BeyondTrust’s Web Rep Console lets you offer secure remote desktop from any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) on any computer, allowing you to immediately begin diagnosing and fixing issues from any location.

The Web Rep Console is the first remote support console built entirely on HTML5 technology. It offers all of the core remote support features you need in an easy and convenient package. With no download or plugins required, support reps can provide support from any computer.

The Web Rep Console makes it easy to collaborate with someone who doesn't normally have access to BeyondTrust. While in a remote support session, you can send a Rep Invite email to anyone to have them securely join the session from their web browser. No downloads required.

Collaborate in real-time with users outside of your environment who may have restricted client downloads. With one click, they can instantly see what you see, and help resolve the issue. Initiate a file transfer directly from the Web Rep Console.

  • Monitor support activity in real time
  • Track customer satisfaction
  • Record every remote support session
  • Collect a detailed audit trail of each support session interaction
  • Meet your compliance needs
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