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Add PAM Capabilities to ServiceNow

The Most PAM Integrations for ServiceNow

BeyondTrust offers more ServiceNow ITSM & CSM integration opportunities than other Privileged Access Management and Remote Support solutions, all designed to reduce cyber risks and increase the productivity of your service desk. All with the same ServiceNow ITSM and CSM tools they trust.

Discover how BeyondTrust's suite of PAM solutions—Remote Support, Privileged Remote Access, Endpoint Privilege Management, and Password Safe—each fold their best-in-class features into ServiceNow workflows.

ServiceNow ITSM + BeyondTrust

Automatically import Remote Support session data into a ServiceNow record.

Remote Support

Initiate remote support sessions directly from a ServiceNow incident or change record and leverage Remote Support features to improve first-call resolution (FCR) rates. Launch a Remote Support session from an open ticket in ServiceNow. Session details, such as chat transcripts and notes, are automatically appended to the ticket.

Leverage BeyondTrust Jump Technology to access a configuration item associated with an incident.

Privileged Remote Access

Open a Privileged Remote Access session from a ServiceNow record, with BeyondTrust integrations with ServiceNow Change Management, Incident Management and Configuration Management Database solutions. Provide secure, privileged access to critical assets from within ServiceNow, which satisfies compliance requirements, maintains a comprehensive audit trail, and improves productivity.

Administrators can supply users with a code from SeviceNow.

Endpoint Privilege Management

BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows with ServiceNow allows users to request to run an application, installation, script, or task by sending a ticket directly to ServiceNow. Administrators can then act on the incident in ServiceNow and supply the end users with a response code. Once the end user inputs the response code, the application is 'unlocked' and able to run.

Securely store privileged credentials to be used for ServiceNow scanning and provisioning activities.

Password Safe

BeyondTrust Password Safe integrates with ServiceNow to store and manage credentials for use by ServiceNow Discovery and Orchestration, initiate privileged sessions, and automate service ticket workflows.

ServiceNow CSM + BeyondTrust

Consolidate remote support tech and streamline incident resolution workflows. BeyondTrust + ServiceNow CSM enables organizations to create "one-stop-shop" experiences for customers, increases visibility into operational processes, speeds up communications and reporting, and is a must-have for meeting today’s compliance requirements.

Remote Support CSM Integration

The solution enables joint BeyondTrust and ServiceNow customers to resolve support incidents more quickly and effectively, leading to a better customer experience. This integration reflects the BeyondTrust commitment to further enhance the experience of BeyondTrust customers and ServiceNow users and creates a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience for customers.

Watch: BeyondTrust + ServiceNow integrations explained.

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