Secure, Manage, & Audit All Privileged Access in a Hybrid & Multicloud World

The scale of managing the exploding universe of privileges requires an integrated, universal approach, rather than relying on a stack of niche tools, each only helping to manage a slice of the privilege problem. This is especially true when the elasticity of the cloud allows for rapid changes that even traditional tools for management and governance may miss.

Inside this report, learn:

  1. How to access management gaps and privilege risk in cloud environments.
  2. Best practices for securing privileged accounts and access for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
  3. How BeyondTrust solutions protect a variety of deployment environments—cloud, hybrid, and multicloud.
  4. How BeyondTrust PAM solutions help address 10 of the "Egregious 11" top cloud security threats, as identified by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

Read this paper to get on the right track now.

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