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After you’ve performed a few remote support sessions or online presentations with your BeyondTrust trial, you may want to create a session report. Reports are located in the BeyondTrust Administrative Interface, which may be accessed at https://rstrial.beyondtrust.com/login. Log in with your trial credentials.

When you navigate to the Reports tab, you’ll see that reports for support and presentation sessions are available. You have access to reports about your sessions, but not other trial users’ sessions.

Report on Support Sessions

The only support reports that apply to you as a trial user are the Session and Summary reports. Select the type of report you want. You can also enable one or more filters as you wish, but only sessions that match all filters selected will be shown.

  • Date Range – select the beginning date and the end date or duration.
  • Customer – specify Name, Company Name, Public IP, or Private IP.
  • Public Site – filter to focus your reporting on a specific public site.
  • External Key – filter to report sessions that used the same specific external key.

Report on Presentations

Keep detailed reports and session video recordings of online presentations

To report on presentations, simply define the date range to be covered in the report and click Show Report or Download Report.

Why Don't I See More in /login?

Because of your permissions as a Trial user, you will only see a few tabs in http://trial.bomgar.com/login.

To see what a user with administrative credentials has access to, take a look at the Admin Guides for: