Privileged Remote Access

Control, manage, and audit access for privileged remote employees and third-party vendors—no VPN needed. Get a free trial to see how it works.

Control and Secure Privileged Remote Access for Insiders and Vendors

Zero Trust Architecture

A zero trust security posture reduces the threat surface and minimizes the threat windows during which attackers can inflict damage, helping to protect against everything from simple malware to advanced persistent threats.

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access gets you closer to a true zero trust strategy by applying the granularity of privileged access management (PAM), which includes secure remote access. Zero trust can ensure all access is appropriate, managed, and documented—regardless of how the perimeter has been redefined.

Highlighted Features

Secure and Inject Privileged Credentials

Privileged Remote Access eliminates the need for privileged users to remember or share credentials for the systems they need to access. Passwords can be stored in the on-appliance vault, or integrated into PRA with BeyondTrust Password Safe or another password management solution.

Instead of requiring privileged users to know usernames and passwords for each endpoint, we can store those credentials securely. With Credential Injection, those credentials are retrieved and injected directly into a session.

Integrate with Identity Management, Change Management, and SIEM Solutions

The Privileged Remote Access API seamlessly integrates privileged access with existing workflows for identity, change, and event management.

Integrate with password management tools to enable automatic password injection. Leverage existing SIEM solutions to track session data and configuration changes Integrate with change management and ITSM solutions. Manage permissions and authentication with AD, LDAPS, RADIUS, Kerberos.

Secure and Manage Access to the Cloud

Privileged Remote Access centrally secures and manages access across all IT environments—cloud and hybrid included.

Advanced Web Access can be configured to work across any solution that leverages a web interface for management including; Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, and Rackspace.