Unified Management of Identities
Eliminate complexity with a single, familiar toolset to manage digital identities across your Windows, Unix, and Linux systems.
Auditing & Compliance
Provide audit details to compliance teams, and centrally manage group policies.
Enhanced Unix / Linux Security
Expand single sign-on (SSO), file sharing, and security policies and control access to non-Windows systems.

Starting with AD Bridge made all the difference in speeding up the execution of our zero trust strategy at Investec.

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BeyondTrust enables us to rise to the occasion, meet regulatory standards of our customers, and work towards true Zero Trust.

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Reduce the risk and complexity of managing a heterogeneous environment.

Active Directory Authentication
Access Unix and Linux environments using Active Directory credentials, single sign-on, LDAP, and Smart Card Authentication.
Group Policy Extension
Extend native group policy management capabilities to include specific group policy settings for Unix and Linux.
Auditing and Reporting
Audit events in real time and leverage a centralized and secure reporting module with many built-in, regulatory-specific reports.
Access Control
Control access to non-Windows systems by defining which users are permitted to log on to which systems via Active Directory and policy.
Consolidated Identity Directories
Migrate from multiple authentication mechanisms, identities, and directories to a single AD-based infrastructure for all systems and users.
Simplified Identity Management
Provide a single point of control for managing employee, partner, and third-party authentication.
Extended Unix/Linux Platform Support
Enable a wide range of Unix and Linux systems, including RedHat, Solaris, Ubuntu and others, by connecting them with Active Directory.
Deployment Flexibility
Provide non-impact, schema-less deployment to enable cross-platform management of identity and access control.

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Learn how to extend Active Directory authentication, single sign-on capabilities, and Group Policy configuration management to Unix, Linux, and Mac systems.

Streamline compliance, control root access, enforce least privilege, and centrally manage zero trust security controls with a solution purpose-built for Linux.
Enable just-in-time privilege management with password rotation, credential management, and hands-off access to privileged credentials.

The existing infrastructure for AD Bridge 22.3 and later versions provides native support for Entra ID, which means customers won't have to change their infrastructure.

Use AD Bridge's command shell interface to access command lines for network troubleshooting, system diagnostics, or network device support. Learn more about collector configuration and command shell here.

AD Bridge is designed to scale efficiently, handling environments ranging from a few systems to thousands. Its architecture ensures that it can accommodate the growth of your organization without compromising performance or security.

You can find a complete features list, user guides, product release notes, and other technical documentation here.

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