Enforce Cloud Security Best Practices with BeyondTrust

Better Cloud Security for the Shared Responsibility Model

Cloud computing platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform place a high focus on securing public cloud infrastructure. However, customers share responsibility for securing the applications that run on that cloud infrastructure.

For these scenarios, BeyondTrust's Privileged Access Management solutions implement enterprise cloud security best practices. Centralize the management of privileged identity and access, multi-factor authentication, session monitoring, auditing, and reporting.

Evaluate Your Cloud Security Controls, Step-by-Step

This questionnaire highlights the security controls to look for in a potential cloud service provider and identifies any weak points that require attention.

Discover and Onboard Cloud Assets, Accounts, and Credentials

The first step in gaining control over cloud assets is discovery. BeyondTrust performs continuous discovery and inventory of assets across cloud, physical, and virtual environments.

Discovery in the cloud includes:

  • All online and offline instances
  • Devices
  • Servers
  • Virtual machines
  • Users & accounts
  • Privilege-related risks, including default passwords.

After discovery, BeyondTrust then auto-onboards all assets, allowing you to bring privileged accounts under centralized management. You can even integrate with existing identity providers, cloud identity stores (i.e. Azure Active Directory), and MFA platforms.

Enforce Cloud Least Privilege and Just-in-Time Access

Privileges are necessary for IT admins and other users to do their jobs. Applications, systems, and assets also need them to operate properly. Administrative privileges, even temporary ones, can provide attackers with the means to land and expand within the cloud environment.

BeyondTrust's endpoint security solutions enforce least privilege and remove admin rights while still empowering users to do their jobs. Securely delegate tasks and authorization across cloud, hybrid cloud, virtual, and on-premises environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

BeyondTrust offers advanced application control and data security capabilities. Customers gain advanced protection against zero-day threats and fileless ransomware attacks that may leverage legitimate applications.

Centrally Manage Remote Access with Cross-Cloud Bastion Host

BeyondTrust addresses privileged access security gaps in the cloud by inserting a secure layer with full session monitoring capabilities.

The embedded Chromium-based browser works seamlessly across cloud providers. This eliminates the need to set up a virtual desktop environment.

BeyondTrust also enables remote access to internal systems. Secure, manage, and audit vendor and internal privileged users. Centralize help desk remote access activity, both on-premises and in cloud environments—without the need for a VPN or other tunneling technology. The solution enables secure session management, with the ability to proxy access to RDP, SSH, and Windows/Unix/Linux hosts.

Protect Your Business with Proven PAM Cloud Solutions

Leverage the PAM expertise BeyondTrust has developed with nearly 3,000 customers in the cloud. Focus on the needs of the business without burdening teams with hardware or infrastructure management overhead.

Solutions for Cloud Computing Security Threats

Cloud Computing Security Threats BeyondTrust's Solution
Data Breaches Protect against the leading attack vectors for cloud security incidents, including credential theft, privilege abuse, compromised remote access, and lateral movement.
Misconfiguration and Inadequate Change Control Enforce appropriate access and established workflows for change control. Enable the security team to discover misconfigurations in privileged accounts.
Lack of Cloud Security Architecture and Strategy Provide complete asset discovery to ensure all deployed active resources adhere to cloud security architecture, strategy, and governance.
Insufficient Identity, Credential, Access and Key Management Discover, onboard, and manage all types of human and non-human passwords, keys, secrets, and other credentials across the cloud. Securely inject credentials into sessions without revealing the passwords, and monitor every session involved in privileged activity. Automatically rotate secrets to manage credential threat and provide obfuscation.
Account Hijacking Protect credentials and enforces password security best practices, such as complex passwords and password rotation. Prevent and mitigate attacks such as pass-the-hash, password reuse, and many others. Also, apply robust session monitoring and management with the ability to pause or terminate suspicious sessions.
Insider Threat Enforce least privilege across all users and implements advanced application control to limit lateral movement and privilege escalation. These controls restrict the activities a user can perform or execute to the minimum necessary, protecting against both malicious and inadvertent actions or errors. Command and script filtering and session monitoring/management capabilities provide additional protection against inappropriate activity.
Unsecure Interfaces and APIs BeyondTrust eliminates credentials embedded in code, centrally vaults all secrets using a secure API, and rotates credentials to prevent re-use attacks.
Weak Control Plane Proxy access to the control plane. Eliminates unnecessary privileges and only enables the minimum privilege needed for administration. Manages, monitors, and audits control plane sessions. Enforces credential security best practices for all accounts accessing the control plane.
Limited Cloud Usage Visibility Discover and onboard all cloud assets. Monitor, manage, and audit all privileged sessions in the cloud, including for CI/CD DevOps automation.
Abuse and Nefarious Use of Cloud Services Enforce least privilege to limit activities to only what is authorized. Prevent privileged credential theft. Enforce advanced application control to ensure only approved applications are running, and only with the minimum necessary privileges. Gain visibility and security around shadow IT resources. Command and script filtering ensure only the right commands can be executed, and only within the proper context.

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