Keep pace with changing environmental variables, reduce time and administrative overhead, and reduce risk by ensuring that no system is left unmanaged.

Discover and profile all known and unknown assets (web, cloud, virtual), privileged user accounts, shared accounts, and service accounts, and auto-discover all SSH keys on host systems.

Overlooked or under-managed privileged accounts, assets, and services present a fast-track for breaches of sensitive systems and data. Since you can’t secure what you can’t find, it’s imperative to quickly and accurately identify and onboard all of your privileged accounts.

With auto-discovery and management capabilities, Password Safe saves you time and removes administrative complexity, while ensuring that new privileged assets are immediately brought under control and that no accounts are missed. This allows you to maintain complete visibility over all privileges in your environment with its centralized management, reporting and analytics console.

Quickly identify assets with common traits and automatically bring them under management via Smart Rules automation.

How much time do you currently spend creating permissions based on how your assets and users are grouped? With Password Safe, you can avoid that time-consuming work using Smart Rules. Using collected system details from the discovery process to automatically categorize assets, Smart Rules can be triggered to generate alerts or auto provision managed assets (and even accounts) based on system categorization.

Create Smart Groups to automatically categorize, group, assess, and report on assets by IP range, naming convention, OS, domain, applications, business function, Active Directory, and more.

With Smart Rules, you can quickly identify assets with common traits and automatically place them under Password Safe management. This simpler, more automated approach saves time and helps prevent missed accounts.

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