Bridging Zero Trust Principles to PAM Products

This paper is for those IT and security professionals who seek to bridge the principles of zero trust as scoped by NIST, into real-world privileged access management (PAM) and secure remote access product capabilities that can enable zero trust across the public or private enterprise

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Key zero trust definitions and concepts, as put forth by NIST
  • Security implications of zero trust
  • Practical implementation steps of zero trust with Privileged Access Management and Secure Remote Access solutions
  • How BeyondTrust enables organizations to achieve zero trust
  • Design considerations for zero trust architectures

The interactions between the products in the [BeyondTrust] suite have been brilliantly and carefully orchestrated in a way that we are maximizing our chance of getting as far down the Zero Trust road as we possibly can given the state of the products in the security market.

Brandon Haberfeld, Global Head of Platform Security, Investec

Zero Trust Enabled by BeyondTrust PAM

No identities are more imperative to secure than those with privileged access to systems, data, applications, and other sensitive resources. Almost every attack today requires privilege for the initial exploit or to laterally move within a network.

BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management protects privileged accounts and credentials, granularly enforces least privilege, and monitors and manages every session involving privileged access -- whether human, machine, employee or vendor. BeyondTrust PAM can also help enable a zero trust architecture (ZTA) and to address the 7 tenets of zero trust, as put forth by NIST in their publications.

Public and private sector organizations across the world are partnering with BeyondTrust to implement zero trust security tenets and architectures. Learn how BeyondTrust's PAM platform can help enable zero trust across your organization today.

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