“The Remote Support solution has saved time and increased productivity, which is essential in a sector as competitive as ours. The ability to support sites remotely, rather than having to go onsite, saves time and money, giving a great ROI.”


Optimizing the customer support relationship

Chronopost’s journey with BeyondTrust began in 2015 and continues to grow.

In 2015, Chronopost was testing a number of different remote support solutions. They ultimately chose BeyondTrust Remote Support due to its ease of integration into their environment, security for both the customer and Chronopost, and its ability to be used fully on the web with minimal disruption to customers’ workstations. The solution proved to be the best IT tool for their service desk to meet the expectations of their customers, some of whom operated in environments with stringent data privacy and other regulatory requirements. Chronopost also benefited from a solution that was compatible with hybrid environments and could support a diverse range of platforms.

More recently, Chronopost expanded their BeyondTrust Remote Support solution throughout the shipping support team to accommodate 20 staff members running concurrent support sessions. The tool has received positive feedback and is appreciated for its ability to help the team scale and work efficiently.

Beyond the Perimeter

In 2017, Chronopost deployed Privileged Remote Access on the industrial perimeter. The solution allowed Chronopost to gain control over the connections, capture session activity with a comprehensive audit trail, and to require authentication during remote sessions—something they were unable to adequately achieve with VPNs.

Prior to deploying BeyondTrust Privilege Remote Access, Chronopost would sometimes encounter errors in the manipulation of the administration interface for industrial partners or was unable to identify who made changes to what systems. The solution is integrated into Chronopost’s access rights management application, which routes and tracks access requests. With the help of BeyondTrust, Chronopost can now secure, manage, and audit remote privileged access sessions.

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