Secure Remote Access for Employees and Vendors

Traditional remote access methods, such as RDP, Virtual Private Networks, and legacy remote desktop tools lack granular access management controls. These processes enable easy exploits via stolen credentials and session hijacking. Extending remote access to your vendors makes matters even worse.

BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access enables organizations to apply least privilege and audit controls to all remote access from employees, vendors, and service desks. Secure Remote Access consists of two solutions: Privileged Remote Access and Remote Support.

Privileged Remote Access Use Cases

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access controls, manages, and audits remote privileged access to critical IT systems and cloud infrastructure by authorized employees and third-party vendors. No VPN required.

Common use cases include:

Remote Support Use Cases

BeyondTrust Remote Support allows help desk teams to securely access and fix any remote device, on any platform, located anywhere in the world.

Remote support solutions need to cover an expanding list of use cases, while making the entire service desk experience better and keeping connections secure. BeyondTrust Remote Support is a single, holistic solution built to improve service desk workflows, while also providing robust security. Remote Support enables service desk technicians to adhere to ITSM best practices, and improves both the user and technician experience

Common use cases include:

Secure Remote Access Features

BeyondTrust Remote Support and Privileged Remote Access solutions work hand-in-hand to secure remote access points within the enterprise, including employees, vendors, third-parties, infrastructure, and more.

Included in Privileged Remote Access

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access is built to right-size and audit the remote privileged access for internal employees and and third-parties. Features include:

Preconfigured Access Points
Approval/Notifications for Access Requests
Time-Based Access Restrictions
Vendors & User Onboarding
Command Filtering for Shell Jump
Protocol Tunneling
RDP Session Forensics
BI Integration

Included in Remote Support

BeyondTrust Remote Support is designed to streamline and better secure the day-to-day workflow of internal and customer-facing help and service desks. Seamless remote support capabilities alongside with chat, video, and customizable approval and notification tools make life easier for technicians. Features include:

Ad-Hoc Support & Chat
Chat Workflows
Support Portals
Preconfigured Access Tools
Mobile Device Support
Insight: Mobile Video Sharing
Support Button
Concurrent User Licensing

Zero Trust Remote Access

BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access is engineered with robust security controls and helps enable zero trust principles and architectures by enforcing least privilege, implementing segmentation, isolating assets, and monitoring and managing sessions. The solution can also enable a just-in-time access model.

Learn more about enabling Zero Trust Remote Access

Learn more about enabling Just-in-Time Access

"With BeyondTrust Privileged Access, we could tighten our control over what privileged users could and could not do, as well as audit their actions. It’s a far superior approach than just giving them unrestricted VPN access.”

Tommy Green, VP Of Information Systems & Technology - AMOCO Federal Credit Union (Privileged Remote Access & Remote Support customer)
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