Automate Rotation

Store, rotate, and control access to privileged credentials to protect sensitive assets and meet compliance requirements. Managed accounts include configuration that indicates whether credentials have been rotated. This feature allows for bulk password changes as determined by policy. This granularity level in access and password change propagation makes Password Safe a robust, flexible, and scalable solution for organizations of all size

Ensure Password Strength

Use Password Safe's advanced credential management tools to define and enforce a password policy and proactively report policy violations, analyze password ages and eliminate old passwords, process password changes, administer password tests, and enable password rotation on a scheduled basis or upon check-in to mitigate the risk of abuse or misuse.

Manage User Groups & Remote Accounts

In Password Safe, Access Policies associate groups of users with groups of accounts. Access Policies define when, where, and how access is granted, and determines approval requirements.

Use BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows and Mac as an agent to update passwords on remote devices.

Inject Credentials

Inject credentials into applications within an SSH or RDP session. Credential injection obfuscates passwords from privileged users, providing a further layer of security.

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