Reduce risk and increase visibility

With advanced integration into the BeyondTrust platform, ServiceNow clients can import assets, track vulnerabilities, open tickets based on discovered flaws, and provide advanced workflow management for privileged password management.

Centralize Support by Leveraging ServiceNow Integrations with BeyondTrust

ServiceNow integrates with BeyondTrust to reduce cyber risks and increase productivity enterprise-wide.

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“In addition to the ease with which representatives can launch sessions and track them from the ServiceNow service desk, the BeyondTrust interface has a number of other valuable features that our representatives really appreciate.”

Stacey Nicholson, Help Desk Manager at Shaw Industries

Remote Access: What Could Go Wrong?!

Weak access controls, lack of endpoint control and visibility, and the risk of attacks and attackers taking advantage of remote access as well. Like it or not, though, almost every organization has business requirements for partners, vendors, employees, contractors, and more to remotely access applications and services, and this has definitely been fraught with real risks. When you provision remote access to privileged users, the risks could potentially be far worse.

What have we learned over the years about safely enabling remote access, and how should organizations assess their remote access security posture?

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Examples of remote access gone terribly wrong
  • How to evaluate your remote access strategy and infrastructure
  • Specific security controls and practices that could improve remote access models in your environment

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