Automate Repetitive Troubleshooting Steps

Remote support often involves routine, repetitive tasks. Most of these troubleshooting steps can be eliminated with scripts. The hard part is giving technicians access to these files when they need them during remote support. That’s why BeyondTrust includes Scripts.

With BeyondTrust's canned scripts feature, you can send commands with one click or run patches or apps on remote desktops and servers. Simply select the appropriate script from a list and run it through our command line interface.

Your scripts can automate steps for routine diagnostics, troubleshooting, and remediation. They can also reference a file for more robust tasks, such as updating patches or installing software on a remote desktop. BeyondTrust’s scripts functionality works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Create a Canned Script Library

Create and categorize chat responses

Chances are some of your best support technicians already have canned scripts they use every day. But how do you make it easy for them to share their scripts with the rest of the team?

Simple. Just create a script library in BeyondTrust. BeyondTrust administrators can add a library of scripts and give technicians access to use them during remote desktop support sessions. You can even use group policies to determine who has access to the scripts.

Not only can sharing scripts save time, it can also ensure that every rep is using best practices.

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Whenever I have to access a GUI, first I feel dirty, then I reach for a script.

Brandon H. | Sr. Software Systems Engineer at BeyondTrust