External Risks
Reduce ransomware, malware, and other external risks.
Insider Threats
Protect against insider threats - whether intentional or inadvertent.
Least Privilege
Enhance endpoint performance by eliminating unnecessary privileges.

Most IT teams struggle to discover and onboard the daunting number of corporate-owned, BYOD, and non-traditional endpoints (IoT, ICS, etc.) that connect to their enterprise.

BeyondTrust's solutions harden endpoint security and continuously inventory, identify, categorize, and onboard every legitimate endpoint, application, asset, and privileged account. You'll eliminate blind spots, control access points, and rein in shadow IT for good.

Give just enough privilege, when privilege is needed.

Almost every cyberattack today involves the exploitation of privileges. Removing admin rights has historically mitigated 75% of Microsoft critical vulnerabilities [Source: Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2023].

BeyondTrust provides powerful endpoint privilege management that complements least privilege access with advanced application control. This gives you the industry’s most complete solution for condensing the attack surface and eliminating lateral movement.

Protect endpoints across Windows, macOS, Unix, and Linux systems, as well as non-traditional endpoints, such as network devices, IoT / IIoT, ICS systems, virtual machines, and multicloud environments.

Perform administrative functions on an endpoint without the need for privileged or administrator credentials.
Automatically allow list approved apps for total control over what users can install or run.
Pre-built templates stop attacks involving trusted apps, catching bad scripts and infected email attachments.
Flexible workstyle templates let you implement least privilege policies in days for everyone, even sysadmins.
Select from multiple deployment models to best suit your business needs, compliance requirements, and security ecosystem.
Use PowerShell scripts to automate workflows, create custom behaviors, or build integrations with ITSM and other tools.

"Because of the excellent experience we've had using BeyondTrust for our stores, and the value of being able to track and audit what's happening at every endpoint, we wanted to extend those capabilities so that we can monitor and troubleshoot issues that may arise on a server in our corporate data center."

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"We have simplified our endpoint security by restricting unfettered administrative access to our systems. If a user's workstation is compromised, an attacker is limited by our policy's permissions. An intruder can elevate trusted applications and permitted functions on that one machine, but can't infiltrate our network or servers, thus restricting the lateral movement and damage they can do."

—Stephen Kies, Endpoint Services Director, Global Aerospace & Defense Company

"Some of our larger, strategic customers perform onsite audits covering different areas, such as human resources, physical security, access management, and security training. One of the gaps identified was in relation to excessive administration privileges on our endpoints. It was an area that needed to be addressed."

—Richard, Security Manager, Global Software Developer

Poor privileged password practices abound. Credentials may be embedded in devices, never changed (default), shared between multiple users, or reused across devices or systems.

BeyondTrust Password Safe, a leading Privileged Password Management solution, provides powerful management and control over privileged passwords, accounts, keys, secrets, and sessions for all people and machines in your organization, including securing non-privileged employee passwords for business applications.

Core Password Safe features include:

  • Automatic discovery, onboarding, storage, and rotation of privileged passwords and credentials.
  • Real-time session management, logging all privileged credential activity and sessions, including session metadata.
  • Advanced auditing and forensics breadcrumbs, simplifying compliance reporting, benchmark tracking, and more.

Built into Password Safe, Workforce Passwords module that extends enterprise-class security, scalability, and auditing to business application passwords. With the Workforce Passwords add-on, business users get an easy to use yet secure method to store and manage their business application passwords.

As enterprises become more mobile and decentralized, tools, such as VPNs, RDP, VNC, and SSH protocols are being stretched beyond their appropriate use cases, which poses serious security and operational risk. With BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access, you can enforce privileged access security best practices beyond your perimeter—whether it’s to a corporate, employee-owned, or vendor endpoint.

The tools used by the IT service desk play a significant role in your endpoint security. Many service desks use multiple remote access tools with no centralized management or auditing. Fortunately, BeyondTrust Remote Support covers the broadest number of support use cases, while providing the most robust remote access security of any solution in its class.

With BeyondTrust, you can support Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, network devices, and peripherals with one, secure tool. All supported platforms are included in the core product, so you can consolidate and standardize support, improving service desk metrics and security at the same time.

The sprawl of clouds and identities creates a rich attack surface with many gaps for attackers to exploit. Increasingly, even the identity infrastructure, such as IAM tools, are at risk. BeyondTrust's ground-breaking Identity Security Insights product provides a centralized view of identities, accounts, and privileged access across your IT estate.

Leverage CIEM capabilities to right-size privileged access across clouds. Unlock IDTR capabilities to gain threat intelligence recommendations so you can disrupt complex attack chains and ensure least privilege is intact across your complex environment, and identities are protected everywhere.

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