Traditional methods of SSH key management are very labor intensive, with many organizations not properly rotating their keys. As well, it is common practice for administrators to share keys. Between the lack of rotation and the sharing of keys, organizations lose accountability over their systems, which could lead to those systems being vulnerable to exploits.

Password Safe asserts control and accountability over SSH keys, just as it does with other privileged credentials. The product automatically rotates SSH keys according to a defined schedule, alerts when a key is released, and offers failover to a managed password for complete redundancy.

Password Safe provides a single, streamlined solution for managing all your privileged credentials--passwords, keys, and DevOps secrets. The solution greatly simplifies privileged credential management and provides added security against vulnerabilities, allowing SSH sessions to be easily established via your existing desktop tools without having to initiate with a web interface.

Customers rely on Password Safe to secure the use of SSH keys for better control, accountability, and security over Unix and Linux systems. Password Safe adds security and simplifies the management of SSH keys by automatically logging users onto Unix or Linux systems through the proxy, with no user exposure.

Password Safes enables you to enforce granular access control and your workflows by storing private keys like any other privileged credential and allowing designated 'secondary' accounts and SSH keys to be grouped to a 'primary' account to manage rotation interval, complexity, and duration of SSH keys.

Password Safe automatically records every privileged session with full playback and key usage auditing. These capabilities vastly simplify auditing and support customers as they strive to meet regulatory mandates and compliance requirements.

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