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* The average time it takes for an organization to realize
they've been breached is almost a year.

Day0 Days*

Where does it start?

A lot of damage can be done in 256 days.

Employees and others have unnecessary access

Employees, vendors and other insiders are often given excessive access to systems and data.

Monitor Icon How many of your employees have administrator rights on their desktops and laptops?

Credentials are shared and unmanaged

Passwords are created and shared, but aren't audited, monitored or managed with discipline or accountability.

Clipboard Icon A former hospital employee accessed 10,000+ patient records for over 7 years.
IT Assets

IT assets communicate unchecked...

Desktops, laptops, servers and applications communicate and open paths to sensitive assets and data.

Government Icon Hackers mapped a government agency's network for months, finding several instances of administrator credentials left at default.
Security Gaps

...creating complexity and opening gaps

You can't manually manage every user, account, application and asset. And expensive, disjointed tools make it hard to close gaps and detect breaches.

Telecom Icon Over 280,000 telecom customer records were accessed by employees seeking to sell social security numbers.

Insiders and hackers exploit the gaps

Insiders access data undetected. External attackers become insiders, using phishing and vulnerabilities to hijack accounts and steal data.

Credit Card Icon Attackers coupled stolen credentials with a system vulnerability to take over 50 million payment accounts from a major retailer.
How do we prevent this
from happening again?

Enterprise Password Security

Lock down and control credentials

Find, manage and monitor privileged accounts and assets. Automate privileged password and session management.

Endpoint Least Privilege

Endpoint Least Privilege

Remove admin privileges and control applications

Control and monitor user and application activity on Windows and Mac. Remove excessive privileges without impacting productivity.

Server Privilege Management

Server Privilege Management

Control, audit and simplify access to critical systems

Delegate and monitor access to Unix, Linux and Windows servers without disclosing passwords. Bridge operating systems with centralized authentication.

Powerbroker Platform

Analyze, Alert & Respond

Detect unusual behavior. Counteract live threats.

Analyze user, account and asset activity to identify and automatically counteract threats. Understand risk with 280+ customizable reports.

We've moved from a reactive security approach to a proactive one.
BeyondTrust helps to keep us in control.
Reactive Team

The PowerBroker PAM Platform

Prevent privilege abuse with a complete, integrated solution

Unify enterprise password security, endpoint least privilege, and server privilege management for comprehensive visibility and control.

Don't let day 1 turn into day