Highlighted Features for Auditor

Real-Time, Centralized Active Directory Auditing and Alerting

Pinpoint changes that introduce security risks, jeopardize compliance, or impact operations via the solution’s real-time tracking of: who performed each change, what changed (including pre/post values), when the change occurred, and where the change was made. The solution’s centralized database enables both auditing and recovery, delivering a broader set of capabilities than native AD auditing – without the operational impacts.

  • Audit and Alert: Audit the who, what, where and when of changes in Active Directory, file systems, Exchange, SQL and NetApp, and alert to those changes, providing real-time visibility to address potential compliance concerns.
  • Discover and Enforce: Deliver entitlement reporting, ensuring that users have access to the resources – and only those resources – they need to do their jobs.
  • Recover and Rollback: Provide rollback and restore of any Active Directory changes or deletions, and backup and restore of Group Policy, protecting the business from downtime.
  • Extend and Enhance: Extend throughout the Microsoft infrastructure, providing more capabilities than native tools and a unified view of changes across file systems, Exchange, SQL, and NetApp environments.