Workforce Passwords extends the power of BeyondTrust Password Safe, merging the best of user experience with robust enterprise-level security for business application passwords. This empowers organizations of any size to both protect their assets and operate efficiently — without introducing friction for end users.

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Workforce Passwords supplies each user with individual folders for their everyday passwords. This empowers employees to securely maintain their unique credentials directly from their browser.

The convenience and simplicity of personalized security folders for password storage drastically improves adoption and decreases weak or unapproved password storage risks. Secure folders also eliminate the threats of credential sharing within or beyond teams, mistakenly exposed passwords, and other potential attack vectors that could lead to credential compromise or account hijacking.

Improve your security posture by ensuring employee app credentials remain compartmentalized, limiting the exposure of sensitive information to only those who need it.

Most users rely on their browser for everyday work — credentialed or not. Workforce Passwords is designed to fit neatly inside existing user workflows, complimenting their productivity and delivering the password security your policies require.

A browser extension enhances the user experience by simplifying the process of retrieving and injecting secrets. Rapid and seamless credential injection encourages consistent use of the password manager for all business applications and reduces the temptation to revert to insecure practices.

In an enterprise setting, the ability to track, analyze, and review user actions is vital for both security and a host of regulatory and other compliance needs. Any compromised credentials are a prize for potential attackers.

You need a way to catch threats before they move further inward — and keep them out in the first place. That's where Workforce Passwords empowers your security policies.

The Entitlements Report enables timely detection of suspicious activities tied to access of employee business applications. With the Workforce Passwords solution, gain a key component of effective compliance reporting, and benefit from a holistic view of password health across the organization.

Password policies are the first line of defense against credential compromise. Ensuring password compliance across all applications, not just the privileged ones, ensures uniformity in security coverage — and eliminates potential weak spots before they become a greater risk.

Use Workforce Passwords to concretely enforce that enterprise application passwords meet specific criteria, such as length and complexity. Encourage regular updates and ensure that your chosen password policies protect all assets, not just the high-profile ones.

All of this gets your organization closer towards achieving a paramount security goal; greatly reducing or eliminating potential weak points that attackers might exploit to gain an initial foothold, or to execute lateral movement.

By allowing users to quickly onboard through familiar browser-based platforms, such as the Chrome Web Store or Microsoft Edge Add On Store, enterprises benefit from rapid adoption of secure password storage with Workforce Passwords. This fast deployment and adoption helps to quickly and measurably drive down risk across the enterprise — both from a security and compliance standpoint.

"Shadow IT," or the applications and systems used by your employees outside the security and management of IT, poses a very real enterprise security threat. Users will seek to reduce friction in their everyday workflows, so it's up to your IT team to reduce their friction in the security tools it chooses — all without sacrificing security itself.

Leveraging Workforce Passwords, gain real-time visibility into the applications your users are accessing to complete their daily tasks. Control the growth and spread of applications that may otherwise circumvent IT and/or lack access via your organization's approved Single-Sign-On (SSO). Monitor the security risks and usage associated with various employee applications for possible future inclusion into your IT ecosystem.

From streamlining password security, to improving compliance and cyber insurance qualification—Workforce Passwords provides many identity security benefits. Check out the solutions page for more.

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“Password Safe with Workforce Passwords is a game-changer for us. We need the visibility, access control and the audit support Workforce Passwords supplies, which we just can't get with consumer-grade password managers. And we are leveraging all the strengths of our existing Password Safe implementation, like password policy enforcement and detailed activity reporting.”

BeyondTrust Customer, Fortune 100 Manufacturing Industry

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