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Interact with Remote System Information

Remote system information lets you see running process before remote support begins

The System Info tab quickly shows you what devices, processes, events and programs are running on the remote desktop, giving some initial clues for the source of the end-user's problems before beginning a remote support session.

Reps can open the System Info tab and request the remote computer’s system information without requiring screen sharing.

This is not only faster for the rep, but it also allows the customer to continue being productive until the rep needs to actually take control of the machine.

Manage Remote Processes, Services and Programs

Use system info to kill processes and uninstall apps on Android tablets and phones

On computers and Android devices, technicians can go beyond merely viewing remote system information.

Whenever you’re supporting a remote computer, you can kill processes; start, stop, pause, resume, and restart services; and uninstall programs directly from the System Info tab.

When you support Android tablets and phones, you can also kill processes and uninstall apps.

Diagnose Remote Computers from Mobile Devices

Viewing remote system information from BeyondTrust's iPhone Rep Console App

The system information available varies depending on the remote operating system and configuration. Although actionable system information is only available when using BeyondTrust from a desktop, you can still view it even an Android or iOS device.

So whether you're in the office on your laptop, or joining a remote support session from your Android tablet or iPad - BeyondTrust gives you access to all the tools you need for diagnosing remote computers.

System Information Reports Can Identify Recurring Issues

Log and report on system information

BeyondTrust's logging and reporting capabilities capture extensive detail about support sessions and give administrators critical visibility into support activity.

These details can include system information from remote computers and mobile devices, even if the support technician does not request access to it.

You can then use the session details report to identify recurring problems or determine the typical operating system and memory assets of your customer base.