Because the Remote Support software enables your team to work from multiple locations, it can make it more difficult to oversee customer interactions or to step in when an incident gets complicated. So BeyondTrust includes a Dashboard to let you oversee support in real time.

Dashboard lets you oversee support teams, supervise distribution of session load, transfer or take over support sessions, and monitor representatives' desktops.

All team leads and team managers have a dashboard tab on their representative console. This tab gives them a quick overview of their teams’ activity. Support teams are divided into three roles:

  • Team members
  • Team leads
  • Team managers

The team lead can view and monitor the ongoing support sessions of their assigned team members. Team managers have rights to view and monitor both team members and team leads.

Status indicators show whether representatives are idle, busy, available to take sessions, or have auto-assign turned off.

You can hover over each rep’s name to see more details about individuals’ status. And a graph shows you an overview of your entire team’s status.

Team managers and leads can sit in on remote support sessions and view the chat interactions and changes to the remote system.

Even if a team member has no active support sessions, a lead or manager can still monitor his or her activity on the remote desktop while the team member is logged into the rep console.

An icon appears on the remote desktop alerting the technician that monitoring is taking place. And all monitoring activity is logged for reporting purposes.

Dashboard also enables a team manager or team lead to take over a session, or transfer it to another representative or team.

For instance, if a session has been idle for some time or if the team member is struggling, the team lead can transfer the customer to another rep without starting a new session.

The original agent can still remain in the session as a participant, or leave the session to tackle other issues.

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