Zero Trust Security Across Windows & Mac
Remove local admin rights and enforce true least privilege across Windows and macOS desktops and servers.
Attack & Fileless Threat Protection
Reduce your cyberattack surface and protect against malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.
Audit & Compliance Assurance
Quickly address compliance and cyber insurance requirements, with a single, unimpeachable audit trail of all privileged actions.

"If you are looking for a solution that allows you to quickly and easily eliminate admin rights, I have no hesitation recommending [Privilege Management for Windows & Mac] to any organization."

Application Support Manager, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Seyfarth Shaw provides advisory, litigation, and transactional legal services to clients worldwide.

We've got a team of six engineers who manage the entire desktop and mobile estate, so we needed something that was really going to empower them to get the job done in as quick and efficient way as we can. Using Privilege Management for Windows and Mac really opened doors to allow us to do that.

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BeyondTrust provides a powerful platform that allows us to streamline and standardize application control and privileged management across our entire organization. Our people are smarter and better protected, and that's great news for our business.

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Protect against lateral movement, ransomware, and more—without hindering productivity

Endpoint Privilege Management
Remove local admin rights fast, improve the end-user and admin experience, and greatly reduce IT service desk tickets.
True Least Privilege
Give just enough access, at just the right time, to only the appropriate application or process.
Application Control
Gain control over what users can install or run—without impacting productivity or creating management overhead.
Trusted Application Protection
Stop attacks from taking advantage of email attachments, bad scripts, and malicious websites, with built-in, context-based security controls.
Powerful Integrations
Streamline workflows via native integrations with ServiceNow, SIEM tools, VirusTotal, MFA tools, Azure AD, and a flexible API.
Enterprise Auditing & Reporting
Simplify forensics and compliance with a single audit trail of all user activity, and quick access through graphical dashboards and reports.
Rapid Deployment
Use pre-built, QuickStart policies informed by insights from thousands of deployments to make rapid, high-impact leaps in risk reduction.
Protection for Windows & macOS
Provide the same seamless experience across your Windows and macOS endpoint and server environments.

Watch a Demo of Privilege Management for Windows & Mac

Learn how to quickly and efficiently eliminate admin rights and enforce least privilege across Windows and macOS, while maintaining user productivity.

  • Enforce least privilege across the Windows & macOS environment
  • Protect endpoints with advanced application controls
  • Review user behavior and session analytics
Achieve compliance, control privileged access, and prevent security breaches across Unix and Linux systems, while enabling productivity.
Enable just-in-time privilege management with password rotation, credential management, and hands-off access to privileged credentials.

Yes. BeyondTrust removes all admin rights and elevates access as needed to applications based on the proper content, and only for the duration needed. This is one of the most powerful ways to reduce the attack surface and defend against both external and internal threats.

Yes. Enforce least privilege and application control across all human and non-human identities and accounts across any type of endpoint or other asset. This massively reduces the attack surface and protects organizations against fileless threats and zero days.

BeyondTrust’s Privilege Management for Windows & Mac solution is designed to eliminate unnecessary privileges, strictly control privileged access, and provide pragmatic application control to reduce the attack surface.

This solution harnesses a unique, Trusted Application Protection (TAP) feature, which provides a ready-to-deploy policy designed to mitigate common attack techniques and prevent high risk applications like web browsers, PDF viewers, Outlook, and Microsoft Office from being exploited.

Trusted Application Protection uses both privilege management and application control capabilities to prevent high-risk applications from launching custom malware payloads. It also protects high-risk applications from more sophisticated DLL attack techniques, such as DLL injection, hijacking, and malicious DLL plugins.

Privilege Management for Windows & Mac includes built-in Quick Start Templates. These templates use pre-configured deployment settings, and are available to get your implementation up and running same-day, directly out of the box.

Built-in policies are based on experience thousands of deployments across even the most complex organizations. This rapid on-boarding process means you can remove privileges overnight without productivity loss.

Templates work for all users, from the least privileged desktop user to advanced developers and sysadmins.

Privilege Management for Windows and Mac enables auto-updates for both the adapter and agent software versions on all your Windows endpoints.

The product provides customizable options for updates, such as pilot and testing groups, specific update approaches for different operating systems, and pause/resume updates for groups of endpoints..

You can find a complete features list, user guides, product release notes, and other technical documentation here.

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