Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Can Present Risks — Does Yours?

Find out if it's the right time to look for a VPN alternative for secure access

Your organization likely relies on workers and vendors having access to critical systems, applications, and network resources. Today, more workers than ever require remote access — access traditionally provided through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). While VPNs have their use cases--they are highly risky when extended for others.

Does your team have the right set of secure access tools and capabilities in place?

Download a PDF copy of this test to assess whether your remote access security controls are adequate for your organization's use cases. This remote access security test will help you understand if and where you have gaps, and how to address them.

Also learn how to use BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access to empower secure productivity for vendors and remote workers, while enabling a zero trust architecture. All without adding a new VPN.

Start Measuring Your VPN Risk Level

Secure your copy of the Remote Access Test to identify your corporate VPN risks, and take action to address security control gaps.

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