With a traditional focus on performance and safety, most manufacturing technologies were created in a time when cybersecurity was far less of an issue and industrial control systems and operational technologies were less exposed. But as infrastructures grow in size and complexity, so do attack surfaces.

Unauthorized access and advanced malware threats are growing in intensity. Learn how to best protect your company’s Manufacturing and Operational Technology systems and increase ICS security with BeyondTrust’s Privileged Access Management solutions.

Using control systems such as ICS/SCADA is made simple and secure through BeyondTrust’s PAM solutions. Vendors are given secure connection to your systems, and granular control capabilities means that only the right amount of access for the right amount of time is given.

The number of connected devices and vulnerabilities surrounding remote access tools and passwords will continue to grow. IT departments are tasked with providing security answers on top of existing day-to-day workloads.

Inside this resource, learn about the top 5 Remote Access problems that manufacturing and other organizations encounter everyday—and how BeyondTrust solutions can alleviate those headaches.

"The biggest thing that I’ve been excited about with Identity Security Insights is that you’re looking at my Okta. [BeyondTrust] is also the only one that has access to this kind of information across all my servers and my employees. I don’t have a tool collecting that local information other than BeyondTrust's solutions. There’s a lot that [BeyondTrust] can show me that no one else can.”

Manager of Information Security, Leading American Paint Manufacturer

“BeyondTrust was among those topping the Gartner rankings and validated all of our use cases. While other PAM vendors could also check some boxes, BeyondTrust’s Privileged Remote Access solution also offers the benefit of being extremely simple to use and deploy.”

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"Our use case (with BeyondTrust PRA) only touches the tip of the iceberg of what we can be doing…We've been searching for a long time for a partner that could help us with different types of issues we have in the OT environment, and BeyondTrust is it for us."

VP of Industrial Cyber and Digital Security, Global Industrial Automation Company

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