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Digital Transformation, Secured

Almost every organization today is undergoing some form of digital transformation. Each new technology and step in this journey can expand the attack surface and expose more assets to the internet, leaving them vulnerable to threat actors.

The explosion of machine identities, cloud entitlements, and remote access pathways have created a fertile environment for attackers. Another challenge is that much of digital transformation is shadow IT, occurring outside of IT’s view or control.

BeyondTrust PAM and CIEM solutions work continuously and relentlessly to help identify and secure every part of your digital estate. Cloud, multicloud, hybrid, on-premise—BeyondTrust security spans it all.

Cybersecurity Survival Guide, 2022 Edition

Use this guide to learn how to mitigate the risks of the shifting threatscape, while unlocking all the benefits of digital transformation.

Common Digital Transformation Initiatives Secured by BeyondTrust

"BeyondTrust is clever to launch Cloud Privilege Broker into a market that needs to control access to a high number of cloud infrastructures within their organizations. Without a product like Cloud Privilege Broker, businesses will also have to grapple with the proprietary standards and identify tools of different cloud providers. Any product that can work around these standards, streamlining access, and providing risk-based insight into what’s happening in the cloud is welcome.”


Cloud Infrastructure and Adoption

BeyondTrust helps you address 10 of the top 11 threats to cloud computing (dubbed the “Egregious 11” by the Cloud Security Alliance) via powerful, multicloud security.

BeyondTrust provides PAM and cloud-native CIEM (cloud infrastructure entitlement management) capabilities within a single, unified platform to secure your growing cloud privileges, entitlements, sessions, and accounts.

  • Visualize and right-size entitlements across your multicloud estate
  • Apply least privilege and just-in-time access for users, applications, services, and assets
  • Enforce segmentation of the cloud environment and proxy remote access (such as to control planes) with a universal bastion host
  • Enforce security best practices for credentials, passwords, SSH and API keys, and secrets
  • Control applications, commands, files, and scripts to prevent errors and undesired commands
  • Monitor, manage, and audit every privileged session


DevOps’ relentless focus on velocity and automation can translate into substantive productivity gains, but can also create dangerous security exposures.

Common DevOps security risks include overprovisioning of privileges, inadequate secrets management, and errors. BeyondTrust security addresses these common DevOps security risks and more.

  • Onboard all DevOps assets and accounts (service accounts, privileged users, CI/CD tools, test servers, production builds, etc.)
  • Centrally manage the use of all DevOps secrets for both humans and machines
  • Eliminate embedded secrets and replace with dynamically generated secrets
  • Enforce least privilege, granting only required permissions to DevOps tools and users
  • Prevent malformed or suspicious commands, misconfigurations, and other errors
  • Enforce secure boundaries between dev, test, and production systems

Internet of Things and Edge Computing

From commonly used sensors, to health devices, security cameras, and much more, enterprise IoT is pervasive. IoT and mobile devices also make up the backbone of edge computing, which is powering a new wave of mobility and digital transformation by enabling data processing to occur closer to where it is needed, reducing latency times.

IoT devices are notoriously difficult to secure as they may lack the computing power necessary to run AV and other software, and may have embedded credentials. BeyondTrust supports any SHH or Telnet device and can help secure your IoT and edge networks.

  • Discover, centrally manage, rotate, and randomize IoT and other device credentials, replacing embedded credentials with API calls
  • Enforce fine-grained least privilege and just-in-time access across all endpoints
  • Secure remote access between edge systems
  • Fully record visible screen activity and index issued commands for auditing and to identify and halt inappropriate activity

Remote Working

Traditional remote access technologies (VPNs, RDP, SSH, etc.) create dangerous security holes when extended for many of today’s remote working scenarios.

With BeyondTrust, you can extend security best practices for privileged access beyond the perimeter to remote employees and vendors—without a VPN.

  • Enforce least privilege controls over remote access sessions
  • Enable secure remote support for any endpoint or platform
  • Manage and inject credentials into remote access sessions—without exposing them to end users
  • Monitor and manage all privileged access

“We have literally thousands of vendors, consultants and outside suppliers that connect to our systems every single day and we had to have a great solution for that. Between the teamwork, the Remote Access solution and the Password Safe solution, BeyondTrust was 100% the best choice.”

Chris Stucker, Associate IAM Director, University of Utah, How a Major University is Leveraging Just-in-Time Privileged Access Management to Mitigate Risk Webcast

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data

Data is the most valuable currency for organizations and attackers alike. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are powering performance-improvements, improving decision-making, and helping organizations reach their goals faster.

If this data is compromised, corrupted, poisoned, or stolen, the impact can range from downtimes to the loss of integrity in a data model or tool, or far worse. BeyondTrust solutions break the attack chain at many different points, keeping your sensitive data off-limits from unauthorized insiders and external threat actors.

  • Apply least privilege and just-in-time access to automation workflows, endpoints, and users. Condense the attack surface and minimize threat windows
  • Lock down remote access pathways with a robust, VPN-less approach
  • Discover, onboard, and manage all privileged credentials—human, machine, employee, and vendor
  • Ensure sensitive access is tightly controlled and audited by implementing session management and file integrity monitoring

Robotic Process Automation

Because it involves software robots, service accounts, and other machine accounts rather than human identities, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can fly under IT’s radar.

BeyondTrust has got your privileged access security covered, whether you’ve deployed on-premise or cloud RPA:

  • Scan and auto-onboard all assets (web, mobile, cloud, virtual) included in an RPA workflow
  • Enforce best practices for password management, including eliminating hardcoded or embedded RPA credentials
  • Protect the organization from automated exploitation via an extensive, RPA-compatible API
  • Enforce least privilege and granular control across RPA processes, toolsets, and workflows

Secure Your Infrastructure to Reduce the Digital Attack Surface

Whether embarking on application modernization leveraging the cloud, or just trying to squeeze more out of legacy applications on-premise, BeyondTrust delivers frictionless security for your infrastructure that helps you:

  • Lock down and segment access to applications and systems
  • Replace embedded credentials with API calls or dynamic secrets across all applications
  • Harden applications by removing excessive privileges and restricting app-to-app communications
  • Apply application control to ensure only approved applications and activities are allowed
  • Prevent fileless ransomware, “living off the land” attacks, and zero-day exploits

Successful Digital Transformation Needs Privileged Access Management

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