The affordability, flexibility and scalability of the cloud is spurring new cloud migrations. But as organizations migrate, they often find that the security challenges they face on-premises follow them into the cloud. Intruders use the same automated cyberattacks on your cloud-hosted servers that they do on your physical servers.

Protect Identities in the Cloud

To succeed, whether inside the cloud or not, attackers require credentials to access your privileged accounts. You need to counter their attacks with solutions that manage and secure your privileged credentials.

BeyondTrust has the solution you need to protect your cloud identities. Customers have relied on our privileged identity management technology to protect their on-premises infrastructure for years. We now extend that same protection to your privileged identities in the cloud.

By providing a cloud, on-premises and hybrid solution, we offer the flexibility you need to meet your evolving IT operational needs.

Enumerate and Manage Cloud Accounts

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity connects to your cloud environment, discovers the user accounts defined in the cloud account settings, and allows you to protect those accounts with automated credential rotation — just like we do for your on-premises systems.

In addition to securing the privileged credentials that grant access to your cloud-based systems and applications, Privileged Identity also secures the credentials that underpin the administration of your cloud portals themselves. This dual purpose ability to secure the cloud inside and out is an industry-unique approach.

Currently supported cloud platforms include:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure Active Directory
  • IBM SoftLayer
  • Rackspace Cloud

How It Works

  • Manages, secures and audits cloud platform accounts just like on-premises privileged accounts
  • Leverages one system to rule all privileged resources no matter where they live – in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments
  • Manages many different on-premises and cloud infrastructures located anywhere in the world from one central platform
  • Employs the latest orchestration approaches to simplify and automate different infrastructure operations with REST and SOAP-based interfaces
  • Manipulates your Software Defined Networking (SDN) layer to make centralized management work
  • Includes the hooks you need to traverse your networks the right way and leave them exactly as it found them