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Reduce the Volume of Service Desk Tickets

Empower Users. Cut Incident Volume. Everybody Wins.

Typically, users only contact the service desk when they can't do their jobs. With BeyondTrust Privilege Management, you'll deflect service desk tickets by empowering users. Privilege Management for Windows and Mac gives your users enough access to remain productive in their roles, without giving them full admin rights.

  • Fewer tickets related to user permissions and rights elevation
  • Fewer tickets related to malware or compromised apps

Resolve Service Desk Incidents Faster

Chat messages can be dynamically translated

Chat Support, Built for the Enterprise Service Desk

Chat support costs 30-50% less per incident than phone support or onsite visits. But most chat software is built for sales, not IT. At BeyondTrust, we've built chat support for the service desk.

  • Integrate chat with your website, portal, or mobile app
  • Route inbound chats to the right rep
  • Manage canned messages and responses
  • Translate chat messages automatically
  • Elevate seamlessly to full remote control to troubleshoot deeper
Elevate permissions to overcome UAC prompts

Put Advanced Troubleshooting Tools at Their Fingertips

BeyondTrust gives technicians secure, permission-based remote control over any remote computer or device. It also puts advanced troubleshooting tools at their fingertips. Here are just a few:

  • Multi-monitor support and full-screen mode
  • Reboot/Auto-Reconnect
  • Permission-based application sharing
  • File transfer, system information, registry editor, and command shell
  • Custom scripts and custom special actions

Standardize Operating Procedures, Even When the Operating Systems Change

With BeyondTrust Remote Support, you can empower the service desk to support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, network devices, and peripherals with one, secure tool.

BeyondTrust truly is the only remote support solution you'll ever need.

When IT Hits the Fan ... Collaborate

Incidents involving critical systems need to be resolved as fast as possible. With BeyondTrust Remote Support, all the resources necessary to resolve the incident can see the same screen and work together simultaneously ... even outside vendors and experts can join in.

Collaboration results in higher first call resolution, lower escalation rates, and faster incident resolution times.

"The technology allows our tech-support employees to resolve calls faster, which improves customer service, increases staff productivity and cuts costs. Since technicians can handle more calls throughout the day, there’s less need for the company to increase tech staff."

Robert Baird, Technical Support Center Manager, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Eliminate Manual Tasks and Automate Your Service Desk

BeyondTrust Remote Support offers pre-built integrations for the leading service desk, CRM, and systems management solutions.

Our integrations allow you to launch a remote support session directly from the ticket or record, automatically update tickets with details from the support session, and include the chat transcript and session recording in the ticket.

  • Eliminate manual post-session notes for technicians
  • Automatically collect satisfaction metrics from end users
  • Automate the routing of incoming tickets and incedents

Impact Core Service Desk Metrics

With BeyondTrust Remote Support, you'll impact all the service desk metrics that matter.

  • Reduce call handling times
  • Impact customer satisfaction
  • Improve first call resolution rates
  • Increase technician efficiency
  • Eliminate on-site and desk-side visits

BeyondTrust also makes it easy to report on service desk performance with built-in reports and manager dashboards.

With BeyondTrust, Texas State University's first call resolution improved by 40-50%, and desk-side visits have decreased by 80-90%. Equilibrium has further helped to streamline processes by auto assigning chat support sessions, resulting in a drastic reduction in dropped sessions and faster pick up times.

Texas State University, San Marcos

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