Reduce DevOps Secrets Sprawl

Credentials and secrets used in DevOps environments are a prime target for attackers. Using a DevOps tools-centered approach to manage secrets contributes to secrets sprawl and expands the attack surface.

Secrets Safe securely manages credentials (API keys, Tokens, Certificates, JSON files, XML files, etc.) owned by cloud developers and DevOps.

Implement Secrets Management

Secure and automate the storage and access of secrets used by applications, tools, and other processes across your development operations environments.

Support Peak DevOps Agility

Benefit from a REST API-first approach and CLI tool that provides your teams with a preferred UX to drive fast adoption and increased productivity.

Leverage a graphical user interface

Manage secrets through a graphical user interface and can be uploaded and retrieved using the GUI or by using the supplied API. Non-human or service tasks can make full use of the API to retrieve secrets they require to access resources. Teams desiring to use Kubernetes will benefit from BeyondTrust's unique secrets management using Kubernetes Sidecar, which simplifies the logic for connecting to and retrieving secrets from the secrets safe.

Integrate with DevOps Tools

Enable faster application delivery via frictionless native integrations with common DevOps tools such as Ansible, Jenkins, and Azure DevOps.

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