While every organization would prefer to prevent all cyberattacks from landing, that is not feasible in today’s threat environment. What you should focus on is managing risk, limiting the ability for a threat actor to inflict damage, and detecting attacks in a timely fashion. One of the best ways to accomplish all of this this is by managing access control via least privilege. POLP (principle of least privilege) is a common term in security, while most organizations recognize the concept, they fail to fully grasp it and realize its powerful risk-reduction capabilities. To build and maintain an effective security posture, it is imperative to transform this theory into a strategic and tactical tool for properly protecting critical assets within your organization.

Join Cybersecurity expert and Founder of Secure Anchor, Dr. Eric Cole, in this on-demand webinar, where you will learn how POLP not only prevents attacks and limits lateral movement, but also aids timely threat detection to further limit damage. Attendees will also benefit from exploring:

  1. The modern threat landscape and the focus on data
  2. The key components of data protection with least privilege
  3. Implementing agile security that effectively works with POLP
Photograph of Dr. Eric Cole

Dr. Eric Cole, World Renowned Cybersecurity Expert, CEO of Secure Anchor

World Renowned Cybersecurity Expert with more than 30 years of network security experience, Dr. Eric Cole is a distinguished cybersecurity expert and keynote speaker who helps organizations curtail the risk of cyber threats. Many of the foundational principles of this course and training in cybersecurity were developed by Dr. Cole. He has worked with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies, to top international banks, to the CIA, for which he was a professional hacker.

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