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Transfer Files and Directories to and from the Remote Computer, Device, or SD Card

You can use your BeyondTrust trial to transfer files and even entire directories both to and from the remote computer, remote device, or device SD card - even if you do not have to have full control of the remote computer.

*Because you are a trial user, you may not have all file transfer permissions available to you.

How it Works

Start transferring files by using the upload and download buttons, or simply drag and drop the files. You can also right click on a file to open or download it directly.

File Transfer Tools

Request access to the remote computer’s file system or stop access when it is no longer needed.

Go up a directory in the selected file system.

Refresh your view of the selected file system.

Create a new directory.

Rename a directory or file.

Delete a directory or file. Note that deleting a file or folder permanently deletes it. It is not sent to the recycle bin.

Show hidden files.

Select one or more files or directories and then click the appropriate button to upload the files to the remote system or download to your local system. You can also drag and drop files to transfer.

If a file of the same name already exists in the location to which you are attempting to transfer a file, choose whether to respond by automatically overwriting the existing file, canceling the transfer, or prompting for each file of identical name. Note that if the content of the files is identical, the upload will be skipped and will result in a warning message.

Preserving file information will keep the file’s original timestamp. If this option is disabled, the file’s timestamp will reflect the date and time that it was transferred.

If automatic file transfer is enabled, transfers will begin as soon as soon as the upload or download button is clicked or a file is dragged from one file system to the other.

If automatic file transfer is not enabled, select from the transfer manager the files you wish to transfer and then click the Start button to begin the transfer.

From the transfer manager, select a file and then click the Details button to view information such as the date and time of the transfer, the origin and destination of the files, and the number of bytes transferred.

Select one or more files from the transfer manager and then click Cancel to stop the transfer from completing.

Clear all information from the transfer manager.