Company Snapshot

Bechtle AG is one of the leading IT companies in Europe with offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and e-commerce companies in 14 countries, Bechtle AG offers a complete portfolio of IT infrastructure and IT operations products and services to more than 70,000 public sector and financial services customers.

Bechtle is expanding its IT function with BeyondTrust Remote Support to provide secure access to employees via the web regardless of their location. The IT team achieves reliable remote support for end users and customers using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or any other operating system on their own network or outside.

Use Case

Before BeyondTrust, Bechtle AG used various remote support tools that the team was not completely satisfied with. “We lacked integration with our company ITSM solution, ServiceNow.” explained Markus Sigle. In addition to increased IT productivity, Bechtle also wanted to achieve a higher level of data protection and IT security. “We wanted a guarantee that our data would not go through foreign servers.”

“The deciding factor for us was that we wanted to implement remote support according to the highest security criteria. The data should not leave the Bechtle network.“

Markus Sigle, IT Service Specialist

Our BeyondTrust Product

Regardless of platform and operating system, BeyondTrust Remote Support enables you to control all remote computers and devices inside and outside the corporate network. Bechtle uses the following BeyondTrust functions in particular:

SECURITY AND PRIVACY: BeyondTrust gives support teams quick access to desktops and IT systems without having to reveal their credentials and passwords in plain language. In addition, integrating BeyondTrust Privileged Access complements and controls access to privileged user accounts to protect mission-critical IT systems.

MOBILE CONNECTION: BeyondTrust helps help desk and IT departments provide instant remote support to mobile device users. BeyondTrust supports Android smartphones and tablets as well as iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

SERVICENOW INTEGRATION: BeyondTrust provides integrated remote support, secure chat, and automated polls for ServiceNow.

Our Success and Future Plans

The BeyondTrust technology also provides valuable services in the newly built Bechtle parking garage, which was inaugurated in October 2017. Since then, employees at Bechtle headquarters in Neckarsulm have had 1,600 parking spaces available. The core of the building houses 50 charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles, which are managed by a central unit. The operation of one of the largest e-filling stations in Germany is supported by BeyondTrust. “The suppliers of the energy charging stations must access the devices on a regular basis. Authorization and logging of all work is done through the BeyondTrust solution. “

Due to the success of the technical integration and the positive experience with the professional services team, Bechtle gradually expanded the BeyondTrust installation. BeyondTrust has help ensure that the legally required data protection mandates are met and all technologies are aligned to the highest security requirements.

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