Support Any Device, Anywhere
Support any user, device, and system inside and outside your network, across Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and more with a single tool.
Secure Access for All Users & Third Parties
Provide simple, secure remote access for users, vendors, and third parties connecting to your systems, while eliminating the need for VPNs and known credentials
Remove Admin Rights & Enforce Least Privilege
Remove local admin rights on desktops and systems, reduce your attack surface, and establish unimpeachable audit trails.

BeyondTrust Remote Support works over any internet connection to deliver fluid support experiences to your users, wherever they are. Support any user, device, and system inside and outside your network, across Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and more with a single tool.

Use secure attended and unattended access to troubleshoot, update, and support all devices and systems under your team's purview. Protect unsecure remote access pathways and attack vectors with a secure, VPN-less tool that audits every session. Remote Support also integrates seamlessly with the ITSM and service tools your teams know and trust, including ServiceNow.

Privileged Remote Access enables secure access for employees, faculty, and students from anywhere they are. Maximize productivity and security with credential injection and secure remote access to authorized systems. Provide simple, secure remote access for trusted vendors connecting to your systems, while eliminating the need for VPNs and known credentials.

Privilege Management for Windows & Mac enforces least privilege across your organization's endpoints, substantially reducing the volume of service desk tickets your technicians have to contend with. Increase productivity to refocus on delivering quality service experiences for all users and increase the security of your network — all with a single tool.

"With BeyondTrust, the typical response time from incident reporting to resolution has been reduced from approximately 6 hours to 15 minutes."

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Utilizing the BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access solution makes us more efficient because we don't have to manually manage remote access.

Michael E. Fox, Senior Associate Director, Texas A&M University

"Previously, the only way we could let vendors remote in was to set up a VPN. I didn’t like that because I couldn’t see or control what they were doing on our network. With BeyondTrust, we can give them limited access to our environment and record their session so I have an audit log of exactly what has been done. That makes our environment much more secure."

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  • Access, diagnose, and fix devices on or off the network.
  • Integrate Remote Support with your trusted CRM, ITSM, SIEM, and password tools; or, use our open API to create custom integrations.
  • Customize & brand your support experience, including portals, watermarks, surveys, and more.

BeyondTrust Remote Support empowers your service desk teams to support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, network devices, and peripherals with a single, secure tool.

Access, diagnose, and fix devices on or off the corporate network, and deliver support with thick client, browser-based, or mobile access. Integrate with external directories to scale with infrastructure growth; make it simple with mass installers, canned scripts, and escalation features. Brand your deployment’s unique URL and client, customize portals, support invitations, watermarks, and surveys.

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access extends identity and privileged access security best practices beyond the perimeter by granularly controlling, managing, and auditing remote privileged access for employees, vendors, developers, and cloud ops engineers.

Connect securely, seamlessly, and from anywhere to critical IT systems, cloud applications, and OT systems — no VPN required. Drive productivity and protect your systems with MFA, passwordless authentication, and SAML authentication optimized for smooth onboarding and access.

BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows & Mac enforces least privilege across all desktops and servers, enabling the exact level of privileged access end users need — while preventing malware and ransomware from being introduced into your corporate network.

Remove local admin rights fast, improve the end-user and admin experience, and greatly reduce IT service desk tickets. Give just enough access, at just the right time, to only the appropriate application or process. Gain control over what users can install or run—without impacting productivity or creating management overhead.

  • Centrally Manage All Remote Connections

Using separate tools for each device you support (Chrome Remote Desktop, Splashtop, RDP, etc.) compromises security and slows you down. BeyondTrust Remote Support works across all your devices and systems.

  • Stop Remote Connections Between Students

Because BeyondTrust supports all devices, you can eliminate non-approved connection methods—like those between students. This can help prevent cheating or other unwanted activities.

  • Connect, Even on Slow Networks

Do end users have unreliable network connections? No problem. Remote Support works in low-bandwidth mode, which helps with slow connections. And it will auto-reconnect if the session gets dropped.

  • Support the Entire Tech Stack

Not only can you assist students and teachers, you can also access the servers and cloud resources necessary to enable the online school. You can even use remote camera sharing to troubleshoot teachers' hardware issues at home.

  • Consolidate Vendor Relationships

Because BeyondTrust can satisfy a number of use cases (performing remote support, removing admin rights, managing passwords, accessing back-end systems, etc.), you can consolidate multiple vendor relationships into one. You'll reduce unnecessary overlap, and unnecessary headaches, in the process.

  • Empower Non-Technical Users without Giving Them Admin Rights

Let's face it. Teachers and administrators aren't always the most tech savvy of users. With BeyondTrust Privilege Management, you can empower them to work from home without making them local admins on their machines.

"Unifying our teams with a single remote support solution was an important part of our continual service improvement initiative. We evaluated several of the solutions in use across the University, including WebEx, GoToAssist, and DameWare in addition to BeyondTrust. BeyondTrust Remote Support was the only solution that met all of our requirements.”

—Rocky Pedroso, Director of Information, University of Miami

“Getting BeyondTrust in the cloud was a great idea for disaster recovery and continuity planning. It also put BeyondTrust fully in my department’s control without having the appliance under the purview of our central IT department.”

—Brian Bard, Business & Technology Analyst, UNCC

"It is efficient, secure, and scalable, so I'm confident it will not just meet our needs today, but also be an asset to our department as the University continues to grow."

—Rocky Pedroso, Director of Information, University of Miami

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