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Limit Screen Sharing to Specific Applications

BeyondTrust takes security very seriously. That’s why we put granular controls in place on both sides of the support session. One such control is application sharing. With application sharing, both you and your customer can limit which applications are shared during screen sharing and remote control sessions.

Application sharing is just one of the ways BeyondTrust addresses remote access security In addition to authentication measures like application sharing, we also focus on architecture, access controls and audit trail.

Control which applications are shared during screen sharing

Allow Reps to Control Which Applications They Share in Presentations

When support reps use the presentation or show my screen feature, they may need to limit what the customer can see during the screen sharing session. So administrators can enable reps to select Limited Show My Screen at the beginning of these sessions.

Support reps can change which applications are shown or hidden on the remote customer’s screen throughout the presentation.

Customer Client on Mac OS X with Application Sharing Panel
Customer Client on Mac OS X with Application Sharing Panel

Let Customers Control Which Applications You See

Application sharing enhances the security of remote support sessions by allowing remote customers to determine the level of access given to technicians. When your technicians request limited screen sharing, customers can select which applications to share.

You can also configure your BeyondTrust site settings so that customers can use the customer client to modify which applications are being shared with support reps - even after a remote desktop session has started.

Application sharing is available when supporting Windows or Mac remote desktops.