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Makes It Easy for Customers to Get Remote Assistance

Whether your call center provides full tech support or supports specific applications, BeyondTrust makes it easy for customers to get remote assistance.

With BeyondTrust, you can integrate chat support with your website, portal, or mobile app. BeyondTrust chat support can mimic your phone routing system, connecting inbound support incidents to the right technician or team. Managers can create a library of canned messages and responses.

Tech support with BeyondTrust is seamless. Move from chat support to view-only screen sharing to application sharing or full remote control with just a few easy clicks.


Draw on the remote desktop during remote support sessions or presentations. Annotations work in view-only mode, even when remote control is not enabled.

Application Sharing

Improve security by limiting screen sharing to specific applications. Both customers and support technicians can control which applications are shared.

Atlas Cluster Technology

Set up multiple BeyondTrust Appliances in geographic clusters for regional load balancing of support. Atlas enables large support organizations to scale.

BeyondTrust Button

Give customers a push-button way to request remote support. BeyondTrust Buttons can be deployed on remote desktops or embedded in Windows applications.

Chat Support

Add secure chat support to your website or mobile app. When you need to do more that talk, just elevate from chat to screen sharing or remote control.

Collaboration and Escalation

Engage highly skilled technicians cost effectively. With BeyondTrust, skilled staff can engage with critical support requests instantly and remotely.

Collaborative Browser Sharing

Allow website visitors to request help by sharing their browser, and only their browser, during a chat support session.

Customer Client

Chat with customers through a secure, customizable chat window during both support and training sessions.

Embedded Remote App Support

Embed BeyondTrust remote support and screen sharing in your Android/iOS app. Once enabled, users can request remote support directly from the app.


Automatically distribute incoming support requests to the right representative, support group or vendor, reducing hold times in an automated manner.

Identity Management

Use your existing LDAP or Active Directory to create BeyondTrust users. Connect RADIUS for multi-factor authentication and Kerberos or SAML for single sign-on.


Perform remote support on anything your customer can see, including hardware and peripherals, by sharing the remote camera on Android and iOS devices.

Language Support

Offer remote support in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Show My Screen

Show a customer your entire screen or certain applications. Shift back and forth between remote support and presentation without disconnecting.

Support Portals

Create custom Portals for each customer channel or product you support. Each public site contains multiple white label customer-facing elements.


Use surveys to get customer feedback on their remote support experience and collect support rep responses in an exit survey. Surveys average 20-50% response rates.

System Information

View remote system information. Kill processes; start, stop, pause, resume, and restart services; and uninstall programs on remote PCs or mobile devices.