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Student Health Services at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is comprised of a Student Health Center, Counseling Center, and a Wellness Center that serve the healthcare needs of the approximately 29,000 at the University.

The Health Services Office of Information Technology attends to the information technology needs of the staff and clinicians working in Student Health Services and manage routine maintenance on the various technologies used in Student Health Services, including medical diagnostic devices.

Selecting the most secure remote support solution was of critical importance because Student Health Services handles confidential patient data and must comply with HIPAA regulations. The need for a secure remote support product was filled with the BeyondTrust Remote Support Solution, much to the satisfaction of the entire Health Services Office of Information team and the staff and clinicians they were supporting.

"Previously, the only way we could let vendors remote in was to set up a VPN. With BeyondTrust, we can give them limited access to our environment and record their session so I have an audit log of exactly what has been done. That makes our environment much more secure."

Brian Bard, Business & Technology Analyst
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