What Your Operational Technology Stack is Missing

The convergence of operational and information technologies can expose major security gaps. Cyberattacks have increased by 2000% as of 2019, yet only 23% of manufacturers are compliant with minimum-level ICS security guidelines.

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access enables organizations to secure industrial networks without disrupting operations, compromising safety or risking non-compliance. Our solution provides secure remote access in a single, flexible solution that simplifies deployments and ensures maximum scalability—while empowering remote operators and vendors to be productive.

Comparing VPN to Privileged Remote Access

Provide secure and scalable remote access for operators, suppliers, and third-party vendors ... without using VPNs or other legacy access tools. Using BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access as a replacement to your corporate VPN enables operators, suppliers or third-party vendors to access OT environments, eliminates remote access blind spots, reduces the attack surface, and drives productivity. Protect your processes and profits while significantly reducing security vulnerabilities and incidents.

VPN Privileged Remote Access
Remote Access
Secure Connectivity
Network Layer Access (Protocol Tunneling)
Encrypted Traffic
Application Layer Virtualization
Remote Desktop
Proxied RDP Access
Proxied VNC Access
Proxied SSH Access
Application Session Monitoring
Application Session Recording
Just in Time Access
Zero Trust Architecture
Privileged Access Management Integration
ITSM Integration for Access
Password Management / Credential Storage
Cloud or On-Premise Deployments using Physical or Virtual Appliance
Agentless Access
Extensive Operating System and Platform Support
Prevention of Lateral Movement
Audit and Session Reporting

Are Your IT and OT Networks Segregated?

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access allow you to maintain logical and physical network separation for remote access to operational technologies, in compliance with the Purdue model.

Zero Trust Remote Access for OT Systems

Zero Trust is increasingly relevant for industrial control systems, as technologies and have blurred or dissolved the idea of a traditional firewall and network-zoned perimeter. The seismic shift to remote working has also accelerated the demise of the traditional perimeter and is driving an increased focus on Zero Trust.

NIST's guidelines provide a clear playbook for organizations seeking guidance on how to adopt zero trust principles. Many organizations have begun to embrace zero trust frameworks and are building these into their security strategies.

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access helps organizations adopt a Zero Trust approach by:

  • Enforcing the philosophy of least privilege for remote access sessions
  • Treating managed devices with the same level of trust as an unmanaged device – which is zero
  • Providing application access independent of network access
  • Recording all activities performed using remote access and disabling functionality such as copy/paste
  • Enabling API security to protect the integrity of data being sent from IoT devices to back-end systems

Applying the granularity of Privileged Remote Access to achieve Zero Trust objectives ensures all access is appropriate, managed, and documented, regardless of how the perimeter has been redefined.

Let Us Help Secure Remote Access to Critical OT Systems

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