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Healthcare Information Security

Meet mandates for securing patient health data, PII, and financial records.

Protect Patient Records and Stay Compliant

Healthcare data breaches are becoming far too common, and the data extracted is often highly sensitive. Healthcare providers and insurance payers are responsible for protecting social security numbers, names and addresses, medical histories, payment histories and more – a combination of both financial and PII. It’s no wonder that preventing data security breaches is a top agenda item for healthcare organizations. BeyondTrust can help you mitigate the risks and reduce the impact of external and internal threats.

Privilege and Vulnerability Management Solutions for Healthcare

BeyondTrust offers unified privileged account management and vulnerability management solutions to reduce internal and external security risks to healthcare institutions, while enabling compliance with data security mandates such as HIPAA, HITECH and the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF). Our PowerBroker privileged account management solutions enable healthcare firms to address internal cyber security threats by enforcing least-privilege best practices and providing the access employees need to perform their jobs safely, without obstructing productivity. To address external hacking threats, BeyondTrust offers Retina vulnerability management solutions that enable healthcare IT security teams to identify exposures, analyze business impact, and conduct remediation across diverse IT infrastructure. Our privilege access management and vulnerability management solutions are integrated under the BeyondITrust IT Risk Management platform, which provides unmatched visibility and control across internal and external threat environments. In addition to comprehensive risk and compliance reporting capabilities, BeyondInsight delivers intelligent threat analytics that alert IT and security professionals to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other hidden risks in complex healthcare environments.

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