Is your team struggling to implement least privilege across your Unix and Linux server infrastructure? You’re definitely not alone. How do you overcome sudo’s many inadequacies (complexity, decentralization, lack of log integrity and enterprise support, etc.), and where do you even begin? This white paper will help take the guesswork out of deploying Unix and Linux privilege management. Get the paper today to learn:

  • Quick wins to help show progress toward meeting your Unix and Linux security and audit objectives
  • Why log integrity is so important in Unix and Linux auditing
  • The risks of not auditing Unix and Linux files and scripts
  • How to integrate your Unix and Linux least privilege solution with other IT tools, like your ITSM or SIEM system

This paper provides progressive steps to helping you eliminate sudo and achieve greater control over Unix and Linux, with the most straight-forward use cases listed first, followed by those of increasing maturity level. Download it now to get started.

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