Root Access Control
Apply fine-grained privilege elevation rules to execute only specific tasks or commands.
Activity Tracking & Auditing
Protect against unauthorized changes to files, scripts, and directories with advanced auditing of all user activity.
Real-Time Session Monitoring
Detect suspicious user, account, and asset activity in real time with monitoring of all logs and sessions.

Rather than looking at Privilege Management for Unix/Linux like you’re doing a bunch of draconian policies trying to lock everyone down, think of it more like you’re enabling your users; how quickly can I get that person online, get them [access] to the things that they need to do, and let them fix the system? That’s what we do with Privilege Management for Unix/Linux.

Chad Erbe, Sr. Staff Engineer, ServiceNow

By integrating BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix and Linux and BeyondTrust Active Directory Bridge with Elasticsearch, we provide a unified search experience for admins to quickly and easily find everything they need.

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Prevent and contain breaches that can affect Unix & Linux systems.

Auditing & Governance
Analyze user behavior by collecting, securely storing, and indexing various Unix and Linux log types, session recordings, privileged events, etc.
Fine-Grained Least Privilege
Elevate privileges for standard users on Unix and Linux through fine-grained, policy-based controls.
Dynamic Access Policy
Utilize factors such as time, day, location to make intelligent privilege elevation decisions.
Remote System & Application Control
Enable users to run specific commands and conduct sessions remotely based on rules—without logging on as admin or root.
Policy & File Integrity Monitoring
Audit and report on changes to critical policy, system, application, and data files.
High Availability
Reduce daily maintenance and errors, and achieve advanced fail-over and load-balancing by managing policy configurations for Unix / Linux hosts.
Centralized Management
Centralize the management of all policies, upgrades, updates, and deployments for both Unix and Linux servers and Linux desktops.
Integration and Scalability
Facilitate task automation and seamless integration with your other systems and tools.

Watch the Privilege Management for Unix & Linux Demo

Explore how Privilege Management for Unix & Linux improves your protection against cyberthreats, prevents end-user errors, and boosts operational performance.

  • Access advanced auditing and governance logs, session recordings, and more
  • Finely tune privilege elevation for users
  • Remotely run commands and sessions--without admin or root access
Extend Microsoft® Active Directory authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and Group Policy configuration management to Unix & Linux systems.
Enable just-in-time privilege management with password rotation, credential management, and hands-off access to privileged credentials.
Remove local admin rights, enforce least privilege dynamically across Windows and macOS, and achieve complete server security.
Reduce cyber risk and increase productivity with extensive ServiceNow ITSM & CSM integration opportunities.

No, the current infrastructure for Privilege Management for Unix & Linux 22.3 and subsequent versions already includes support for Linux Desktops. However, you will need to acquire a separate Privilege Management for Linux Desktops license.

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