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Smart Card Enabled Remote Assistance

Government agencies and highly regulated companies often require physical authentication for remote access. With BeyondTrust's smart card support, you can use multi-factor authentication to increase the remote support security.

Support representatives can use their authorized smart card, or common access card (CAC), to pass credentials to an end user’s remote computer. Reps can offer remote assistance, using administrative credentials for deeper troubleshooting on the remote computer.

Elevate Remote Assistance with Local Credentials

At the start of a remote support session, BeyondTrust virtualizes a Smart Card reader on the end-user's computer. A representative can use the virtualized Smart Card to log into the system remotely or use their credentials from the local smart card to perform an action.

Throughout the remote support session, the support rep can use the virtualized smartcard to pass credentials necessary to perform administrative actions, such as installing software. The support rep can even use the virtualized Smart Card to log in as a different user on the remote computer.

Security-conscious organizations and governmental agencies can meet stringent requirements around remote computer access using BeyondTrust's smart card support for multi-factor authentication.

"I led an effort to replace a product (SupportSoft - now Consona) that did not fit the overall needs our customer. The major requirements were the ability to support smart card login and Active Directory integration for authentication. [...] BeyondTrust performed the best (by far) in most categories and was the unanimous selection of the user base we invited to participate in the pilot testing. A major plus was that BeyondTrust did not require us to pre-install a client on user's PCs (55,000+) to support remote connectivity."

Marc W. | Project Manager, Lockheed Martin/US Army Corps of Engineers