Operationalize Zero Trust Security Principles with BeyondTrust PAM

BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions help enable NIST's seven core tenets of zero trust by working relentlessly to identify and secure every privileged user (human, non-human, employee, vendor), asset, and session across your digital estate. Control the who, what, when, why, and where of access.

Implement zero trust security controls to reduce your attack surface, minimize threat windows, and improve protection against ransomware, malware, advanced persistent threats, insider threats, and more.

"The interactions between the products in the [BeyondTrust] suite have been brilliantly and carefully orchestrated in a way that we are maximizing our chance of getting as far down the Zero Trust road as we possibly can given the state of the products in the security market."

Brandon Haberfeld, Global Head of Platform Security, Investec
Investec's Journey to Zero Trust: from Theory to Practice Case Study

9 Ways BeyondTrust Helps Implement a Zero Trust Model

1. Inventories all privileged assets to eliminate blind spots, spotlight shadow IT, and control access points for separation of control and data planes.

2. Applies least privilege controls for every identity, account, and secret—human, application, machine, employee, vendor, etc.

3. Enforces adaptive and just-in-time access controls based on context in real-time.

4. Implements segmentation and microsegmentation to isolate assets, resources, and users to prevent lateral movement.

5. Enforces credential security best practices for all privileged password types—whether for humans, machines, employees, or vendors.

6. Secures remote access with granular least privilege and adaptive capabilities well beyond that of VPNs, RDP, SSH, HTTPS, and other commonly used technologies.

7. Proxies access to control planes (cloud, virtual, DevOps) and critical applications by enforcing network segmentation.

8. Monitors, manages, and audits every privileged session that touches the enterprise for appropriate user behavior.

9. Simplifies secure management of identities and zero trust implementation enterprise-wide by extending Microsoft AD authentication, SSO, & Group Policy Configuration Management to Unix/Linux.

Continuous Authentication & Access Control

Ensure only the correct identity on the correct endpoint has access

BeyondTrust Password Safe is a privileged credential management solution that discovers, onboards, and manages all privileged credentials (human, application, and machine), consistently enforcing password security best practices.

  • Illuminates shadow IT and access blind spots. Discovers, intelligently groups, and onboards all privileged identities, accounts, and assets.
  • Enforces adaptive access controls, approving or disallowing access requests just-in-time based on context. Terminates or suspends sessions based on user behavior, inappropriate activity, or changes in context and risk.
  • Protects and manages all privileged credentials and secrets across on-premises and cloud resources.
  • Integrates with third-party products to enforce multi-factor authentication during login, upon password checkout, and at privilege elevation. Or, anytime there is a new request.
  • Eliminates shared accounts to ensure clear oversight and auditability into user activities performed by each identity and their associated accounts.
  • Eradicates embedded passwords in IoT and other devices, applications, scripts, and DevOps tools. Instead, these are replaced with secure API calls or management for dynamic secrets.

True Least Privilege Across Endpoints

Ephemeral authorization based on context

BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows & Mac and Privilege Management for Unix & Linux products combine least privilege management and application control to minimize the endpoint attack surface and eliminate unwanted lateral movement. Protect Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux systems, network devices, IoT, ICS systems, and virtual machines from known and unknown threats.

  • Removes admin rights for all users, eliminating privileged accounts on managed systems.
  • Advances toward a zero-standing privilege (ZSP) state by dynamically elevating privileges just-in-time for processes, application, etc.—but not for end users.
  • Enforce separation of duties and privilege separation to limit the privileges associated with any account or process.
  • Applies advanced application control and enforces least privilege across all applications, web browsers, systems, and other resources.

Enforce a Segmented & Zoned Approach to Access

Harden remote access pathways and prevent unwanted lateral movement

A central component of zero trust involves segmenting access and isolating various assets, resources, and users to restrict lateral movement potential.

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access:

  • Implements a secured jump server with multi-factor authentication, adaptive authorization, and session monitoring for administrator consoles. This also applies to access that crosses trusted network zones.
  • Enforces boundaries between development, test, and production systems for SecDevOps security best practices.
  • Provides access to web pages, such as the Azure or Office 365 portal, through a locked-down and embedded Chromium browser.
  • Provides application-level microsegmentation that prevents users from executing applications and other resources they are not authorized to access.

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access also extends PAM best practices to vendor and internal remote privileged access. The solution provides the granular, least privilege controls that are impractical with VPNs and many other commonly used remote access technologies.

  • Applies least privilege and robust audit controls to all remote access for employees, vendors, contractors, and service desk personnel.
  • Manages and automatically injecting credentials into remote sessions so the end user never sees or has knowledge of them for appropriate usage. Integrates with BeyondTrust Password Safe for even more expansive privileged credential management.

With BeyondTrust’s Privileged Remote Access solution, we can make sure that access to any part of our infrastructure is impossible unless we say so because we have centralized control of all the credentials needed to get access. We are able to enforce a policy of least privilege by giving just the right level of access needed for their role."

Curtis Jack, Manager of Technical Engineering, Oxford Properties Group
Oxford Properties Group Case Study

Monitor Continuously

No privileged activity eludes oversight

BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions provided session monitoring and management over every privileged session: human, machine, employee, or vendor.

  • Documents all privileged actions performed via on-screen video recording and keystroke logging, and provides a searchable session replay option.
  • Triggers alerts and workflows based on anomalous behavior, including unusual access locations, inappropriate commands, or other attributes that could be indicators of compromise.
  • Applies file integrity monitoring and command filtering to further protect Unix and Linux systems against undesirable or unauthorized changes and commands.
  • Provides the ability to pause or terminate sessions via manual intervention or automation by using policies based on acceptable user behavior.

Zero Trust Security for a Multicloud World

Seamless cloud security across heterogeneous infrastructure

BeyondTrust Cloud Privilege Broker centralizes visualization of entitlements and permissions across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other platforms.

  • Discovers, models, and catalogs privileged accounts across multiple cloud providers.
  • Ensures privileged entitlements (permissions) are limited in assignment and only granted to appropriate identities.
  • Integrates with various MFA technologies for all cloud activities across all identities. Helps ensure MFA requirements are met in a multicloud organization.
  • Records all user and administrator activity in a comprehensive audit trail.

Case Study: Zero Trust Security

Global real estate firm achieves world-class cybersecurity

"The majority of the systems within the buildings being accessed are not traditional IT systems. They are building control systems, like smart elevators, surveillance systems and HVAC units where it is not possible to install antivirus software. We recognize that privileged access management is one of the most of important tenets of a modern cybersecurity program and a must-have for a zero trust architecture and robust BYOD security framework.”

Curtis Jack, Manager of Technical Engineering, Oxford Properties Group

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