Show My Screen

Show a customer your entire screen or certain applications. Shift back and forth between remote support and presentation without disconnecting.

Reverse Screen Sharing During Remote Support Sessions

IT training can help reduce call volume and improve end-user productivity. But you aren’t always able to schedule time for an online presentation with end-users.

Sometimes the best training opportunities arise in the middle of the support session.

With Show My Screen, you can shift back and forth between screens without disconnecting from the user.

Share Your Entire Screen or Selected Applications

When you share your screen with your customer during a support session, your customer will be able to see either your entire desktop or only those applications you have chosen to present. Showing or hiding new applications is easy. You can continue chatting with your customer throughout.

Share Control of Your Mouse and Keyboard

You can also choose to share mouse and keyboard control with your remote customer. Giving the end user remote control of your desktop is a great way to have her demonstrate understanding of the training material. You always retain overriding control or your computer.