Privileged Remote Access

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Control, manage, and audit access for privileged remote employees and third-party vendors - NO VPN required.

Secure and Control Privileged Remote Access for Insiders and Vendors

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"Establishing controls around privileged access continues to be a focus of attention for organizations and auditors. IAM and security leaders must be prepared to secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts and access."

Felix Gaehtgens and Anmol Singh, Gartner Market Guide for Privileged Access Management 27 May 2015

Zero Trust Architecture

While zero trust philosophy is spreading quickly throughout the security industry, unfortunately, most organizations are still operating with the traditional network perimeter security model and using VPNs to grant access for remote access. Privileged Remote Access helps organizations adopt a Zero Trust approach by:

  • Enforcing the philosophy of least privilege for remote access sessions.
  • Treating managed devices with the same level of trust as an unmanaged device: zero.
  • Allowing users to access what they need from wherever they are, securely and with ease.
  • Allowing user to access disconnected networks securely with the necessary restrictions’ organizations need to protect the safety of their processes and sensitive data.
  • Providing application access independent of network access—such zero-trust access allows third parties and contractors to access only the applications and systems they need without requiring complex firewalls or VPNs.
  • Providing application-level micro-segmentation, which prevents users from discovering applications that they are not authorized to access, reducing the attack surface for malicious insiders as well.

Highlighted Features

Secure and Inject Privileged Credentials

Privileged Remote Access eliminates the need for privileged users to remember or share credentials for the systems they need to access. Passwords can be stored in the on-appliance vault. Or you can integrate PRA with BeyondTrust Password Safe or another Password Management Solution.

This password component enables our credential injection capabilities. Instead of requiring privileged users to know usernames and passwords for each endpoint, we can store those credentials securely. And then, using API functionality, we can retrieve those credentials and inject them directly into a session.

This means you don't need to expose credentials, giving you more control and flexibility around those accounts.

Integrate with Identity Management, Change Management, and SIEM Solutions

The Privileged Remote Access API allows you to seamlessly integrate privileged access with your existing workflows for identity, change, and event management. Integrate with password management tools to enable automatic password injection. Leverage existing SIEM solutions to track session data and configuration changes Integrate with change management and ITSM solutions. Manage permissions and authentication with AD, LDAPS, RADIUS, Kerberos.

Secure and Manage Access to the Cloud

Most organizations use a mix traditional computing, private and public cloud infrastructure to run their critical systems. Privileged Remote Access gives you the ability to centrally secure and manage access across all of your environments, even sensitive systems in the Cloud.