenos fundada en 1993 con Casa Matriz en Santiago y oficinas en Perú y Argentina. Somos reconocidos como una empresa líder en el diseño e implementación de soluciones y servicios TI que apoyan los procesos de negocio de las principales compañías de la región. Mainsoft integra la tecnología de las casas de SW que representa, junto a Consultoría y Servicios Profesionales especializados en 5 ámbitos o líneas de negocio principales; Monitoreo Aplicaciones de Negocio (APM-DPM), Seguridad Informática y Ciberseguridad, Gestión de Transferencia de Archivos (MFT), Gestión Operaciones TI (ITSM, PMO) y Soluciones Ambiente Mainframe.

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Integrated IT Solutions (ITS) division is the turnkey IT solution provider at Mannai ICT, integrating innovative technologies to provide digital technology services and beyond. We elevate our customers to the center of a multidisciplinary, agile approach to align with objectives of providing true digital transformation for their businesses. Our strength is our ability to understand customer’s multi-faceted requirements and proposing solutions and services across hybrid technology streams and domains.

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MFEC Public Company Limited

MFEC Public Company Limited is positioned as a premier IT service provider specializing in network computing and e-business, serving mainly large enterprise customers and industry leaders in private sectors. Our service ranges from IT consulting, custom design and develop, training and after sales services of the solution sets including hardware & software infrastructures, network equipment and services, software package customization & enhancement, and custom software development. Services are tailored to specific user requirements for their unique business needs.

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Mi Mi Informatics Joint Stock Company (Mi2 JSC. ,) was founded in 2007 with the mission of delivering the best -in-class IT security solutions with maximum customer value. With two main offices in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City , our dedicated team reserves high-quality skill-sets and a great passion for IT Security focusing on delivering a total solution transparently , power by professional services in the combination of both on-site and off-site. Our aim is to support and distribute the best of breed information security products while harnessing our partner network to deliver success. We have been standing at the forefront in the local market for several leading technologies in the IT Security industry including: Network security, system security, data security, web and email security, risk and compliance.

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Die MICRODYN AG vertreibt und unterstützt Remote-Control und Backup-Lösungen als Distributor und VAR von BOMGAR und BARRACUDA im deutschsprachigen europäischen Raum. Versicherungen, Banken, Universitäten, Pharma, Kraftwerksbau, Fabrikation sowie Support-Units von IT-Outsourcern  sind unsere langjährigen Kunden. Möchten Sie unsere Produkte Ihren Endkunden als autorisierter Wiederverkäufer anbieten? Dann zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.

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Distributeur à valeur ajoutée de technologies informatiques (matériels et logiciels) spécialisé dans le domaine de la sécurité, du réseau, de la virtualisation et du stockage, Miel donne à ses clients revendeurs et intégrateurs la possibilité d’accéder aux solutions sécurisées Bomgar.

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Mission Critical Systems

Mission Critical Systems is your best source for information, network, and data security solutions. We are dedicated to providing products from the top security manufacturers.  Information security is our only business, allowing us to focus fully on delivering market leading products, consulting and integration services. We have been helping companies find solutions to their unique security challenges since 1997. Our wide range of security products and services gives us the flexibility to help you explore all options to keep your Information safe.

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More Direct

An industry-leading IT provider, offering enterprise businesses a cost-effective, integrated solution to streamline the acquisition of IT hardware, software and services. We put the entire IT supply chain of live inventory at your fingertips – so you are able to evaluate, price compare, bid, purchase, manage and report on all of your technology assets.

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MultiSoft tiene como misión entregar verdaderas soluciones, integrando productos y servicios de marcas líderes, con recurso humano especializado y un modelo de gestión de servicios basado en estándares y buenas prácticas; impactando positivamente en nuestros clientes y socios de negocio, desarrollando relaciones de confianza y beneficio mutuo de largo plazo, que nos permite ser reconocidos en el mercado como expertos en las áreas de Seguridad de la Información e Infraestructura Tecnológica.

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N3K Network Systems

N3K is a leading provider of Privileged Access Management Solutions with more than 19 years of experience. N3K specializes in solutions for Privileged Access Management, AD & Cloud Auditing and IP Address Management. N3K supports customers throughout the entire project cycle ‐ analysis, design, project planning, implementation and training. After implementation, the company delivers extensive ongoing maintenance and support services including global 7x24 support. Based on this philosophy, N3K Network Systems has established itself as a leading provider in EMEA ‐ more than half of the DAX companies now rely on N3Kk products and services. With locations in the US and Singapore, services can be provided worldwide.

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NCT Informatica

A NCT é uma empresa de vanguarda tecnológica que investe no aprimoramento do conhecimento, através de laboratórios próprios e de sua rede de parceiros. Buscamos por soluções inovadoras e confiáveis para otimizar o investimento e o resultado no uso da tecnologia aplicada ao negócio, independente do segmento de atuação dos seus Clientes. Em 18 anos de mercado a empresa acumulou larga experiência em projetos, com implementações de diversas tecnologias e disciplinas, provendo conectividade, alta disponibilidade, performance, integridade, segurança, mobilidade e rastreabilidade, atenta ao planejamento, projeto, logística, ativação, suporte, monitoração e serviços entregues.

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Nesslab provides R&D manufacturing service of Radio and Telecommunication equipment to manufacturing industry, especially Samsung Electronics/SK Hynix and Military Services over 18 years. Recently NessLab invests lots of talented people and resources to focus on Cyber Security area with strong partnership with Beyondtrust especially and database optimization with Experda to get into Korea Market.

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Fundada em 1998 em São Paulo, a Netconn tem seu foco no cliente. Consolidada no mercado de segurança da informação, possui um portfólio sob medida para proteger empresas contra novas ameaças cibernéticas e ajudá-las a alcançar conformidade em leis de proteção de dados como LGPD. Além de fornecer serviços gerenciados de mapeamento de dados, escaneamento de vulnerabilidades etc. Em 2018 eleitos o maior parceiro BeyondTrust da América Latina.

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Since 1989, Netrix has helped clients operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively by improving business performance and profitability. They do this by designing, implementing, and supporting superior information technology solutions.

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NetSafe Corp

Com mais de 20 anos de mercado, a NetSafe Corp é especialista em segurança da informação. Nosso ideal é oferecer aos nossos clientes as melhores soluções para otimizar seus processos e proteger o bem mais valioso em sua empresa: a informação. Contamos com profissionais habilitados e parceiros preocupados em sempre buscar as melhores soluções, contribuindo desde a implementação até a gestão das tecnologias mais adequadas a cada cliente. Com um suporte técnico certificado, a NetSafe Corp busca sempre o conhecimento das ferramentas e serviços, além de possibilitar a transmissão de conhecimentos ao seu cliente. Tudo isso com a finalidade de propiciar mais confiança para que o cliente se sinta protegido contra as ameaças e seguro quanto aos processos que realizamos.

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Nettitude provides true global coverage, allowing it to respond to the intricate regulatory nuances required in today’s interconnected environment. With every engagement they aim to provide tailored and pragmatic consultancy services that are designed to meet the client’s unique challenges.

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Network Associates SARL

Efficient network infrastructure and detailed tracking of the services provided for end users are critically important for telecom operators. Through our experience and competencies in the ICT market, BMB Group offer extensive solutions to our customers in order to improve their network infrastructures. Networking solutions that NA provide, include Broadband Infrastructure, Enterprise Network Infrastructure, Data Center Infrastructure and Structured Cabling Solutions. NA produce solutions that help operators provide fast and high-quality service for their users ranging from the layer of access to the center.

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Newlode est un fédérateur de sociétés expertes sur les grandes thématiques qui composent les Systèmes d’Informations actuels : cybersécurité, cloud, Big Data, virtualisation & containerisation, orchestration. Nos experts en cybersécurité sauront vous aider à protéger vos données, vos utilisateurs et plus largement votre Système d’Informations, que ce soit pour des phases de forensics, de design d’architecture, de définition de politique de sécurité, ou bien encore de mise en place de solutions techniques.

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The Nexio Group Inc. is the industry leader for infrastructure services, for application development and maintenance, for consulting services and for the management of IT processes and services.  The Montreal and Quebec City offices offer outstanding vision and services to its renowned customers.  Choosing Nexio guarantees you the partnership of a company with 20 years of expertise and innovation dedicated to excellence in IT.

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Nordstern Technologies S.A. de C.V.

"Somos una empresa mexicana, fundada en 2005, experta en ciberseguridad y formada por un equipo de consultores que diseña estrategias de seguridad de la información alineadas a los objetivos del negocio de nuestros clientes, para generar ventajas competitivas a través de una arquitectura de seguridad integral."

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Northern Micro

Northern Micro is a technology solutions provider with a comprehensive portfolio of top tier enterprise technology solutions, end-user computing devices, and professional consulting services. Highly trained experts, coupled with focused partnerships with the biggest names in the industry, form the foundation on which Northern Micro is built. Founded in 1985 by Herman Yeh, Northern Micro is a privately owned company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices in Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal and Halifax.

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Novacoast is a uniquely positioned professional services and solutions company built on broad offerings, deep expertise and a collaborative culture of adaptable problem solving. We are a comprehensive resource, offering everything from broader IT and security services to product development, staffing services to product fulfillment. Novacoast combines its advanced technical knowledge with our customers’ expertise so together we can make informed decisions and avoid costly IT mistakes.

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Intégrateur Sécurité & Réseaux, Novidy's offre à ses clients des solutions, prestations et services basés sur l'écoute, la personnalisation et l'excellence technique. Que ce soit en amont des projets avec du conseil, des projets d'intégration de solutions innovantes ou avec nos offres de services managés et NOC/SOC sur mesures.

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"Como empresa consultora y de servicios nos encargamos de proveer soluciones innovadoras con retornos de inversión eficientes, cada uno de nuestros servicios han sido estructurados en base a nuestro concepto de ADN Digital. Marcamos la diferencia entregando una asistencia ajustada a las necesidades propias de cada cliente y respetando sus particularidades. Como Novigo siempre buscamos nuevas formas de trabajar e innovar. Nuestras capacidades están en la pasión por las cosas y el profesionalismo de nuestro equipo."

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NSEC are specialists in IT and information security. Their goal is to help our customers achieve optimal security on digital systems and assets without having to implement changes that reduce accessibility in daily IT usage.

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Somos una Compañía Regional, destinada a ayudar a sus clientes en el proceso de la transformación digital de forma segura. Nubatech se focaliza en 4 Verticales: Canales Digitales y Fintech, Seguridad de Acceso, Prevención de Fraude y Seguridad Aplicativa.

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Odyssey Consultants Ltd.

OdysseyTM is an ISO 27001 certified, Cyber-Security, Infrastructure and Risk Management Solutions integrator and a Managed Security & Outsourcing Services Provider. OdysseyTM is accredited by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). Our services and solutions span the whole spectrum of People, Process and Technology.

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Partner of the Year

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. Our diverse and talented employees are committed to helping businesses, governments and educational institutions plan, build and run successful security programs through the right combination of products, services and solutions related to security program strategy, enterprise risk and consulting, threat and vulnerability management, enterprise incident management, security architecture and implementation, training, identity and access management, and managed security.

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Orange Cyberdefense

Orange Cyberdefense (formerly Securelink UK & SecureData in the UK) is the Orange Group’s expert cyber security business unit, providing Managed Security (MSSP), Managed Detection and Reaction (MDR) and Threat Intelligence services to over 1,600 organisations around the globe.

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ORIGNIX Inc. is an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cybersecurity services company for critical infrastructure sectors - oil and gas, electricity, water, commercial facilities, emergency services, manufacturing plants, and transport systems. Our services range from cybersecurity threat and maturity assessments to solution implementations and integration. Our ICS cybersecurity assessment model is the most comprehensive in the industry and aligns with several industrial and regulatory cybersecurity standards. We recommend and implement sustainable ICS cybersecurity solutions that provide the best defenses against emerging threats, while continuing to enable operators, supervisors and administrators access they require to operate systems efficiently, reliably, and safely.

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Packet Technologies

For over a decade, Packet Technologies has provided network security and bandwidth management solutions throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific. We take products to the market, train resellers, create brand recognition, generate demand, and talk directly to the decision makers. "We Act as the Vendor."

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Paramount is the leading Cybersecurity provider for companies across the Middle East enabling customers to protect their critical Information Assets and Infrastructure through a prudent combination of People, Process and Technology. Headquartered in the UAE, Paramount also has offices in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Africa and have also set up a Centre Of Excellence in India focusing on research and development to build more comprehensive cybersecurity measures which are also cost effective. From Network, Data and Cloud Security to Identity and Access Management to Compliance and Regulation, Paramount has a complete suite of Consulting Offerings and Product Implementation expertise to assist you in your security needs.

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PC Connection

PC Connection, Inc. is a Fortune 1000 information technology company headquartered in Merrimack, New Hampshire. PC Connection, Inc. is a direct marketer of a wide range of information technology products and services, including computer systems, software and peripheral equipment, networking communications, system configuration, and repair.

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More than an IT Provider - We're Your Technology Partner Since 1987, PCM has been a leading provider of IT products, services, solutions to businesses, government agencies, educational, institutions, and healthcare facilities.We provide access to over 300,000 IT products like tablets, slate, notebooks, desktops, servers, storage, and networking from leading manufacturers like Cisco, HP, Apple, Adobe, Lenovo and Microsoft. With powerful eProcurement tools, comprehensive software licensing solutions and dedicated Account Executives, it's easy to get exactly what you need to tackle your technical challenges.

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PDS offers only the best products in this industry. In cooperation with a number of high-quality licensed partners and service providers, PDS supplies its services directly to clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in combination with proper consulting, implementation, training, certification and support. They have their own training center where they provide their customers with the knowledge they need to work successfully with their products.

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Penta Security Solutions

Penta Security Solutions tiene como misión colaborar con las organizaciones en la planificación, diseño, implementación, mantenimiento, control y administración de ambientes confiables de información, a través de sus servicios de infraestructura, soporte, consultoría, auditoría, desarrollo de aplicaciones y capacitación. Con una trayectoria de más de 15 años, Penta Security Solutions colabora activamente con las empresas en la protección de su información contra terceros (personas y organismos) que intenten acceder sin autorización con el fin de publicar, modificar y/o destruir esta información produciendo un efecto dañino en la operatoria del negocio.

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Originally established in 1988, Perfekt Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian Information Technology company with offices in Melbourne and Perth. Perfekt partner with the world’s leading providers of infrastructure hardware and software to combine the best components available into a single optimised solution that meets our customer’s requirements.

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Perinova IT-Management GmbH

Perinova IT-Management manage your client environment based on their best practice, developed in hundreds of projects and customer situations. Their managed services are tailored exactly to their needs and are extremely flexible. Whether ServiceDesk / SPOC services, client management services (eg SCCM operation), patch management / Windows as a service handling or ticket processing. Perinova IT-Management are very close to you and carry out the service in high quality.

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Pink Elephant B.V.

Pink Elephant provides your company with the space to focus on your core business again. Together with you, we begin the transformation and turn IT into a business enabler. For you, outsourcing IT might be a worrying exercise – but not for us. Objective research conducted by Giarte underlines that and demonstrates that Pink Elephant is one of the best performing IT outsourcing service providers in the Netherlands.

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Presidio is a leading North American IT solutions provider focused on Digital Infrastructure, Cloud and Security solutions. They deliver this technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services including strategy, consulting, implementation and design.

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Pretorian TI

En nuestra empresa recogimos el concepto de especialización y lo convertimos en nuestra propia filosofía, aplicándola a la elección de los recursos humanos que integran el team de servicios y también a los productos con los que trabajamos, a fin de brindar a nuestros clientes las mejores soluciones de seguridad informática, continuidad operativa e infraestructura TI.

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Prevolution ist eine Unternehmensberatung mit Sitz in Hamburg und München, die passgenaue Lösungen für die Digitalisierung von Businessprozessen konzipiert und entwickelt. Wir beraten unsere Kunden in den Bereichen ITSM-Service-Management, Service-Qualitätsmanagement, Business-Process-Modelling, Service-Vermarktung sowie Enterprise Information Management.

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PROCOM es un integrador de tecnologías comprometido con sus clientes, hace más de 30 años, a maximizar el valor de sus inversiones tecnológicas que permitan optimizar sus procesos de negocio e impulsen su transformación digital. Aprovechamos nuestro equilibrio único de negocios, industria y conocimiento de TI para proporcionar visión y dirección hacia el empleo de tecnologías emergentes e innovadoras que superen las dificultades y retos empresariales de nuestros clientes.

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Provision Enterprise Technology Solutions is the leading Romanian value-added distributor providing IT security solutions and professional services through a network of value-added resellers and integrators.

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Puleng Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

Puleng Technologies (PTY) Ltd, is a proudly South African ICT company with our roots firmly planted around building local expertise and providing our customers with “Project Success” linked to the solutions we design and support. The Puleng Blueprint provides its customers with a client-centric strategy to manage and secure the two most valuable assets an organisation has: its data and users while facilitating IT and business with a platform to build an efficient, collaborative and integrated cybersecurity program. To further enhance our strategy Puleng provides customers with Data Center infrastructure platforms, which allows us to leverage our core strengths across our Compute, Storage, Virtualisation and Management teams. Visit http://www.puleng.co.za or follow us on Twitter @PulengTech

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QGroup GmbH

QTrust Antispy Suite is a group of high-security products designed primarily for companies and organizations that have a high level of confidentiality and can not do without mobile communication. Confidential data or voice information can not intentionally or unintentionally leave the shared working environment of QTrust Antispy Suite. This fulfills the requirements for the highest levels of secrecy, while maintaining integrity and authenticity.

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QUASYS headquartered in İstanbul is one of the premier providers of Information Technology Services to the market. To help our clients overcome their most complex IT challenges; We are providing the “High Quality” IT Consulting, Staff Augmentation, Project Management and Training Services to our valued clients. Whether you need helping hand in you DevOps, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Application Security, Application Test, Application Performance Monitoring, Cloud Transformation or Employees Training, we are always at arm’s length to help you with completing the tasks and addressing the challenges. As QUASYS, we guarantee you “High Quality” consultancy journey from concept to completion stage.

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Real Security

Real Security know the needs of their customers and their desire for reliable connections and solutions, which don't have to be expensive. Their mission is to offer companies new solutions and to support already implemented products and services, to offer optimal consulting, adapted for the actual needs of a client.

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Red River

Red River brings together the ideal combination of talent, partners and products to disrupt the status quo in technology and drive success for business and government. Red River serves organizations well beyond traditional technology integration, with more than 20 years experience in security, networking, analytics, collaboration, mobility and cloud solutions.

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Red Sentry

Red Sentry, established in year 2000, has become the preferred partner for Enterprise IT Security needs in Singapore. This is done through our network security framework to assist customers to achieve end-to-end Infrastructure Access Control and Network Security Visibility. We stand apart from our competitors with our expertise in managing and securing complex and heterogeneous IT environments. We have successfully developed a team of professional security consultants and engineers with the unique expertise to understand and fulfill our customers’ needs.

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Regatta Solutions Group is a worldwide leader of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, helping mid-to-large sized organizations streamline operations, reduce costs, and address security and compliance requirements. Offering IT security solutions across the areas of mobile, cloud, reporting and analytics, with a core specialization in Identity and Access Management, Regatta remains a strong strategic implementation partner for the industry’s leading security software and infrastructure products.

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RightStar Systems Inc

RightStar Systems is a leading provider of ITIL®-based IT service management solutions and Application Lifecycle Management solutions for mid-size and enterprise organizations; federal, state, and local government agencies; and educational institutions. As an Elite BMC Software Solution Partner, RightStar provides consulting, design, and implementation services for BMC Service Support, Service Assurance, Service Automation, and Governance products. As an Atlassian Expert, RightStar provides consulting, design, license sales and implementation services for all Atlassian and partner solutions. As a complement to these services, RightStar offers Bomgar remote access solutions and services, on-site ITIL® assessments which provide strategic roadmaps for delivering services to the business more cost-effectively.

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Rikei Corporation

Rikei Corporation supplies a variety of solutions centered around the world's most advanced products and technologies. We have developed a global network of the world's leading manufacturers and business partners as the backbone of our services. While staying on the lookout for new trends worldwide, we are determined to respond to every new challenge through our extensive, reliable global network as well as through innovation in technical development, planning, and consulting services.

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RjR Innovations

RjR Innovations is your experienced IT Solution Provider specializing in IT Service Management (ITSM). Our mission is to continue to build solid, long-term relationships with our Customers based on our professional, friendly and expert advice.

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Sayers creates personalized IT solutions designed to meet the needs of your business and the dedication to go above and beyond to provide you with unwavering support. We believe success starts by building strong relationships with our clients that are founded on trust, honesty, and respect. With those relationships in place, our team of engineers applies their knowledge and experience to diagnose a problem, design and build the appropriate strategy, and manage the implementation process to completion.

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Scaler challenge traditional thinking and drive innovation through expert understanding and delivery of security, infrastructure, cloud technologies, and digital transformation. This understanding creates measurable business value to help organizations become truly remarkable.

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SCANSEC Tecnologia

Somos uma empresa de tecnologia focada em soluções de Cyber Security com a agilidade de uma empresa jovem e dinâmica. Nossa missão é levar nossos clientes a vencer o desafio de estar à frente das ameaças digitais entregando soluções de ponta com parceiros tecnológicos líderes globais e com serviços especializados altamente qualificados.

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Scitum SA de C.V.

Incrementar la seguridad de la información de su empresa y minimizar riesgos, como resultado de la implementación de servicios especializados de alto nivel, la gran experiencia acumulada y el know how con que cuenta Scitum en México y Latinoamérica.

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Scunna Networks

No mercado de Tecnologia da Informação desde 1988, a SCUNNA é uma integradora de produtos e serviços focada em Segurança da Informação e Performance de Aplicações. Com forte viés técnico, a empresa se destaca por sua qualidade de entrega dos projetos que participa. Com um amplo portfólio de produtos de segurança da informação, oferecemos aos nossos clientes um portfólio abrangente de soluções para endereçar os desafios de segurança do EndPoint ao Cloud Computing.

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Secure Network

Secure Network is an Algerian company with a new fusion of technology products and services - a partnership designed to enhance your business performance levels and protect your assets. Secure Network sets the benchmark for IT Security system integration, infrastructure, networks and communications solutions with our extensive experience, capabilities and technical know-how. Covering all African French-speaking countries across multiple industries, we specialise in tailor-made telecom solutions for oil & gas, defence and government sectors.

Secure Sense

Secure Sense is an IT solution provider specializing in network and security services and product implementation. Not only are we a Value Added Reseller (VAR), we offer managed services and a range of professional services, allowing us to deliver optimal custom solutions for our customers. We’ve drawn on our skills and in-depth knowledge to drive and establish a philosophy wherein clients are always provided with the value and return on investment they should expect from IT security expenditures.

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Secure Technology Hawaii Inc

STHI is an engineering-focused company and as such, we have taken the 'CON' out of typical consulting that so many tech firms provide.  You wont find a revolving door of inexperienced people at STHI being promoted as experts. We leave that silly approach to our competitors.

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Secure-ISS provides secure, scalable, Australian-based solutions, SOC and MSSP operations, providing tailored cyber security managed solutions at an extremely effective price point. Established in 2006, we deliver solutions for over 500 customers and some four thousand+ users throughout the Asia Pacific region. Secure-ISS brings an in-depth knowledge of ICT strategy, service delivery and architecture along with an understanding and knowledge of industry best practices, market trends and technology.

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Secure-ISS provides secure, scalable, Australian-based solutions, SOC and MSSP operations, providing tailored cyber security managed solutions at an extremely effective price point. Established in 2006, we deliver solutions for over 500 customers and some four thousand+ users throughout the Asia Pacific region. Secure-ISS brings an in-depth knowledge of ICT strategy, service delivery and architecture along with an understanding and knowledge of industry best practices, market trends and technology.

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Securecraft is a value-added security solutions distributor that believes in creating values among its customers’ business. With a team of committed and skilled security professionals, solely focused on Information Security, Securecraft fully understand the challenges that businesses are facing in today’s information-driven world. Our vision is to be the preferred, best-of-breed cyber security and network performance, solutions' distributor for end-to-end security products. We selectively partner with market-leading vendors who are established in their respective domains. Driven by our vision to be the preferred security solutions distributor in the region, we seek to help our customers mitigate information security risks, safeguard their business and ensure regulatory compliance. We work with delivery partners to provide end-to-end security expertise, solutions consultancy, information security planning and delivery, implementation services, technical support and training. We strive to meet these needs using our sound technical and support structure to ensure successful delivery of all projects.

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SecureIT A/S

SecureIT is 100% dedicated to IT Security - our only business. We serve our many customers and ensure that their data, devices and networks are protected at the level right for them. The solutions we provide comes from top security manufactures. We have been helping companies to find solutions to their security challenges since 1995. Our range of security products and services gives us the flexibility to help customers explore more options to keep their Information safe.

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SecureSoft Corporation S.A.C.

Somos una Corporación Regional certificada en ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 y PCI DSS 3.2, con presencia en Perú, Colombia y Ecuador. Expertos en Seguridad Informática y de la Información. Actualmente brindamos Soluciones y Consultorías a las empresas más importantes de los países donde nos encontramos. Contamos con Ingenieros certificados en todas las marcas líderes a nivel mundial y Auditores ISO 27001:2013, colocándonos en una posición de liderazgo, experiencia y capacidad para responder a sus requerimientos más complejos.

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Secutec is 'the' security specialist in Belgium that focuses on protecting, managing and implementing IT investments to their fullest potential. Based on its 'best of breed' product portfolio and its in-house services, its IT Security Experts advise and guide you in expanding and optimizing your IT Security environments. Secutec’s main goal is to maintain customer satisfaction through innovative and cost effective security products and services.

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"Por más de dos décadas nos hemos comprometido a luchar contra los adversarios, en todas sus formas, y a garantizar que las organizaciones como la suya estén protegidas. Fundada en 1996, Sistemas Eficientes, S.A., Sefisa es la primera empresa de la región centroamericana especializada en Seguridad de Internet."

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Seguridad Informatica

Somos una empresa dedicada a la Cyberseguridad con una trayectoria de más de 15 años. Nos especializamos en prevenir y resolver los problemas que afectan la seguridad de TI de las Empresas. Nuestros clientes se encuentran en los nichos del mercado que requieren mayores exigencias en ciberseguridad: Mercado Financiero y de Comunicaciones. Nos enfocamos en las infraestructuras críticas de TI. Nuestros diagnósticos son precisos y abarcan sólo lo necesario, y nuestros profesionales tienen amplia experiencia en proyectos de ciberseguridad tanto en el ámbito público como en el privado. Gestionamos los proyectos de forma transparente.

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Serverlab is primarily a laboratory. They only offer the technologies they know deeply to accompany their customers to achieve the goals they have set themselves. They drive customers to success in important projects, projects where a thorough knowledge of the scenarios and technologies used is needed.

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Service IT Plus

ServiceIT+ is a solutions and services provider specializing in the delivery of best practice IT and Business Management. We aim to deliver best value solutions to our customers, working closely with each of them to facilitate the identification and implementation of technology solutions to improving business performance dramatically.

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Service Quality

Service Quality is an innovative industry leader and supplier of choice to businesses across the APAC region, delivering “best in class” service management solutions and customer service. As a key Cherwell and Bomgar partner, Service Quality has all your Business Process Design, Technical Consultancy, Implementation, Training and Support needs covered!

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Set Solutions Inc

For over 20 years, Set Solutions, Inc.—a full service provider of network security, secure remote access and bandwidth management solutions—has been in the business of increasing business profitability and growth. If you have network security challenges or just want to improve the health of your network, we can help.

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Based in Somerset, NJ, $6B in revenue, 2,800 employees (1,500 sales), 30+ offices mostly in North America with some presence in EMEA and APAC. The expertise, dedication and commitment to excellence of each member of your SHI account team (and the support organization that backs them) have made SHI into the industry-leading, complete IT solution provider we are today.

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Silpion IT Service Management GmbH

Die Silpion IT Service Management GmbH bietet von der Beratung über die Realisierung bis hin zur IT-Prozessoptimierung und Implementierung alles aus einer Hand. Inspiriert durch unser Mutterunternehmen, der Silpion IT Solutions GmbH, stellt sich die Silpion ITSM mit weiteren Kernkompetenzen breit auf. Dazu gehören hervorragendes Know-how und mehrjährige Erfahrung im IT Service Management, Remote Access Services, Datensicherung & Infrastruktur, Netzwerk Services, sowie die Kompetenzen in der Windows Infrastruktur und Applikationen.

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Simeio Solutions is a unique strategic partner offering a comprehensive suite of enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) resources designed to provide a fully integrated solution that meets the specific needs of each client. The company's single-source approach to IAM encompasses expert managed services (both on-premise and remotely managed), business-ready IAM cloud, and professional services that ensure on-target, smooth and cost-effective system design and implementation.

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Singular Security

With headquarters in Tustin, California, Singular Security Inc. (SSI) is a leading firm specializing in delivering IT network security and Compliance Risk Management solutions and services. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive information security services and programs with a level of personalization customers are not accustomed to in the industry. SSI’s core focus is in helping clients establish a security baseline configuration to ensure the development, implementation and continuous monitoring and enforcement of IT and security policy configuration standards. This is a key step toward addressing both the computing and corporate security compliance requirements.

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Sirius is a national integrator of technology-based business solutions that span the enterprise, including the data center and lines of business. Sirius helps organizations become more secure, innovative, agile and responsive by providing world-class solutions built on leading technologies, from top strategic partners, delivered by the brightest minds in the business.

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Nos hemos aliado con los fabricantes líderes de tecnologías en nuestras áreas de especialización. A continuación se puede apreciar algunas de las tecnologías que proveemos con sus distintas opciones.

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SmartSoft is an information security boutique specializing in security solutions for large and complex organizations. In our worldview, the end user is the center of attention. It is accessible to information, And has the immediate ability to perform a wide range of operations. Our goal is to provide the organization with tools to deal with situations created by end users (passwords, notes, support, permissions, remote access).

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Softcat Plc

Softcat is a leading provider of IT infrastructure to the corporate and public sectors. We care passionately about two things: outstanding employee satisfaction and world-class customer service. We believe the former drives the latter.

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Our goal is simple: help organizations use technology to become more productive, more competitive and ultimately, more successful. That starts with answering the important questions – like where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Avoiding surprises, helping you make great decisions and providing the technical know-how to turn vision into reality – it’s all a part of how we deliver better outcomes for your business.

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SoftwareOne Chile

SoftwareONE ayuda a sus clientes a manejar todos los aspectos de su portafolio de software, con el objetivo de reducir complejidad, costos y riesgos, al tiempo que se aumenta la flexibilidad de la estructura de TI. Con sede Stans - Suiza, y presencia en 145 países, nuestros 3000+ consultores certificados en Tecnología ayudan a nuestros clientes a optimizar todos los aspectos de su portafolio de software, apoyados en nuestro conocimiento técnico y comercial, así como en nuestras fuertes relaciones con grandes fabricantes.

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SoftwareOne Colombia

SoftwareONE ayuda a sus clientes a manejar todos los aspectos de su portafolio de software, con el objetivo de reducir complejidad, costos y riesgos, al tiempo que se aumenta la flexibilidad de la estructura de TI. Con sede Stans - Suiza, y presencia en 145 países, nuestros 3000+ consultores certificados en Tecnología ayudan a nuestros clientes a optimizar todos los aspectos de su portafolio de software, apoyados en nuestro conocimiento técnico y comercial, así como en nuestras fuertes relaciones con grandes fabricantes.

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Soluciones de Seguridad Informatica (Network Secure)

Network Secure, es una compañía dedicada 100% a proveer Soluciones y Servicios para la protección de la información, gestión e infraestructura de redes informáticas. Nacemos en el año 2004, visionando la necesidad de empresas que brindaran un servicio Integral, Personalizado y Especializado. En estos años nos hemos posicionado como una empresa líder en la región Centroamericana, dentro los clientes que han confiado en nuestros servicios se encuentran: Bancos e Instituciones Financieras, TELCOS, Instituciones de Gobierno, pequeña, mediana y gran empresa de los sectores de Comercio e Industria. Nuestra fortaleza se conforma de un selecto grupo de Profesionales con más de 20 años de experiencia, permitiéndonos ser el mejor aliado para todos nuestros clientes

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Sombrero Blanco

“Minimizar las amenazas o los riesgos que pueda tener su negocio son fundamentales para un desarrollo económico seguro y una continuidad laboral exitosa”

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SONDA Colombia

A SONDA é a principal rede latino-americana de serviços de Tecnologias da Informação (TI). Em seus quase 45 anos de história na região, caracterizou-se por contar com uma oferta integral de serviços e soluções de TI, uma visão de aliado tecnológico para abordar projetos e uma solida posição financeira, prestando de forma consistente de serviços e soluções alinhadas com as estratégias de negócios de seus clientes.

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Source 44 is dedicated to providing organizations with the tools they need to protect their most valuable assets. Whether your critical data includes product formulations, technical drawings or customer data, a security breach can adversely impact your operations… and your reputation.

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StarLink is acclaimed as the fastest growing “True” Value-added Distributor” across the Middle East, Turkey and Africa regions with on-the-ground presence in 20 countries including UK and USA. With its innovate Security Framework, StarLink is recognized as a "Trusted Cyber and Cloud Advisor” to over 3500 enterprise and government customers that use one or more of StarLink’s best-of-breed and market-leading technologies, sold through its channel network of over 1500 partners. The StarLink Solution Lifecycle helps channel partners differentiate offerings, and assists customers to identify key risks and define priorities for addressing their IT security gaps and enhance their data center and cloud infrastructure. For more information, please visit www.starlinkme.net

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Stickman helps businesses fight the constant threat of cyber attack and data breach. Our ‘by design methodology’ builds security systems customised for each organisation, transforming their approach to cyber security and ensuring their environment is secure – both now and into the future. At Stickman, we believe cyber is human, because cyber security is a part of us. Technology is an extension of our lives which is being targeted by criminals. Our purpose, is to create and maintain a safe and secure cyber world by designing the future of cyber security by bringing together new methodologies, security experts, ethical hackers, technologies, solutions and managed services.

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Sun Software do Brasil

Fundada em 1985, a Sun Software é pioneira em serviços de tecnologia da informação no Brasil. Ao longo dos anos, a empresa mantém-se sempre atualizada em relação às novas tendências digitais. Criada inicialmente para distribuição de softwares e suporte técnico, ampliou suas atividades posteriormente para o fornecimento de serviços, consultoria e treinamento. Hoje a empresa conta com as parcerias firmadas com os líderes de mercado de desenvolvimento de software dos Estados Unidos, Canadá, Inglaterra e União Européia. Nosso portfólio de softwares, pacotes e serviços, atende os ambientes tecnológicos com múltiplas plataformas em grandes, médias e pequenas empresas além de ambientes tecnológicos de escolas e faculdades.

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Sun Well Technic Co

Sun Well Technic Co, established in 1982, delivers innovative and professional IT Services to small, medium and large enterprises, universities and government agencies. We offer best-in-class solutions from industry leading vendors, and have been a certified Dell service provider since 1989. We have a team of experienced and qualified technical experts for outstanding customer service, problem detection/resolution, consulting, systems planning and personnel outsourcing.

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We are an IT Solutions Company committed to achieving customer satisfaction through excellent customer service. Our approach is to expand Information Technologies’ (ITs) possibilities by extending existing IT investments and ultimately, increasing return on IT investments. The quality and competence of SLT support staff are unmatched in the industry, and we offer a range of services from infrastructure management and Security solution, to custom application design and development. SLT offers expertise that frees companies to concentrate on their core business.

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Symfoni Software Norge AS

We help simplify our customers business processes by creating a powerful alliance between information and people. By exploiting the potential within Collaboration and Enterprise Service Management we make people work better – together.

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T4S Partners

T4S Partners is an IT Consulting Firm, specializing in Advisory Services, IT Service and Operations Management, Cloud Enablement and Implementations, Custom Development and Managed Services

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TAG are a leading company in the provision of security products and software for corporate cyber security, it is formed by a team of people, with a valid and solid experience in the field of information security. Through the knowledge gained in the international scouting of innovative technologies, with the aim of always offering the best to their customers, they offer different services to ensure that the work is always safe and secure.

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TeamLatam le brinda las mejores soluciones en Tecnologías de la Información mientras usted se enfoca en su negocio. Nuestro conocimiento en TI agrega valor, garantizando el éxito de sus proyectos. Nuestro equipo posee gran experiencia acompañando al cliente en su mejora continua. Ofrecemos servicios, soluciones y productos innovadores con las últimas tecnologías del mercado.

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Tech Democracy

TechDemocracy is a global cyber risk assurance solutions provider whose DNA is rooted in cyber advisory, managed and implementation services. We are an advisor and integrator at heart, striving to create centers of excellence for analyzing and scoring compliance, risk, security and governance situational awareness across the enterprise. Our Intellicta platform and framework-driven, solution-agnostic approach helps companies operationalize a quantified/qualitative risk assurance program unique to their business requirements. We’re not a company offering a portfolio of cybersecurity and GRC products. Rather our proprietary platform, services and standards-based framework assess and analyze the effectiveness of existing security solutions at protecting the entire enterprise, and offer companies a consolidated view of their risk and compliance posture.


TECSINFO is the leader in the country in providing technological solutions and services of the highest level in information security, excellence in customer service and response time; which has allowed to create long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers.

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The experience, the know-how and the great harmony of TEKAPP technicians makes them the ideal partner able to help each type of customer in choosing the best solutions to be adopted to improve their IT structure . Their services include installation, configuration, design, IT support and the necessary pre- and post-sales consultancy. They have always adopted products characterized by high quality standards so as to guarantee the customer the best quality-price ratio.

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Traxion is the independent information security specialist and Benelux market leader in identity & access management. With our strategic, tactical and operational consultancy and services we work together with our clients towards robust and flexible security solutions. We believe that the implementation of IAM and information security solutions can only be successful if they fit seamlessly with the organization’s needs. Traxion ensures this through a broad, professional approach and by involving management as well as IT and users. Traxion looks through its clients’ eyes from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective, on the basis of which it develops the best solution, from advice and design (consultancy) to implementation (system integration) and management (services).

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Trends & Technologies, Inc. is a leading Solutions Provider and Systems Integrator for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Philippines. From a company offering basic data connectivity and cabling in the early 90s, Trends & Technologies, Inc. has evolved to one of the country’s premier Systems Integrator for markets such as Business Process Outsourcing, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications Service Providers, Government, Health Care, Hospitality, and Education sectors. Today, TTI offers turnkey solutions from IP infrastructure implementation, voice, data, and multimedia convergence, to network security and education.

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Triple C

Since inception in 1994, Triple C has been providing turnkey information technology solutions for different vertical market segments in Lebanon and across the Middle East. Triple C has built its reputation on providing customers the best of professional services in the Information Technology field in addition to best of breed products and solutions from reputable vendors. Our aim is to target and exploit new technologies as and when they are available to the market to provide our customers with the solution that best suit their requirements. Triple C adds value with its highly experienced and dedicated technical team providing professional consultancy and integration services combined with professional support and technical assistance to help them operate and properly manage their IT systems.

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Trust Network

Trust Network ofrece servicios de consultoría, colaboración en tecnología y ciberseguridad para las empresas de El Salvador y la región, donde nuestro compromiso es ayudar de la manera más segura posible en la transformación digital, adaptando tecnologías a las operaciones de negocios en sus sistemas sin perder de vista la protección de datos aportando valor en sus empresas, a través de la creación de soluciones que mejoren el negocio a largo plazo

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Somos una organización orientada a dar soluciones a empresas de todas las industrias en temas estratégicos de seguridad y manejo de información.

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Under Protection Consultoria em Informática

A nossa Organização entendeu que, ser parceiro chave em Segurança da Informação não é impor o conjunto de produtos e serviços que vende e realiza como verdades absolutas. Ou ainda, muitas vezes expõe ao cliente o constrangimento diante do que já foi investido e realizado, como se nada pudesse ser aproveitado. Como no xadrez, utilizamos as peças do jogo e entendemos bem nossa posição! Como o lance do roque, queremos proteger o Rei pela Torre, sendo seu escudeiro! Nossas metodologias são baseadas nas normas NBR ISO/IEC 17799 (NBR ISO 27002), NBR ISO/IEC 27001, NBR ISO/IEC 19011 e Frameworks (MOF, (ISC)² , COBIT , NIST, ITIL , CISSP® CBK®. International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium)

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Unified Tech Caribbean

At Unified Technologies, we provide customized IT solutions that deliver unified networks, systems and storage. Thanks to world class engineers and seasoned IT specialists, certified in CCIE, CCVP, CCSP, CCSE, CISSP, MCSE and VMware, we design, build and manage communications infrastructures made to exceed expectations. Our goal is to empower our business partners, equip them with the highest quality products including field, cloud based and managed services, giving them the leverage they need to compete in today’s global marketplace. No matter your industry, you can count on our unified computing, converged infrastructure and secure solution experience. With more predictable results, continuous support, effortless collaboration, you’re sure to get a faster return on your investment with Unified Technologies.

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Unisys de Colombia

Our history is one of reliable, technically excellent, tenacious people – people bringing innovation to help businesses and governments protect their assets and apply information technology to achieve new levels of competitiveness and success.

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Vertexmon was established in 2012 and has completed over 500 projects. We fully support our customers in building all aspects of their IT infrastructure. Whether you require an upgrade of your existing system, advice on your IT strategy for the future, or a completely new IT network, we ensure that your business is using the right technology to fit your needs.

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Virtual Armor

We believe that the foundation of successful prevention is based on people, process and technology working together. Vitual Armor arent a traditional managed services provider (MSP) or a traditional company. Their people, from their engineers to their accountants, have a "customer first" approach to service.

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Vietnam Cyberspace Security Technology JSC (VNCS) is a subsidiary of Hanoi Telecom Corporation, one of the leading telecom & IT service providers in Vietnam. Hanoi Telecom Corporation is in a co-operation contract with Hutchison Telecom (Hong Kong) to operate Vietnamobile, one of the 4 largest telecommunication providers in Vietnam. VNCS specializes in providing integrated security solutions and services for organizations and government agencies. We also provide consultant services and complete turnkey IT security related projects.

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Westcon-Comstor (WestconGroup Inc.) is a global technology distributor with worldwide capabilities in Cloud, Global Deployment and Services, and category-leading Security, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Networking and Data Center technology Practices. Combining expert technical and market knowledge with a uniquely collaborative engagement model, the company is transforming technology distribution through its digital and physical products and services delivery. The company works with its partners to deliver results together through an investment in enablement programs and its associates’ dedication to creating an exceptional partner experience. Westcon and Comstor are the company’s go-to-market brands, offering customers a strong portfolio of market-leading and emerging vendors. With teams in 110 offices in 70-plus countries across six continents, Westcon-Comstor provides services to more than 170 countries. 

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Widefense S.A.

Nuestros 30 años de historia esta relacionada y entrelazada con la evolución de la tecnología, nuestra trayectoria y experiencia se traduce en importantes hitos a lo largo de los años. Contamos con más de 50 profesionales altamente especializados y capacitados en Chile y el extranjero. Cuentan con las más altas certificaciones tanto en productos de vanguardia de ciberseguridad como en metodologías utilizadas, siendo reconocidos por el mercado como referentes en sus áreas.

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Wider Solutions

 A Wider Solutions é uma empresa com mais de 15 anos de experiência de mercado, especializada em soluções para segurança da informação, aplicando tecnologia de ponta de forma personalizada, modular e integrada, sempre buscando a excelência para proteger seus dados, garantindo assim a tranquilidade operacional da sua empresa. Prezamos por parcerias duradouras, agregadoras e inteligentes.

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World Information Technology

World Information Technology is the leading System Integrator in designing, equipping and implementing Computer Networks Infrastructure, IT Security, Voice and VDO conference system, and Application Delivery Solutions for Finance Service Institutes, Government offices, State Enterprises, Academic Institutes, Healthcarecompanies, Manufacturers, and Network Service Providers. WIT provides extensive end-to-end solutions for IT security, enterprise Wired&Wireless LAN, video conference and telepresence, WAN network, server and storage, and cabling systems. With over 31 years of experience in analyzing significant trends of information systems, designing, implementing, and setting up the framework of information systems, WIT provides only qualified, complete, innovative, and effective products and solutions just for your organization’s diverse requirements.

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XCure's experts have a long and extensive experience in the security industry. They provide companies and organizations with the Security Support Service. They provide comprehensive audits and lighter health security audits, consult their users and devices, and look for the most appropriate and cost-effective security products to their customers.

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XMS Solutions

As a leader in collaboration, messaging and directory services, we saw how the distributed workforce, BYOD trends and growing demands for the cloud and data impacted our clients. The rush of new people and things accessing collaboration systems enhanced employee productivity and customer integration- but also created new kinds of risk around scale and security.


A XSITE é uma empresa com mais de 10 anos de experiência nas áreas de Gestão e Tecnologia da Informação. Na área de Tecnologia da Informação, a XSITE se apresenta como a melhor alternativa do mercado quando o assunto é segurança da informação. A empresa tem demonstrado aos seus clientes que é possível elevar o nível de proteção das suas informações e reduzir os custos derivados de paradas e manutenções corretivas. Aliando qualidade de produtos, custos acessíveis, profissionais qualificados e serviços de excelência temos sido capazes de ofertar elevados níveis de qualidade com os preços mais competitivos do mercado. 

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Zitac delivers technical expertise, creative solutions and services to a customer base that stretches across Europe. Our goal is to create clear business values to those who choose us as their partner in IT. The collaboration between our consultants and our customers creates a creative environment where we use technology to create magic solutions for our customers. With expertise and commitment, we offer IT solutions that provide our customers with a competitive edge.



Zones is an IT solutions and services company with a global network of experts and partners that provide strategic solutions.

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