Securing Passwords Is Not Enough

Universal Privilege Management secures every user, session, and asset

Successful attacks almost always involve compromised or misused privileges. The use of automated tools has made threat actors even more adept.

Although Privileged Access Management (PAM) has become a cornerstone of an effective, modern cybersecurity defense, many organizations mistakenly equate privileged password management with PAM. Securing passwords is not enough.

What's needed is a holistic approach to securing your entire universe of privileges, across traditional, cloud and hybrid environments. The BeyondTrust Universal Privilege Management approach will set you up for success by:

  • Minimizing your attack surface
  • Controlling privileged user, session, and file activities
  • Analyzing asset and user behavior
  • Adopting a low-impact approach to PAM
  • Implementing seamless integrations

Disrupting the Cyberattack Chain

Cyber Attack Chain

Cyberattacks often follow common steps, commonly referred to as the Cyberattack Chain. To defend against today's cyber criminals, you must:

  1. Block infiltration from insiders and external threats
  2. Stop command and control infiltration from ransomware or malware
  3. Prevent threat actors from escalating privileges
  4. Eliminate lateral network movement between assets, accounts, resources, and identities
  5. Stop threats from probing for additional targets
  6. Keep data from being exfiltrated through a breach

No single cybersecurity product can provide total protection against every attack vector. However, BeyondTrust's solutions break the attack chain at multiple points to quickly and effectively stop threats, while mitigating damage.

The Journey to Universal Privilege Management

An effective PAM strategy will help you disrupt multiple points in the attack chain. Unlike traditional PAM approaches, the Universal Privilege Management model starts with the use cases most urgent to your organization.

The Universal Answer to Privilege Management

The Universal Privilege model provides scalable protection for all identities across the enterprise. Multiple layers of control and monitoring safeguard accounts, passwords, secrets, and sessions from exposure.

The complete BeyondTrust solution allows you to address the entire journey to Universal Privilege Management as well as mitigate threats in the privileged attack chain.

Schedule a Session with One of Our Security Experts

By evolving your PAM capabilities, you can reduce your attack surface, eliminate security gaps, improve your response capabilities, and ease compliance. Schedule a session with one of our security experts to customize your Universal Privilege Management journey.

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