Program Tiering

The BeyondTrust Partner Program is for Reseller Partners and consists of four tiers – Authorized, Silver, Gold, Platinum – with corresponding benefits and requirements for each based on the commitments we jointly make to each other.

As a Platinum Partner you will have attained the highest level within the Program. You will join an elite rank of global organizations that consider BeyondTrust a core part of their revenue and business strategy. Platinum Partners receive the top tier of benefits and are supported by senior members of the BeyondTrust team alongside customized enablement, support and on-going guidance.

As a Gold Partner, you will possess a significant level of expertise and market presence in the territories and market sectors that complement BeyondTrust’s strategy.

In recognition of your increased commitment to higher sales revenue targets and internal training, you will receive access to a comprehensive range of partner services. These include tailored sales and technical enablement, senior sales support and access to extensive marketing support.

As a Silver Partner you will be focused on creating a path to a more strategic-level partnership. You will be able to sell BeyondTrust’s solutions and will be given access to our technical and marketing resources. Our sales and technical enablement updates will let you know the latest product developments and ensure you are kept updated with the latest roadmap.

As an Authorized Partner you will be focused on achieving status in the BeyondTrust partner program by creating ongoing, meaningful revenue. You will be able to sell BeyondTrust’s solutions and will be given access to a limited set of our technical and marketing resources.

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"Working as a team and forging synergistic partnerships is crucial if we are to accelerate product innovations and maintain our technology leadership. Together we will always stay one step ahead of the attackers, and ensure our customers' security continues to be prioritized without impacting operational efficiency."

Matt Dircks, Chief Executive Officer